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Superman: The Man of Steel is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros and HBO Max. It based on the DC Comics superhero, Superman. This series is the fifth animated Superman series since Superman: The Animated Series. The series is developed by Men of Action and the origin story is different where Superman/Kal-El is the true identity and personality while Clark Kent is a disguise. Although Superman's voice is provided by Brandon Routh, his likeness and design is based on Christopher Reeve.

The series was also the first in the continuity of the new DC Animated HBO Max-verse, spawning further animated TV series.


When the planet Krypton is about to explode and unable to convince the populace of his theory, scientist Jor-El sends his infant son, Kal-El to the planet Earth for his own survival. There, he was found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent in the small town of Smallville given the name, Clark Kent, as he discovers that he has amazing powers and has a purpose to protect the innocent and the world from evil. After arriving to the city of Metropolis disguised as a mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, Kal-El becomes Earth's greatest hero for he is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap across tall buildings in single bound; The Man of Steel, Superman.


Main Characters

  • Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent (Brandon Routh): The title character of the series and the most powerful being on earth. Superman is the son of Jor-El and Lara Van-El whom was sent to Earth prior to the destruction of his home planet of Krypton and crash landed in Smallville, where he was raised by farmers John and Martha Kent. Now disguised as mild-mannered journalist at the Daily Planet in the city of Metropolis, Clark Kent. Raised with high moral ideals, Superman is a brave, selfless, gentle and kindhearted hero with a strong sense of justice, morality, empathy, honesty, and patriotism as the protector of Metropolis and Earth's greatest hero. He's also resolute, compassionate, heroic, with a firm knowledge of right and wrong. Under exposer of the yellow sun, Superman has gained incredible superhuman strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, heat & x-ray vision and various other superpowers to fight evil and protect the citizens of Metropolis for Truth, Justice and the American way. His only weakness is Kryptonite, a green radioactive element which is of the fragmented crystalline remains of Krypton. Exposure causes him to be painfully weakened, sore muscles, discomfort and loss (or near loss) of consciousness but retains his powers. Kryptonite radiation can be shielded by lead, which blocks Superman's x-ray vision. He is sensitive to high amounts of electricity to cause him great deal of pain. Superman is a 6' 3" tall muscular-ripped, handsome man with blue eyes, jet black hair w/h a natural "S"-curls that hangs down onto his forehead. He wears a blue form-fitting spandex bodysuit with his famous family emblem, red and yellow "S" shield on his chest, red boots, a red/yellow belt, accented with a gold diamond buckle and a cape has an all-yellow version of the logo and his musculature is visible and highlighted through his suit. While under the guise as Clark Kent, he wears framed glasses and occasionally wears an business suit that hides his natural physique with his hair in a different style to conceal his curl. His character design is based on Jose Garcia-Lopez' design and from the 1988 cartoon. Superman has also shown be very protective of Daily Planet's star reporter, Lois lane.
  • Lois Lane (Catherine Taber): The award-winning investigative reporter for the Daily Planet and Superman's main love interest. Lois was the first reporter to have the opportunity to exclusively interview him and call him by the name. Lois is a 5' 9" beautiful strong-willed, feisty, caring, selfless and brave woman with a strong sense of journalistic ethics. When she finds a story, she has every clever intention in publishing it. However, Lois's bravery often leads to moments of foolhardy boldness, persistence, and tenacity which get her into trouble, always playing the damsel in distress requiring the Man of Steel to rescue her. Lois found her attracted to Superman, but over time, she eventually fell deeply in love with him. She has long brunette hair and pinkish violet eyes. She either wears a violet or red blazer with a white or black t-shirt underneath (revealing her cleavage), a black mini pencil skirt and high heels. She has also worn evening dresses/gowns on special occasions and during galas, charity events and award ceremonies. In the ending of the World's Finest arc, she and Superman become a couple as they share a kiss. In the series final, Lois had her memories of Clark's double-life erased to save her life aster she was mortally wounded by General Zod's dark heat vision.
