Teaser Trailer

(shows MPAA)

(shows 20th Century Fox logo)

(shows Blue Sky Studios logo)

(shows ¡PLOP! logo)

(shows your camera on the Sonoran desert in the zoom out)

Talking Pierre: Take that, dude! cool!!! that was so realistic

(shows your camera on water pet in the parody of Jurassic Park)

Talking Ben: I don't know what we're on, Thomas. I followed schematics and use lots of screw bolts and nuts

Talking Giant Robot: Oh, no, no, no, no, chewies!!

(Talking Ben gasps)

Talking Tom: everything destroying nuts

Talking Ginger: Something there robots

Talking Pierre: Dude, I see... see that!!! Wow, it's a giant robot

Talking Tom: Was kidnapped! not candy robots

(Talking Tom and Ben screams)

Talking Pierre: This is a totally cool

(Talking Tom and Ben screams again)

(From the creators of Ice Age, Rio and Little Witch Academia)

(Music plays Beyond the Sea)

Talking Ben: Hey! I mean that controller

Talking Pierre: Tom! that was a little car?

Talking Tom: Pierre, locked!

Talking Tom: Ben, what's wrong?

Talking Ben: How dare you eat the car on the giant robot instead!

(Talking Giant Robot evil grins)

(Talking Tom, Ben, Pierre and Ginger gasps)

(Talking Giant Robot eats)

Talking Pierre: So what the idea, dude? why did you make a The Hunger Games?

Talking Tom: I wanted to solve the otherworldly to promoting trash and garbage box

Talking Ginger: Uncle Tom! what happened!

Talking Ben: There, this is an electromagnetic pulse generator

Talking Tom: We are going to robot style

Talking Pierre: No! we are gping to robot style invited over of pizza, the greatest wires

Talking Tom: No, Pierre, robot style invited over of pizza and the greatest wires

Talking Ginger: I love you, Tom Hardy!

Talking Giant Robot: I don't like Tom Hardy!

Talking Ginger: God damn it!

Talking Tom: That's not a nephew

Talking Ben: Do not a work

Talking Tom: Hey! stupid robot, done this!

Talking Tom: Ginger, mi sobrino mío

Talking Ben: thanks, Tom! and not speaking Spanish!

(Jake Johnson, Sérgio Mendés, John Leguizamo and Zack Isaac Sanchez. Talking Tom & Friends: The Movie)

(Coming Soon)

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