Terrence Foster

Terrence Foster
Role: Antagonist
Species: Bully
Friends: Drago Bludvist, Dragon Ludmilla & Pitch Black
Enemies: Gumball Watterson, Spyro & Cynder, Toothless, Tom Cat, Chowder, Oggy
Goal: To Control Gumball to do Bad Things along with other Cats
Fate: Gets Super Punched in the Face by Gumball Watterson and Dies in the Avalanche
Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Terrence Foster is main antagonist in "Gumball the Dragon: Fallen Memory". He is a 16 year old boy, who bullies his brother Mac, who is 11 years old and Bloo, who is 8 years old and his OC siblings who are Jason, he is 12 years old and Patrick, who is 14 years old and Charlotte, who is 18 years old, when Charlotte sees Terrence picking on their younger siblings she beats him up and she also tell their mom and dad on Terrence, Terrence hates all his siblings.

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