  • Jimmy Olsen (Daryl Sabara): The teenage old Photographer and cub reporter of the Daily Planet. Dedicated and enthuse, Jimmy has managed to land of Perry White's good side and often teams up with star reporter Lois Lane. Jimmy became close friends with Clark Kent was one of the first people to earn Superman’s trust, which gives him a signal-watch for emergencies and he became a closest thing to a best friend. His appearance is based on his DCAU counterpart, except with no freckles, more charming with sea green eyes and auburn hair with orange streaks. He also had a crush on Superman's cousin, Supergirl upon first meeting her. His favorite meal is cheeseburgers and chili fries. He's 5' 6
  • Supergirl/Kara Zor-El (Summer Glau): Superman's teenaged cousin from Argo City, the daughter of Zor-El and Alura In-Ze who was sent their daughter in a rocket to follow her infant cousin, Kal-El to Earth. However, her ship was off-course and placed in the Phantom Zone. When Clark found her in the pod decades later during his early days training to become Superman, he took her back to Smallville and introduced her to his adoptive parents and was taken in by the Danvers next door. When Jeramiah and Eliza went on a "business trip", they left Kara and their daughter, Alex under Martha and John's care while they're away. The Kent's treat her as their adoptive niece. Kara has longed and eager to be like her Cousin and protect the world by his side. Kara is open-minded, brave, headstrong, caring, selfless, optimistic and has a great friendship with Jimmy Olsen. She's also very sympathetic when it comes to misunderstood people like Hiro Okamura as she taught him that revenge is not the answer and befriended him. Kara Zor-El is a 5' 6 beautiful, attractive young woman with an athletic, muscular yet voluptuous body, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts, and long muscular yet shapely legs. She has crystal blue eyes and long blonde hair with a widows peak that reaches her shoulder blades. As Supergirl, she wears a blue form-fitting cropped top with the House of El sigil on her chest leaving her midriff abdomen exposed. She also wears a red miniskirt, a yellow belt with a diamond buckle and red boots w/h gold trim and a red cape that resembles Kara Zor-El's post-crisis costume. In her civilian disguise, Karen Danvers, she wears a brunette wig to conceal her hair, a pair of glasses with blue contact lenses and dressed in casual clothes. Supergirl shares the same powers as her cousin under the effects of Earth's yellow sun, as well as vulnerability to Kryptonite.
  • Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey): The President & CEO of LexCorp and one of the primary antagonists. Luthor is a powerful billionaire industrialist and businessman in Metropolis with the intent on ridding the world of alien superhero Superman as he can’t stand that a muscle-bound alien garners more attention and adulation than a man of his stature in which, his true villainy is fueled by his sheer envious jealousy for the Man of Steel. Aside from Lex's immense wealth and connections, he was able to weasel his way out of trouble due to the fact that Superman, being liable as a witness, would have to reveal his true identity in court to testify against him. Lex is 6' 2. He wears black business suit and is fashioned with a ring with a kryptonite gemstone for his personal protection with a detachable lead cap. When his nephew Rafe came to Metropolis, Lex took a sudden liking to the boy after he gave his uncle a chunk of Kryptonite before de dissolve his juvenile records. He wrote back to his sister that he promise to keep her son under his care. In the season finale, Lex created an advanced battlesuit to fight off General Zod and his Kryptonian forces. In spit of his cold and biter nature, Lex's character is portrayed as a more comical character, reminiscent of Gene Hackman's portrayal.
  • Eve Teschmacher (Dawn Olivieri): Eve is the Assistant/Henchwoman of Lex Luthor as well as his timid secretary. Despite the fact assisting her boss with his plans, Eve is actually a nice lady at heart as she often questions Lex's morals and his criminal schemes on a regular basis. Unaware from her boss, Mercy and Otis Graves, Eve is attracted Superman when they first met after saving her from falling and has hidden feeing for him. Her personality is based on Valerie Perrine's portrayal. Eve is a 5' 9 beautiful woman with long strawberry hair and turquoise eyes.
