Teresa Parker (also called Teresa Durand) is a fictional character from Marvel Comics, appearing as a supporting characters in the Spider-Man comics. The character, first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business #1 (April 2014), is the long lost younger sister of Peter Parker / Spider-Man. After the death of their parents, Peter was sent to live with their Aunt May and Uncle Ben, while Teresa, whose birth had been kept a secret, was adopted. Many years following the deaths of Richard and Mary, Teresa was personally recruited into the C.I.A. by Nick Fury. Teresa's parentage became a mystery, even for her.

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  • A version of Teresa Parker appears in The Amazing Avengers as a main character. She was born one year after Richard and Mary Parker left their son Peter to live with their uncle Ben and aunt May. After a long journey to solve the secrets of her past, Teresa joined S.H.I.E.L.D. as a highly trained spy. After being accidentally infused with a Hydra serum created by Red Skull which would grant his subjects with Crimson Spider's duplicated powers, Teresa gained spider-like attributes and became the Black Widow. Shortly after the Avengers' first team up, Teresa started a new romantic relationship with Mary Jane Watson's half-brother Kevin Quill and, three months after Peter and Mary Jane's wedding, married him and had a son named Richard.
  • Teresa appears in Ultimate Marvel: Earth-2.

TV Series and Films

  • Teresa appears in both of Iago PUC's versions of Marvel's Spider-Man, voiced by Mae Whitman. In both versions, she is described as a 12/13-year-old long blond haired girl.
    • In the first version, she goes by the alias of Wave after she earned her powers from Super Soldier chemicals combined with water particles when she was a infant and was raised by Atlanteans after her parents were killed by mercenaries working for Oscorp looking for their secrets and answers about the Bloodgems. Officially first appearing in "Bloodlines", she went for a quest to find and destroy all Bloodgems which were sprung across the world before Norman Osborn can obtain them for illegal purposes. During her crusade, she encounters Spider-Man, whom she acknowledges to be her brother Peter and takes a soft liking to him. Peter was initially unaware of Teresa's existence and link to his family until he encounters Dr. Helen Cho. Later after Peter learned of her identity, Peter Peter encountered Teresa on person, and the two worked together in destroying the last Bloodgem. After succeeding on their objective and a clash with Molten Man and Hydro-Man, Teresa eventually felt like the secrets hers and Peter's parents kept were safe and decided to live a new life with her brother and Aunt May. She later made major appearances in the following episodes, still operating as Wave while living a normal civilian life, on which she now enrolls as a student in Peter's former school in Midtown High and became best friends with class president Liz Allan.
    • In Webbed Champion, she goes by the alias of Stormranger after she took up one of her father's secret projects, which included technology resources from both Stark Industries and the Kree Empire. Soon after, she donned a new flight nanosuit (which includes the same functions of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit, as well as camouflage and phasing functions) with arm blades and optic beams. She had a central role in the Family Business arc, first appearing in "The Calm Before the Stormranger", where she sought to defeat the agents of Athena Industries and stop them from demolishing the F.E.A.S.T. shelters. During which, she had help in the battle from Spider-Man (who also sought to take down Athena Industries after learning that its CEO Athena Gonzaes also had past grudges with Richard and Mary Parker). Later on, Stormranger flies off after entrusting Spider-Man (whom she acknowledged as a friend of Carlie Cooper) to keep a Neuro-Cortex-powered flash-drive containing the consciousness of Chris Cooper, who would soon become Arsenal, but not before Jarvis and AC-5 analyse Stormranger's biological DNA and confirm in the end of the episode that she is Peter Parker's sister. Later in "Sons of Fathers", Teresa sought to destroy a Oscorp facility controlled by Donald Menken, who sought to sell Oscorp's technology for Hydra. After a run in with Spider-Man's superhero allies and a clash with Yellowjacket, the Hydra agents and a Carnage symbiote possessing one of the agents, Teresa came across Spider-Man, who (having learned about who she is and who her parents are) revealed himself to her as her brother Peter. Later after Harry Osborn sacrificed himself to destroy the facility and the Carnage symbiote and Menken and Yellowjacket were arrested, Teresa decided to reside in the K'un-Lun Temple under Shang-Chi's tutelage until the persecutors of hers and Peter's parents are dealt with. Later in "Seeds of Life", Teresa joined her brother's battle against the Green Goblin and Madame Masque in Red Skull's Hydra base. She and Ms. Marvel are teleported back to New York alongside Green Goblin, where they held him back with help from the rest of Spider-Man's friends until AC-5 exposed the Goblin's identity for all New York citizens to see. Later in the end of the episode, after Red Skull was killed by Arsenal, and the remaining villains were arrested along with Norman Osborn, Teresa happily reunited with her brother, and eventually decided to stay with him and Aunt May. For the remainder of the series, she still continued fighting crime as Stormranger, while she also started putting her new normal life on track by enrolling at Midtown High School as a new student.
  • Teresa Parker appears in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles, voiced by Jessie Flower. On the wake of her parents' death by the hands of criminals working for Norman Osborn, Teresa took up her father's secret project, which includes technology resources from both Stark Industries and the Kree Empire. Soon after, she donned a new flight nanosuit (which includes the same functions of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit, as well as flamethrowers, Pyrokinetic bombs, and feet talons) with arm blades, optic beams and a neck device which enables her to perform sonic attacks, and begun to operate as the new superheroine Iron Phoenix in hopes of bringing the murderers of her parents to final justice and reuniting with her brother. Successful with her goal, Teresa now lives with Peter and Aunt May and (as recommended by Stark's wife Pepper Potts) enrolls at Bilderberg Academy alongside Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers' daughter Liz Danvers Rogers, Natasha Romanoff's daughter Katrina, Riri Davis Williams and Kamala Khan, with the latter three soon becoming her best friends.
  • Teresa is a main character in Spider-Man: Homelanders, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

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