Thx the movie is America/British adventure/action/comedy/science fiction 2016 computer animation/live action/traditional animated film. Second pixar film to have live action first being wall-e and first pixar film to have traditional animated


  • John Lasseter as Tex the robot
  • Ethan partington as Zeggs the monster
  • Rob Paulsen John raztenberger William H. Macy and John Cena as man
  • Emma Watson as Tara the robot woman boy girl and baby
  • Kath soucie as cow calf another cow and cattle
  • Frank Welker as bull calf monster cow cattle another cow bull and calf
  • Ed edd n eddy super why over the hedge super Mario bros Sonic the hedgehog Thomas and friends despicable me minions Horton hears a who toy Story SpongeBob SquarePants the amazing world of gumball oggy and the cockroaches Bob the builder Bob the train ribert and Robert my little pony supermariologan nature cat ogi and friends more and the Simpsons characters
  • John raztenberger as Mr carfax fox
  • Mark Moraghan as Narrator
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