  • Mercy Graves (Kathleen Barr): Lex Luthor's bodyguard, secondary and head of security at LexCorp. Mercy used to a member of an all women street gang, during attempted burglary they were ambushed by Lex' security guards. Mercy held them off while her fellow gang members escaped whom they abandoned her. Mercy was soon overpowered and the guard brought her to Lex Luthor, who was impressed by her mixture a ruthlessness, loyalty, and street savvy, he offered her a job. Lex took her in at LexCorp, cleaned her up from her past life and became her right-hand woman. Mercy is 5' 9
  • Otis Graves: The dimwitted brother of Mercy Graves who is the driver and incompetent henchman of Lex Luthor. Rafe and Ignatius always like to mess and torment with him. He's 5' 10
  • Rafe Luthor (David Faustino): An original character for the series who is Lex Luthor's delinquent nephew and becomes an archenemy to Supergirl. Rafe was sent by mother from Siegelville, Lena to live with his uncle in Metropolis under his care for a while after being released from Juvenile hall recently. Rafe was very familiar with Mercy, Otis and Eve as he knew them on several occasions. He made his first impression by "accidently" tripping Jimmy Olsen and breaks his camera for his pleasure. He is 5' 7 has slick backed black hair w/h dark purple highlights and gold eyes. He wears a grey/purple sleeveless zipped hoodie jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, black studded arm bands and he wears dark grey pants w/h red accents with black sneakers. He's laid-back, obnoxious, impulsive, rude, selfish, confident, sadistic, intimidating, charismatic, decisive, eccentric, careless and an infamous reputation. Rafe is very talented with technology and slight of hand when placing the kryptonite back into Metallo. Despite all that, Rafe shows great respect and loyalty to his "favorite" Uncle, Lex as he gave him a small chunk of Kryptonite he found in the canals of the Suicide Slums after Supergirl's first battle with Metallo. Rafe is now in odds with Supergirl as he and his pet Ignatius have been both shown as constant annoyances to the Girl of Steel. Rafe can also be manipulative, and persuasive.
    • Ignatius (Dee Bradley Baker): Rafe's vicious and loyal pet 8-foot rare Monitor Lizard and best friend. He has a slender appearance with a purple/blackish grey color scheme w/h red stripes, orange eyes w/h slit pupils, sharp teeth and prehensile tail. Ignatius is every bit as mean, mischievous, cruel, unpleasant and sadistic as his master as well as cunningly intelligent for an average reptile. Rafe always feeds him with live small animals like rats, birds and squirrels and raw meat. Ignatius has a wiry grin when he smiles, showing his teeth. He has formed an unbreakable bond with him since childhood, wherever Rafe goes, Ignatius' follows. He also dislikes Supergirl when after first meeting her.

Supporting and Recurring Characters

  • Daily Planet Staff:
    • Perry White (Fred Tatasciore): The Editor-in-Chief of the Dailey Planet. He has worked at the Planet since he was Olsen's age as a young reporter. Although he presents a somewhat gruff and strict demeanor, he often lectures his staff on how things work around the D.P. and Perry cares each and every one of them as like family. Especially to Lois, whom was her mentor.
    • Jenny Jurwich (Samantha Dakin): Perry's trusted secretary. She has light brown eyes and short black hair.
    • Catherine "Cat" Grant (Gina Gershon): The freelance gossip and fashion columnist at the Daily Planet with an eye for the amazing, her stories captivated the big minds up at the Daily Planet. She is also an attractive shameless man-chaser and usually dressed in provocative attire. When Clark arrived to the Daily Planet, Cat immediately fell in love with. also had a infatuation for Clark Kent's alter ego, Superman and often used her feminine wiles. Cat is a very attractive curvy woman. She has long dark blonde hair w/h blond highlights, hazel eyes, long legs and buxom breasts and buttocks. She serves a secondary love interest to Superman and a rival to Lois.
    • Steve Lombard (Patrick Warburton): The Sports Editor for the Daily Planet. Lombard is known for being a brash, arrogant and overly self-confident machismo to his co-workers. He has a common on and off rivalry with fellow co-worker, Ron Troupe. He even try to hit on Cat but she quickly rejects him stating that he is not her type. He has red hair, mustache and turquoise eyes.
