Thanos' Home is an American comedy comic book series, being published by Marvel Comics since TBD.


The comic follows Thanos as he tries to be a good father to Gamora and Nebula.



  • Thanos - a hard-working science teacher and bumbling father who is the comic's protagonist.
  • Gamora - Thanos' rebellious daughter who he nevertheless loves.
  • Nebula - Thanos' other child who is a cheerleader and popular kid.


  • Stan Lee - Thanos' neighbor.
  • Peter Quill - a rebellious teen who is Gamora's boyfriend.
  • Proxima Midnight - Thanos' oldest niece and Gamora and Nebula's cousin.
  • Jean Grey - one of Nebula's cheerleading friends.
  • Felicia Hardy - one of Nebula's cheerleading friends.
  • Ophelia Sarkissian - one of Nebula's cheerleading friends.
  • Ego Quill - Peter's father who is Thanos' buddy.
  • Principal Uatu - Thanos' boss and the school's principal.
    • Maria Hill - Uatu's secretary.
  • Prof. Irani Rael - Gamora's stern math teacher.
  • Prof. Max Eisenhardt - the school's history teacher.
  • Coach Clint Barton - the school's PE teacher.
  • Drax Douglas - a gamer and Peter's best friend.
  • Lockjaw - Drax's pet bulldog.
  • Norrin Radd - a herald/son of Galactus who is forced to go to school.
  • Thor Odinson - a soccer player and an Asgardian god who is described as super handsome. Nebula has a crush on him.
  • James Howlett - the school's janitor known for his anger.


  • Prof. Otto Octavius - a teacher who is Thanos' rival.
  • Carol Danvers - a bully to Gamora and Nebula and Nebula's cheerleading rival.
    • Natasha Romanoff - a member of Carol's cheerleading squad.
    • Sharon Carter - a member of Carol's cheerleading squad and the co-captain, being engaged to Steve, despite being high schoolers.
    • Janet van Dyne - a member of Carol's cheerleading squad.
    • Mary Jane Watson - a member of Carol's cheerleading squad and the youngest of them.
  • The Football Team, consisting of:
    • Coach Tony Stark - a former alcoholic who is the school's football coach.
    • Peter Parker - the charismatic but arrogant quarterback of the school's football team who both Mary Jane and Gwen have a crush on.
    • Steve Rogers - the super tough and business-dealing wide receiver.
    • Bruce Banner - the genius and surprisingly muscular defensive lineman.
    • Wade Wilson - the team's comedic kicker.
  • The Drama Club, consisting of:
    • Pepper Potts-Stark - Tony's wife who is the coach of the Drama Club.
    • Gwen Stacy - a member of the Drama Club and a huge brat.
    • Kitty Pride - a member of the Drama Club who is described as hot and tries stealing Peter from Gamora.
    • Jane Foster - a member of the Drama Club who has a crush on Thor.
  • The Science Club, consisting of:
    • Prof. Norman Osborn - the Science Club's teacher who is a rival to Thanos and Octavius.
    • Betty Ross - a member of the Science Club who is intrigued by gamma radiation.
    • Reed Richards - TBD
    • Hank Pym - TBD
  • Loki Laufeyson - a petty teenager who likes vandalizing stuff and surprisingly Thor's brother.


  1. Issue 1
  2. Issue 2


  • Several fans have suggested the world the universe is set in is a mirror universe.
  • Quite a few parodies exist, including:
    • Daredevil's Basics in Being Beaten Up, a parody of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.
    • The Carnage film series, a parody of the Scream film series.
    • Frog Man Saves the Kids, a parody of Cool Cat Saves the Kids.
    • TBD is a parody of TBD.
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