Tangled is a 1998 American animated comedy film based on the Story "Stuck". The Movie follows a Man named Roger, he has problems in his apartment that he has to deal with, But it gets worse every day. There are four sequels, one in 2000, another in 2002, another in 2004 and a final one in 2006.


Thomas Middleditch - Roger

Kevin Hart - Greg

Ed Helms - Mr Drek

Mandy Moore - Cynthia

John Cena - Himself


The story is when Roger is going by his day again but when something happened far, far away he has Problems.


The Story was so popular,there where rumors of that there's gonna be a Movie based on the Story.


  • WWE Scenes appear in this Movie, Because John Cena was Hired
  • Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch, Ed Helms all stared in Captain Underpants:The First Epic Movie
  • The Rumors only wanted to keep the Movie a Secret but A lot of people heard about it and spread throughout the world.

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