    • Ron Troupe (Bumper Robinson): The Political journalist of the Daily Planet. He is the most levelheaded and educated reporter on staff and has won many awards than his coworkers, except for Lois and always having difficulties with fellow co-worker and rival, Steve Lombard.
  • Angela Chen (Kim Mai Guest): A female news anchor that woks for Metropolis News, as well as Talk Show host.
  • Bibbo Bibbowski (Kevin Michael Richardson): An unemployed sea captain and longshoreman who often works around the docks in Hob's Bay and is the bartender of Ace O' Club tavern. Bibbo is a well-known good friend to Lois and Jimmy, and later Clark Kent. Bibbo first met Superman when he came to Ace O' Club tavern for any information of the whereabouts of the Lexo-Mech, Bibbo mistakenly thinks of him as a clown in a custom made Superman costume, punches him but hurts his hand. He apologizes and gains respect for the Man of Steel. He's kind-hearted man who's a vocal admirer/ big supporter of Superman and refers to him as his .
  • Robert Morrisroe: The mayor of Metropolis.
  • Kelex (David Tennant): A Kryptonian robot who assists Superman at the Fortress of Solitude as it's caretaker in service to the House of El as s assistant Jor-El during his days on Krypton. He was recreated when Clark created the Fortress of Solitude along with secondary Kryptonian robot, Kelor. Kelex has a very skeletal and slender design, the only resemblance to Superman being the "S" logo on its chest chassis and he's about the same height as Kal-El with three fingers and orange LED eyes. He is based off The Robot from Superman: Doomsday.
  • Kelor (Noah Nelson): Another Kryptonian robot who serves as a guardian of the Fortress of Solitude. He sometimes patrols both in and out of the Fortress to scar off intruders. Unlike Kelex, Kelor is a combatant robot with a hulking design and taller than Kelex. He often trains Kal-El as his sparring partner for combat training when ever he's around and does the same with Kara when she visits.
  • Jor-El (James Purefoy): The birth father of Superman and a respect scientist from Krypton.
  • Lara (Andrea Baker): Kal-El's birth mother.
  • Jonathan and Martha Kent (Michael Rooker and Reba MacEntire) The adopted parents of Kal-El who found him when they saw his pop in a field. They eventually took him as their son and gave him his name, Clark. They thought of telling him his heritage when he was old enough.
  • Lana Lang (Juliette Landau): Clark's childhood friend/crush from Smallville. They used to date during in high school.
  • Pete Ross (James Arnold Taylor): Clark's childhood best friend from Smallville.
  • Alex Danvers: Kara's adoptive sister and Jeramiah and Eliza's only daughter. For past 3 years, after She and her parents have taken Kara in, Alex has dedicated herself to protecting her adoptive sister and keeping her out of trouble.
  • Special Crimes Unit/S.C.U.: A division within the MPD that specialize in dealing with Metahuman and Alien threats.
    • Maggie Sawyer (Kristy Wu): Captain of the MPD's Special Crimes Unit a supportive ally of Superman. Maggie has short blonde hair and hazel eyes.
    • Dan Turpin (Rick Pasqualone): The toughest police detective on the SCU and long-time partner of Maggie Sawyer.
  • Emil Hamilton: A scientist and the director of S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis.
  • Mayson Drake: A district attorney of Metropolis' DA's office. She's Canadian with brown eyes and neck length sandy blonde hair.
  • Steel/John Henry Irons (Kevin M. Richardson): A former weapons engineer at LexCorp, who after realizing what his projects were being used for, resigned from the company and made his own laboratory in the form of Ironworks. John is a great ally to Superman when he created an advanced exoskeleton suit of armor, controlled via HUD display within the helmet, a blue cape and forged a Kinetic Hammer to use in his adventures as Steel. The suit gives John enhanced strength and durability. It is equipped with high power propulsion jets for flight, wrist-mounted blasters and an energy shield.
  • Natasha Iron: The niece of John Irons.
  • General Sam Lane (J.K. Simmons): A military General for the US army and the father of Lois and Lucy Lane. Sam has a known history with his former lieutenant, John Corban. Unlike most incarnations, He sees Superman as a hero to the country and a trusted ally after the times he has rescued his daughter, Lois on many occasions.
  • Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan): Lois' younger sister and second daughter of Samuel Lane.
  • Zor-El and Alura In-Ze (John DiMaggio and Sirena Irwin): Kara Zor-El's mother and father whom were thought to have died with Krypton. Zor-El, the younger brother of Jor-El, and Kal-El's uncle. Zor-El and Alura In-Ze survived the death of Argo City when, shortly before the radiation reached lethal levels, Zor-El projects them both into the immaterial Survival Zone, a separate dimension resembling the Phantom Zone; later they are released from the Zone and found themselves inside the bottle city of Kandor, which was resided on Brainiac's Skull ship among his collection.
  • Toymaster/Hiro Okamura (Tara Strong, Vincent Tong "Disguised"): A young genius prodigy from Japan who use toy based high-tech weaponry, while sometimes comical, are also very dangerous. His inventions are inspired by both anime and manga which include robotic samurai warriors, kabuki dolls, life modeled Kaiju, anime action fighters. Hiro is an 11-yr old boy who has light brown eyes, black spiky hair, wears a pair of goggles on his head, black sleeveless jacket w/h a grey t-shirt underneath and light brown pants. Hiro is a highly intelligent young man in the fields of science and technology. This version of Hiro is 10 yrs old and he pilots an 8-ft. robotic Exo armor with a voice modulator to conceal his identity. The Mech has it's own artificial intelligence. He targets Morgan Edge after he stolen technology from his grandfather, Takao Okamura two yeas ago and has been seeking revenge to take back his grandfather's technology.
    • Toy Master Battle Mech "TM-BM" (Eric Bauza): An advanced robotic exoskeleton designed and built by Hiro and has its own I.A. with developing emotional responses in both English/Japanese designed by his grandfather. The suit is 350 cm tall. It has the appearance of a robotic samurai action figure wearing a large metallic samurai bamboo hat and wields a ōdachi sword. The interior of the cockpit is lined with lead when Hiro recently heard about Superman.
  • Takeo Okamura (Sab Shimono): Hiro's grandfather and a famous lead designer in advanced modern robotics from Japan. He used his new nanotechnology to mass produce cutting edge toys at Okamura Toy Tech. He raised his grandson after both of his parents passed away. One day, Morgan Edge came to buy his technology, but Takeo refused his offer made it clear that his work is to bring joy and prosperity to the world and not be used as a weapon.
  • Lobo (John DiMaggio): An intergalactic bounty hunter and mercenary for hire who also goes by "The Main Man" and the last Czarnian in the universe. Lobo is the most recognized and feared bounty hunter that uses ultra-violent methods and plays by his own rules to get the job done. As a Czarnian, Lobo's skin is chalk white his eyes are red an has black hair with. Lobo wears a black leather jacket vest with two sets of three spikes emerging from the shoulders, underneath is grey tank top and wears fingerless gloves. He wears a black spiked belt with a skull buckle ad lined with a holster for his blaster, blue pants with black boots. He's armed with array of advanced alien armaments: a blaster, plasma shotgun, frag grenades and uses a chain with a gutting hook as a weapon. His main mode of transportation is his personal hover-motorcycle, the SpazzFrag 666 Spacehog.
  • Shadowdragon/Savitar Bandu (Gaku Space): A prince from the small country of Bhutran in Asia and vigilante goes by the alias, Shadowdragon. Savitar is the first born son of King of Bhutran, Khuran. Bhutran has defended itself for many years from their neighbors, Chi-Lann. However, Chi-Lann has made deals with Intergang in secret which Savitar investigate a Chi-Lann medical facility, recently built on the border of the two countries. Inside he discovered that it was actually a weapons research facility, designing powerful battlesuits. Savitar used on if the suits to steal Chi-Lann's treacherous plans and revealed to his father. After the war ended, Savitar spent several months improving the suit, before donned it to become the Shadowdragon. Khuran later sent Savitar to America as an envoy and representative for both his people and country. Savitar is tall Bhutran man with brown eyes and black hair, but shaved. He's extremely talented and experienced martial artist. He also is very knowledgeable about electronics and robotics. Shadowdragon's battle suit gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility and reflexes. It comes with a variety of weapons and gadgets such ash, grappling claws, a cloaking device for invisibility, wrist-mounted energy darts and duel hi-tech Dao Swords.
