Telesto is an American animated web series created by Canada-based animator Mike Walker. The series is set in a fantasy world of Walker's creation referred to as Telesto (named after one of the moons of Saturn) which intentionally doesn't have any of the fantasy races or monsters associated with the genre.

The series is published on YouTube and features YouTubers in the lead roles of the characters, which was very intentional on Walker's part, as he knew without a well-known cast the series wouldn't have been able to take-off due to how hard it is for animation to get consistent views on YouTube.

Another smart choice on Walker's part was limiting the animation, as the series features highly detailed backgrounds commissioned by Walker while the characters themselves are simple stick figures with some exceptions. This allowed Walker to make episodes more consistently than other animated YouTube series.

Cast & Characters

  • Lauren Smalls
  • Mike Walker
  • SungWon Cho
  • Robert James Rallison
  • Jaiden Dittfach
  • Adam Ortiz
  • Arin Hanson
  • Sean McLoughlin
  • Connor Colquhoun
  • Michaela Laws
  • Patrick M. Seymour
  • Anna Brisbin
  • Brian Hull
  • Brock Baker


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  • Thanks to being an online series, the episodes have no set run time. Due to this, they range from nine minutes all the way up to forty.
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