The Adventure of Cornelius Movie 3 is an upcoming Mexican computer-animated fantasy film directed by Alberto Rodríguez. It is a sequel to The Adventures of Cornelius Movie and The Adventures of Cornelius Movie 2. The film features the voices of Erick Elías, [Emiliano Aramayo, Omar Chaparro, Eugenio Derbez, Kate del Castillo, and other YouTube personalities. It is scheduled to be released on March 14, 2025 by Universal Pictures.


  • Erick Elías as Cornelius, a human/merpeople hybrid.
  • Emiliano Aramayo as René, a deerfox.
  • Saak as Drake, a mandrake.
  • Galatzia as Floyd, a element humanoid.
  • Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo as Walter the Waterboy
  • Dani Hoyos as Frida the Firegirl
  • Yosstop as Edward, a element humanoid.
  • Lara Campos as Elena, a element humanoid.
  • Mario Aguilar as Manolo, a merman and Cornelius' maternal grandfather.
  • Andrés Navy as Geraldo, a golden man.
  • Grecia Villar as Sofía, a mermaid and Cornelius' maternal aunt.
  • Tatiana as Princess Paz
  • Xime Ponch as X'tabay
  • Katia Nabil as Siuateotl
  • Watt Sopa as Chimalayotl
  • Memo Aponte as Asitlalmichitli
  • Omar Chaparro as Amichichi
  • Eugenio Derbez as Achakatl
  • Jaime Camil as Koyouali
  • Kate del Castillo as Atekuisitli
  • Salvador Reyes as Asiuamichtli
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