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Talking Friends Animations is an upcoming 2D traditional flash/3D computer animated family science fiction adventure action comedy-drama film directed by John Landis, Brain Sharp, Harry Daw-Hunt, Oliver Wallace, James Cameron, John Lasseter and John Lithgow.

It is based on episodes series Ginger Gets Grounded and The Ginger Show, and loosely based on properties and characters both and owned by OutFit7 Productions.

The film features the somewhat same charm and humor as the original series, while also incorporating a darker, mature, serious, and more emotional tone, it is also more action-oriented.

The film stars the voice of Ariana Grande, Steve Carell, David Jason, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hardy, Chris Pratt, Anne-Marie, Garrett Hedlund and Elle Fanning and narrator of Dwayne Johnson and other voice and actresses.

The film is produced by Toei (Lionsgate), Toei Animation (Viacom), 3M Video, AGM Video, BS Japan, Canary Films, Carrey Video, Cinehollywood, Cobic Productions Limited, D’Camp Films International, Derann Video, Edison Universal Entertainments, Enterprise Producciones S.R.L., Favourit-Film, FilmContract Ltd., Great Wall Movie Enterprises, Hi Point Pictures, IFD Films and Arts, Kinowelt, Korea Media, Lion Base Intl, Ltd., Manoli Films, Moonlight Productions, Motion Pictures S.A., MTC Video, New Page Production, Olech International, PAP Video, Pioneer Films, Rawail Grandsons Entertainment & Software Pvt, Ltd., Rede Manchete, Somali International Ltd., Soyuz Video, Marathon Incorporated, Asia Video, Marathon Media, Screen Entertainment, Somaco International Ltd., Team17, Vanguard Animation, Hub Network (Revival), Touchstone Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Destination Films, Gullane Entertainment, Joker Films, HIT Entertainment, Hasbro Studios, The K Entertainment Company, BBC Films, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Dorling Kindersley, Schlessinger Media, Ocean Video Games, GoAnimate Network Movies, The Weinstein Company, Imagination Studios, Road Movies Filmproduktion, LazyTown Studios, DC Comics, PBS Kids, Sprout, Gracie Films, Fuzzy Door Productions, Vivendi Universal Games, Nick Jr., Noggin, Lucasfilm Ltd., Kids WB!, Nintendo, 4Kids Entertainmnet, Pikachu The Movie, DreamWorks Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Universal Pictures, Naughty Dog, Traveller's Games, Illumination Entertainment, Amblimation, Focus Features, Laika, Havery Entertainment Productions, Universal Animation Studios, Badgasarian Productions, NCricle, The Lyons Group, PolyGram Studios, Lyrick Studios, Spike TV, Nickelodeon Movies, Nicktoons,MAQ Productions, Bad Robot Productions, Comedy Central Films, GoAnimate Pictures, Mandalay Entertainment, DIC Entertainment, Eidos, Marvel Studios, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Buena Vista Games, Square Enix, Jetix, GoAnimate Studios, Naturescape Entertainment, Liz Quintana Eric Madina Home Entertainment, Skydance Productions, NWave Pictures, Starz Animation, Discovery Kids, DHX Media, YouTube Red, Green Giant Films, Ratpac Entertainment, Henry Norton Films, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, DisneyToon Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Walden Media, Orion Pictures, Friends Family Pictures, Rankin Bass Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Saban Brands, United Artists, Entertainment One, TJsWorld2011 Pictures, Reel FX Animation Studios, Summit Entertainment, Scholastic, Universal Kids, Republic Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment, Star Butterfly Limited, Media Rights Capital, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Troublemaker Studios, Dimension Films, Rainbow S.R.L., Klasky Csupo, McDonald’s Productions, Toho Viacom, Amblin Entertainment, ImageMovers, Happy Madison Productions, Revolution Studios, Handmade Films International, Ilion Animation Studios, Sesame Workshop, Jim Henson Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Wonder, ChrisAndZane Pictures, PlayStation Pictures, BaronNation Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera Productions, Twentieth Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios, Humongous Entertainment, It’s A Junior Adventure, Cartoon Network Studios, Together Again Productions, Warner Bros. Records, View Master Video, Alcon Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures, Warner Animation Group, Ragdoll Productions, National Geographic, 1492 Pictures, 21 Laps Entertainment, Sega, Animaniacs Movies, Inc., and RTL World and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures Releasing, under the TriStar Pictures, label with Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures in US and international prints, Entertainment One in Canadian prints, Lionsgate Holdings under the Summit Entertainment in New Zealand prints, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures & Netflix in North America/International prints and StudioCanal in France.

The film is scheduled to be released in Premium Large Formal Screens, Real-D 3D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX 3D and IMAX Theaters.



  • Ariana Grande as Angela
  • Steve Carell as Tom
  • David Jason as Ben
  • Justin Timberlake as Ginger
  • Tom Hardy as Hank
  • Chris Pratt as Pierre
  • Anne-Marie as Gina
  • Elle Fanning as Snowball, a bunny.
  • Garrett Hedlund as Boris, a boar. Main antagonist.
  • Dwayne Johnson as Narrator







the 2D animation will be handled by Jam Filled Entertainment, Toon City Animation, Feitong Cartoon, Copa Studio, Animal Logic, Reel FX Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, WETA Digital and Industrial Light & Magic.

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