4Kids plans to re-dub Tai Chi Chasers, and makes sure that the series' third season gets dubbed too, since the series was never fully dubbed in English. Like the Dinosaur King redub, 4Kids leaves the anime's scenes uncut. Sam Riegel, Kelsey Hawkes,  Christopher Corey Smith, and Wayne Grayson will take over the roles of Rai, Sena, Donna, and Tori, respectively, while Marc Thompson returns to voice Finn.

Voice cast

Main characters

Sam Riegel as Rai (replacing Bella Hudson)
Kelsey Hawkes as Sena (replacing Lisa Ortiz)
Marc Thompson as Finn (replacing Tom Wayland)
Christopher Corey Smith as Donha (replacing Marc Thompson, who was the original voice of Donha)
Wayne Grayson as Tori (replacing Veronica Taylor)

Supporting characters

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