Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an American animated television series created for DC's Netflix universe. It based on the fictional superhero team of the TMNT franchise. The series is a first reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles featured on Netflix. The series is mainly set in New York City.



Main Characters

  • Leonardo "Leo" (Steven Yeun): The eldest and Leader of the turtles.
  • Raphael "Raph" (Nolan North): The hothead and the muscle of the turtles
  • Michelangelo "Mikey" (Kyle Mooney): The joker and the youngest of the turtles
  • Donatello "Donnie" (Sam Riegel): The brains of the turtles.
  • Master Splinter (Greg Baldwin): The Turtle's sensei and adoptive father. Splinter was once common pet rat previously owned by Hamato Yoshi whom was attacked and murdered in battle by his former brother, Oroku Saki, aka the Shredder. Splinter became homeless and wandered the streets of NY when he was abducted by a local scientist and was taken to a local STAR Labs facility where he was kept for further study. The scientist then brought in a tank filled with four infant turtles. On one fateful night, Splinter and the turtles were on a truck being transferred to TCRI with a large canister of green ooze when an accident occurred, the tanks broke and the they all went right into a sewer. The canister with ooze followed and smashed against the hard concrete, covering the turtles. Splinter took pity of them, so decided to take them in a can and he even got covered with some ooze. The next day, Splinter and the four turtles grew bigger and became more intelligent
  • April O'Neil ():
  • Casey Jones ():


  • Leatherhead ():
  • Kirby O'Neil ():
  • Mondo Gecko ():
  • Candance "Candy" Fine ():
  • Slim (): A mutant ball python
  • Roachmen (): A mutant cockroach
  • Angel ():
  • Renet ()
  • Slash ():
  • The Ancient One ():
  • The Ninja Tribunal -
  • Traximus (): A Triceraton and the lost prince of the Triceraton Empire. Years earlier his parents were betrayed and overthrown by Zanramon, who then imprisoned Traximus in the Triceraton gladiatorial arena and forced him to wear a mask as so his identity would not be known. However Traximus swore that one day he would regain his throne and restore honor to the Triceraton Empire
  • Zura (): A female Triceraton who is Traximus' beloved.
  • Monzoram ():
  • Zog (): A Triceraton warrior who was stranded on Earth
  • Usagi Yojimbo ():
  • Mutagen Man/Seymour Gutz ():
  • Professor Honeycutt/The Fugitoid ():
  • The Utroms ():
    • Mortu
  • Batman/Bruce Wayne (Roger Craig Smith): The wealthy billionaire philanthropist playboy CEO of Wayne Enterprises and the vigilant protector of Gotham City. Years ago when he was 8 years old, his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down in front of him, then swore that he would one strike fear into the hearts of criminals. He trained himself to the peak of human perfection and studied criminal forensics and criminal psychology. He is an ally to the turtles, having helped them on several occasions.
  • Robin/Jason Todd (): A troubled orphan and the second Robin after Dick Grayson left to become Nightwing.
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Alistair Duncan): The loyal and devoted butler of Bruce Wayne and one of the few to know he's Batman.

Other Characters

  • Hamato Yoshi ():
  • Teng Shen ():


Foot Clan

  • Oroku Saki/the Shredder (): Leader of the Foot Clan and the archenemy of the Turtles and Splinter. Saki was once an orphan after his mother was killed by a crimelord. He then encountered another street urchin by the name of Yoshi and they regarded one another as brothers. One day, while picking pockets and stealing food from the market, Saki and Yoshi were caught by a man with uncanny reflexes. That man was known other than Ra's al Ghul. He took the boys in to the League of Assassins. they were regarded by Ra's as his sons, they were told they would need to earn any respect they desired. Years went by, Yoshi and Saki remained brothers and close comrades as they grew into adults until they met two beautiful women, Teng Shen and Nimura.
  • Karai (): The daughter of Oroku Saki and Oroku Nimura.
  • Taisen (Dante Basco): Taisen is the adoptive son of Oroku Saki and brother of Karai.
  • Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady (Fred Tatasciore): A Russian weapons dealer who got transformed to a mutant black rhinoceros.
  • Anton Zeck/Bebop (J.B. Smoove): An African American thief who got transformed to a mutant warthog.
  • Master Tatsu (): Shredder's most loyal minion in the Foot Clan
  • Fearsome 4: Four elite mutants who are the mirrored counterparts of the Turtles created and trained by the Shredder to serve the Foot Flan.
    • Slash (): A mutant Jaguar who is the leader of of the Foot Fearsom 4,
    • Queen Cobra
    • Bludgeon
    • Killmeleon (): A mutant chameleon
  • Marc Stallone/Prime-Hate (Rick D. Wasserman): Shredder's henchmen who eventually transformed into a 8-foot-tall mutant Silverback Gorilla.
  • Foot Droids:
  • Elite Foot Ninjas:
  • Foot Tech Ninjas:

Krang's Army

  • Krang (Phil LaMarr): A ruthless Utrom warlord from Dimension X
  • Ch'rell (): Krang's second in command.
  • General Tragg (): A Rock Soldier who is Krang's most loyal follower.
  • Sergeant Granitor ():

Purple Dragons

A dangerous street gang operating in New York.

  • Hun (): Leader of the Purple Dragons and an enforcer for The Shredder.
  • Tsio ():
  • Spike ():
  • Razer ():
  • Fang ():
  • "Killer" Bea

Triceraton Empire

  • Zanramon (): The ruthless and despotic dictator of the Triceraton Empire. Years earlier he betrayed Traximus' parents and stole their throne, he then imprisoned Traximus in the Triceraton gladiatorial arena and forced to wear a mask so no one would know who he was. He then turned the Triceraton Empire into a dictatorship
  • Mozar (Dan Green): The senior commanding officer of the Triceraton army and loyal right hand man to Zanramon

The League of Assassins

  • Ra's al Ghul (): The leader of the League of Assassins and the adopted father of Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki. He first met them when they were children and attempted to pick his pocket, however he was faster and caught them. Instead of turning them into the police he adopted them as his sons and trained them to be members of the league, however years later when Yoshi left due to his ideas for restoring balance to their world by genocide he reluctantly ordered Saki to kill him.
  • Talia al Ghul ():
  • Nyssa al Ghul ():
  • Ubu (Clancy Brown):
  • Hook ():
  • Cheshire (Kari Wahlgren):

Other Villains

  • Agent John Bishop (David Zen Mansley): A ruthless government agent and direct of the Earth Protection Force.
  • Dr. Baxter Stockman ():
    • Mousers:
  • The Rat King ():


New York City

  • The Lair:
    • Living Room:
    • Dojo:
    • Kitchen:
    • Leonardo's Room:
    • Raphael's Room:
    • Donatello's Room:
    • Michelangelo's Room:
    • Garage:
  • April's Apartment Store:
  • TCRI:
  • Foot Headquarters:
  • Sardini's Pizza:

Battle Nexus


  • Battleshell:
  • Techodrome:
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