Scene 1: Story Time and Backstory of Brahmir

  • [After the opening of the movie]
  • Lidia: [humming]
  • [Sprucia, Gilli, and Mango comes in]
  • Sprucia: Mama, Papa, we're done exploring.
  • Lidia: Great, girls. I've already made some dinner for you.
  • Gilli: Thanks, mom! [eats her meal]
  • Hernan: TBA
  • Lidia: TBA
  • Sprucia: TBA
  • TBA

Scene 2: Discovering the Kingdom of Petallia

  • [In the morning, the family is exploring and finding the kingdom.]
  • TBA

Scene 3: TBA

  • TBA

Scene 4: TBA

  • TBA

Scene 5: TBA

  • TBA

Scene 6: TBA

  • TBA
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