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That '90s Show is an American television period sitcom which is a spinoff to That '70s Show. It was released on Netflix on March 7, 2020. It was about teenagers struggling to live the life in 1993.[1]


Set in 1993 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, 16-year-old Kaleigh Douglas decided to live with her friends, Evan Ward, Reagan Mueller, Delilah Pacheco, Annie Hess, Colette Lowe, Rebecca Rich, Theo Berry, Andrew Logan, and Luke Aarons during the times at high school.


  • Rory Jackson as Kaleigh Douglas, a good-natured, shy and sweet 16-year-old teenage girl who likes fashion.
  • Will Babbitt as Evan Ward, a friend of Kaleigh's who is a nerdy boy. He is often smart and likes to hang out. His favorite school subject is Math.
  • Lizzy Greene as Reagan Mueller, Kaleigh's best friend who is a school reporter.
  • Sadie Stanley as Delilah Pacheco, a responsible teenage girl who is a high school cheerleader.
  • Merit Leighton as Annie Hess, a deadpan snarker and a grunge rocker.
  • Alina Foley as Colette Lowe, a prankster who finds joy in her heart.
  • Nadja Alaya as Rebecca Rich, an athletic girl who loves to play sports and loves to listen to rap music.
  • Nolan Gross as Theo Berry, a smart boy who sometimes is enthusiastic and is obsessed with finding things out.
  • Malcolm Craig as Andrew Logan, a guitarist and a total grunge rocker who is Delilah's crush.
  • Dusan Brown as Luke Aarons, a quarterback who plays football.
  • Gavin Casalegno as Brian Douglas, Kaleigh's older brother who is witty and sarcastic.
  • Tex Hammond as Derek Douglas, Kaleigh's younger brother who is a sports player.
  • Ariella Nurkovic as Lauren Douglas, Kaleigh's younger identical twin sister.
  • Isabella Nurkovic as Lisa Douglas, Kaleigh's younger identical twin sister.
  • Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Renee Douglas, Kaleigh's mother who is a novelist.
  • David Giuntoli as Timothy Douglas, Kaleigh's father who stays only at home.

List of episodes

List of That '90s Show episodes


  • It takes 17 years after That '70s Show.


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