Team Echo is an evil organization in the games Pokemon TerraSun and Pokemon TerraMoon. Taking inspiration from the now-defunct Team Warfare's GPD-X, Team Echo plots to rid of their hatred of all humans and "disobedient Pokemon" by bringing them total extinction! Their hopes of wiping out the human race and turning all Pokemon into mindless weapons may make their demands met. I'm only listing commanders and the leader, since there is too much to talk about grunts.

Encounter 1 (Echo Princess Aria):

  • Marill Lv16
  • Eevee Lv16

Encounter 2 (Echo Princess Horan):

  • Weepinbell Lv21
  • Eevee Lv21

Encounter 3 (Echo Princess Aria):

  • Eevee Lv24
  • Azumarill Lv24
  • Leafeon Lv26

Encounter 4 (Echo Princess Horan):

  • Eevee Lv24
  • Weepinbell Lv24
  • Flareon Lv26

Encounter 5 (Echo Queen Empress D):

  • Inkay Lv24
  • Umbreon Lv24
  • Goomy Lv24
  • Sylveon Lv26

Encounter 6 (Echo Princess Aria):

  • Houndoom Lv39
  • Vaporeon Lv39
  • Azumarill Lv39
  • Leafeon Lv41

Encounter 7 (Echo Princess Horan):

  • Claydol Lv39
  • Glaceon Lv39
  • Victreebel Lv39
  • Flareon Lv41

Encounter 8 (Echo King Duke):

  • Poxigerm Lv45
  • Espeon Lv45
  • Floatzel Lv45
  • Jolteon Lv47

Encounter 9 (Echo Queen Darlena):

  •  Malamar Lv48
  • Umbreon Lv48
  • Goodra Lv48
  • Sylveon Lv48
  • Bisharp/MegaBisharp Lv50