Teenage Fairytale Dropouts Season 2 is the second season of the show by the same name. The first episode premiered on Hub (Discovery Family) on August 6th 2019 (It was not until October 26th that the rest of the episodes began to premiere as on August 6th the season premiere was released for exclusive purposes) and ended on January 3rd 2020 with a run of 44 episodes.



After years of absence, Teenage Fairytale Dropouts is back with a brand new season of music, comedy, action and fairytales! Join in on the adventures in and out of Fairytale State High and witness the experience of a lifetime! But this time, it's even better...

Differences From Season 1

Season 2 saw the arrival of many differences from the first, this included such changes involving with the plot, animation and the show in general. Here are some changes included in the second season compared to season one.

  • The animation had improved, with more palettes, motion and better pacing and timing.
  • This season has now been upgraded to a half jukebox musical.
  • New characters have been introduced.
  • New big voices have been added to the cast including John Cleese, Angela Kinsey, Eddie Redmayne and James Corden.
  • New plots and more serious topics have been introduced into the series.
  • A few one off characters have re-appeared in the season.
  • New writers, animators and composers including Japanese animator Takafumi Hori, former We Bare Bears writer and creator Daniel Chong and former Tally Hall members Rob Cantor and Andrew Horowitz have been added to the staff.
  • New cultural references have been added in to the show.
  • A few supporting characters have been added to the main cast of characters.

Cast and Characters



Members Of Staff

Creators: Adolfo Martinez Vara

Jośe C. Garcia De Letona

Developers: Bill Schultz

Rita Street

Andrés Couturier

Creative Directors: Jo Boag

Producers: Fernando de Fuentes

José C. García de Letona
Suzanne Ryan
Siobhán Ní Ghadhra
Yasmin Jones

Executive Producers: Fernando de Fuentes'

José C. García de Letona
Paul Cummins
Suzanne Ryan
Bill Schultz
Rita Street

Animators/Distributors: Bejuba! Entertainment

Ánima Estudios

Aurelie Charbonnier

Yssa Badiola

Beth David

Esteban Bravo

Takafumi Hori

Lisa Hanawalt

Masaaki Yuasa (Guest Animator)

Chiaki Kon (Guest Animator)

Composers: John McPhillips

Rob Cantor

Andrew Horowitz

Cosmo Sheldrake

Benj Pasek

Justin Paul

Grant Henry

National Symphony Orchestra (Guest Composer)


On October 7th 2019, before the rest of the set of episodes began to premiere on Hub, 3 soundtracks were released for only exclusives and premium members on Spotify. The first soundtrack contained all of the musical numbers and songs in the show. The second soundtrack contained all instrumental OST pieces from the show, and the third and final soundtrack contained unreleased music from the show which included songs and musical numbers that were recorded and finished but never aired alongside the episodes they were supposed to be in, demos and unreleased OST pieces. It wasn't until November 2nd of that year that all three soundtracks were released for all audiences for free on Spotify.


Jeremiah: 2 1/2 (Speaking Role in Fate Of The Stars)

Fury: 3

Trafalgar: 7

Daisy Wonderer: 2

Evil Earl: 5

Pinocchio Jr: 1

Myron: 1

Melody: 1

Chuck Charming: 1

Non Musical Numbers: 3

List of Episodes (UNFINISHED)

Episode 1: The Teenage Fairytale Dropouts Comeback Special (Featuring: Juno Temple/Robert Englund/Aurelio Voltaire)

Episode 2: Twas The Night Of Halloween

Episode 3: Here Ye Fall Again

Episode 4:

Episode 5: Dance Before You Break and Drop

Episode 6: Fairytale Estate Live! (Featuring: James Corden/Lili Reinhart)

Episode 7: Grand Symphony Radio Network (Featuring: Angela Kinsey)

Episode 8:

Episode 9: Royale Riot (Featuring: Latrice Royale)

Episode 10: Cousinly Banter: Separation

Episode 11: Cousinly Banter: Reconciliation (Featuring: Nicolas Cantu/Sydney Park)

Episode 12: Field Trip of Mystery

Episode 13:

Episode 14: What Makes A Fairytale?

Episode 15:


  • On August 5th 2019, there was an event on Hub (Now Discovery Family) called "The annual Hublection" Which worked similar to an election. On that day there were six candidates from either a new show or a show that has not been renewed for another season (One of them was Teenage Fairytale Dropouts) airing the following day to be voted on which would be coming back for another season or would be a new airing. On August 7th after the first episode of Season 2 aired, the website opened a poll for the six shows and would continue to stay that way until August 9th, with the highest voted show getting a chance to air it's line up of episodes in October. In the end Teenage Fairytale Dropouts won, and on October 26th, the show aired it's second episode.
  • The schedule followed like this: From October 26 to November 16th 2019, the first half of episodes aired on television. The show went on a quick hiatus from November 16th to December 12th. Finally from December 12th to January 3rd 2020, the second half of episodes aired before Season 2 was fully completed.
  • In episode 9 of Season 2, Teenage Fairytale Dropouts made history by introducing "Latrice Royale". In the series, she is a famous fairytale model and drag queen (Latrice is a drag queen in real life). When people found out the truth that she wasn't a real woman however they felt disgusted and heartbroken, but Jeremiah, Fury and Trafalgar didn't. At the end of the episode, a few people started to accept her more for who she is. The episode was praised by viewers for dealing with the topic of acceptance in the LGBT community and Drag Queens carefully. It was the first time a children's animated series featured a Drag Queen character and was also the second time an animated series featured one (The first being Super Drags)
  • The series is currently being streamed in America (Discovery), Australia (ABC ME), Singapore (HBO Family Asia), India (Sun Network), Mexico (Amazon Prime) and Japan (Cartoon Network Japan). Out of all streams, only the Mexican streaming and Japanese streaming have their own dubs.
  • In episode 7 of the season, Anima Estudios partnered with Toei Animation to create cover songs from one of their anime's as a promotion for the new TFD wallpaper line up. In the end Sailor Moon's songs were chosen to be used due to the fantasy and magic theme.
  • Teenage Fairytale Dropouts returned to the line up on the Discovery channel since it's season 2 announcement.
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