Swinging Mods is an adventure video game developed by Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox Publishing.


A group of musicians who are following their dreams of becoming superstars in Swinging London, England. They must find a secret message somewhere in the city.


The player must control one of the main protagonists by moving and looking around London. They also check the map where the player is. The player can enter any building include the club, library, and fashion store. They can also use the quick select on the bottom right.


People of Swinging London enjoyed listening to music, chatting, dancing, and even shopping at different shops. Meanwhile, at the studio, a band of the Butterflies who are Brianna Hope, Harry Williams, and Nick Thompson, are working on their dance moves. A director enters the record room where Brianna, Harry, and Nick are. Director says to them about the talent show at Carnaby Street. Brianna remembers Carnaby Street where her family visited several times. But she stops daydreaming after Nick tells her to wake up.

After finish their dance moves at the studio, Harry was thirsty and buys a cup of tea so he will get his energy back. Nick saw the guitar from the widow of Mike's and dreams about became a superstar guitarist at the stage. He then wakes up after been irritated by someone who talks to him. It realized to be the rival band named the Moths who are Vanessa Chase, Johnny Ryan, and Percy Francis. Nick was shocked as they came next to him, pinches his butt which causes pain. Brianna was frustrated at Vanessa for pinching Nick's butt and begin to fight. Suddenly, one of the Bobbies blows a whistle and walks to them where Vanessa and Brianna having a fight after Vanessa pinches Nick's butt.

Vanessa shocked as Bobby grabs her hand so tight and dragged quickly as they got away. Brianna takes a breath and calms herself down. Harry pats her shoulder after he saw Vanessa took a breath and calm. Nick tells Brianna and Harry that they are going to the cafe where the waiters service some foods. After eating their foods, they went to the park where Nick is thinking about the Moths, another band who are known for playing their own music (such as I'll Sing It and Doing The Crazy Move). Harry was so confused that he never heard the band before.

Nick and Harry got an idea to get a new song by playing them together at the studio. Before that, Percy and Johnny were at a concert. They had a plan to watch the encore. Once they finished their song, Percy and Johnny have a plan for tricking them by putting some glue on the floor. As Harry and Nick got out of the record room, they are about to step the glued floor but stopped. Percy angrily groans as seeing Harry and Nick were prevented from stepping. He got out behind the wall and talk to them while walking. But Percy got struck on the glued floor which make him tried to get out of the glue by taking his shoes off. After he get off the glue, Nick notices the shoes on the glue that Percy got off. They begin to laugh at him for not wearing the shoes because of the glue.

Percy notices that his shoes are still on the glue, which it makes him frustrated as he tried to get his shoes removed from the glue. After he successfully removed his shoes from the glue, Nick giggles at him because he doesn't wear his shoes. Meanwhile at Sally's, Brianna looking for new clothes that she wears until someone enters the store. Brianna notices there's something behind person's hand as she walks closer. It turned out to be Lana Lancer who visited UK last week. She give Brianna a special necklace.


Special Guests

  • Austin Powers (voiced by Mike Myers) - A special guest from the film franchise of the same name.


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  • This game is based on Contrast and We Happy Few (except both NPCs and players doesn't do drugs and wear a happy face mask, doesn't have disturbing content).
  • NPCs can actually help the player to solve the quests rather than attacking.
  • Swinging Mods is inspired by Swinging Sixties and British Invasion.
    • It is also inspired by Austin Powers, The Jokers (1967), Georgy Girl (1966), The Knack ...and How to Get It, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968), and A Hard Day's Night (film).
  • Swinging Mods has many secrets and Easter Eggs.
  • The animation style is the same as We Happy Few.
  • This game is similar to We Happy Few.
    • Similar:
      • They both have the same animation style.
      • They both set in 1960s England.
      • They both based on various elements of the 1960s British culture.
      • They both have the same voice actors
        • .However, This and We Happy Few are completely different.
          • Difference:
            • We Happy Few has disturbing content while Swinging Mods doesn't.
            • Swinging Mods is rated T for Teen while We Happy Few is rated M for Mature.
            • We Happy Few setting in a fictional city Wellington Wells while Swinging Mods setting in an actual city London.
            • We Happy Few has drugs while Swinging Mods don't.
            • Swinging Mods' logo have a bunch of stars and words has rainbows inside while We Happy Few's logos have a lady wearing a mask that breaks into pieces on the left side.
            • Swinging Mods has a lot of humor while We Happy Few has less humor.
            • Swinging Mods is inspired by British comedy films, novels, and shows (such as Galahad at Blandings, The Likely Lads, Dentist On The Job, and Diary Of A Nobody) while We Happy Few is inspired by British dystopian films, novels, and shows (such as Brazil, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and the trilogy MaddAddam).

  • Despite being a T-rated game, it is actually family-friendly and more appropriate than We Happy Few.
  • This is the first time that Austin Powers as a special guest in the game.
  • Each character can have their own stories in story mode.


  • Some songs from Austin Powers can be heard in the game.
  • A picture of The Beatles can be seen at the British Museum.
    • Yellow Submarine can also be seen at the British Museum.
    • The Beatles songs such as All You Need is Love, She Loves You,
  • Doctor Who Tardis can be seen at Groovy Club.
  • The poster of Ready Steady Go! can be seen at King's Road theater.
  • Doctor's Scarf can be seen at Sally's.
  • There's a poster of Georgy Girl can be seen at Queen's.
  • The poster of Blue Meanie can be seen at Comedy Shop.
  • In a diner, there's a jukebox with Uncle Jack inside of the drawers.
  • During the adventure across Trafalgar Square, there are some happy masks at the cart.
    • There are also some posters of Joy from We Happy Few.
    • A picture of Harry Haworth can be seen at Harry's house.  
  • The Make Believes songs can be heard at the radio that can found at the ???.
  • There's a piñata at Jolly Party where people are having a party
  • A picture of The Jokers can be seen at the Collection.
  • Chief Inspector Peters can be seen during the "Finding the note" cutscene.
  • A suit of Nick Lightbearer can be seen at Sally's.
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