Taka (The Tragedy of Prince Taka) is a comic book series which is based on the 1994 Disney animated classic, The Lion King. It was serialized in Dark Horse Comics, with a deal with Disney. It is set before and in the middle of the original film and is told from the perspective of the film's main antagonist, Scar. The series is divided into arcs, which tell of Scar's (Taka) life from cubhood, to his time as the leader of his Lion Guard, to his rise as king of the Pride Lands, to his death. The comic is notable for portraying Scar (Taka) as a more tragic and conflicted anti-hero instead of an outright villain as he is portrayed in the original film. The comic is also more darker in tone then that of the original and includes original characters and characters from it's sequels, The Lion King II and The Lion King 1/2. The comic ran for almost seven years with a total of 375 chapters.

The comic was then adapted into a 167-episode anime television series produced by Madhouse which aired on Disney XD Japan. The anime was aired in North America on Disney XD, both edited at daytime and uncut at nighttime, with an English dub produced by Funimation.

Taka (The Tragedy of Prince Taka) has been met with critical acclaim for its story, characters and darker tone compared to the original film. Despite the praise, Taka has also been met with controversy, mainly due to its dark tone, violence and mild swearing, with many parents wanting the comic and anime to be banned. Despite the controversy surrounding it, Taka has won numerous awards for both the comic and the anime, and the comic has sold over 58.7 million copies.

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