  • Batman/Bruce Wayne (Roger Craig Smith): The Dark Knight detective and protector of Gotham City. While to the public, he is Billionaire industrialist, play-boy and CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne, the son of his late parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. When he was 8yrs old, he watched his mother and father get gunned down by a mugger in Gotham City's Crime Alley. The traumatic experience would define his life, as he dedicated himself to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime... the Batman, to protect Gotham City for years as it's Hero as he sworn an oath to rid the city of the evil that had taken his parents' lives. Equipped with his Batarangs, Utility Belt filled with high-tech weapons, Batman is the most feared superhero of all, because he’s pushed himself to the absolute pinnacle of human achievement, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. He has many different modes of transportation such as the Batmobile, Batcycle, Batwing. He’s a brilliant detective who’s mastered fighting and interrogation techniques the world’s barely heard of. An Olympic-caliber athlete with a plan for every occasion, Batman’s seemingly always five steps ahead of his foes. His batsuit is based on Rebirth: Having a high-tech grey body suit, having his bat logo outlined in gold and specialized utility belt with the same color theme. His boots and gloved gauntlets are black as the close-fitting cowl. He has groomed black hair and blue eyes.
  • Robin/Tim Drake: Batman's second sidekick
  • Nightwing/Dick Grayson (Scott Porter): Batman's first sidekick who was the first Robin. Several years later Dick got older and went under his new alias, "Nightwing".
  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Ashley Johnson):
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Alastair Duncan): Batman's faithful butler in service to the Wayne family who helps the Batman on many of his missions.
  • Wonder Woman/Diana (Alésia Glidewell): A beautiful Amazonian demigoddess and princess from the mystical island of Themyscira who is the daughter of Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons and Zeus, king of the Olympian gods. Diana left her home to man's world as a political envoy for her people, a Champion of Themyscira and a role model for little girls and grown women. A powerful warrior and a demigoddess Diana has super strength, speed, the power of flight, durability, agility, reflexes and stamina at superhuman levels, all equal to Superman's. Diana is armed with the golden Lasso of Truth and bullet-proof Bracelets of Submission on her wrists. Diana is a master of all forms hand-to-hand combat. Wonder Woman is a very kind, benevolent, compassionate, assertive, honorable and strong-willed woman who never backs down from a challenge or and stands what she believes in to spread peace, love and understanding among humanity. Diana is a beautiful, attractive woman with a very voluptuous yet muscular & athletic build. She has straight mid-back length black hair w/h a widows peak, brown eyes, wears pink lipstick, sporting buxom breasts, broad shoulders, strong toned muscles, and long muscular shapely legs. Her costume consists a golden tiara on her forehead adorned with a red star, a symbol of her status as princess, a red bustier that resembles a type of light, flexible body armor w/h a golden "W" on her bust/breastplate, and a matching golden W-shaped bet plate. Below is a blue briefs bikini with five white stars on the front. She wears red boots with a white stripe on the front side. Diana met Superman while she was heading to her home, Themyscira for a visit when she spotted him falling into the ocean. Bruised and unconscious, Diana brought him to the island and nursed him back to health. After regaining his strength, She offered to come with him to Metropolis to help defeat Nuclear Man together.
  • Queen Hippolyta (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn): Queen of the Amazons. She the mother of Diana and Donna Troy and wife of Zeus, ruler of the Olympian gods. As ruler of the Amazons, Hippolyta has guided and protected her people for thousands of years on their hidden island of Themyscira. Queen Hippolyta is wise, gentle. She's a beautiful Amazonian woman with deep ice-blue eyes, long black hair. Dressed in purple/lavender royal gowns.
  • Wonder Girl/Donna Troy: A teenage Amazonian/demi-goddess, Wonder Woman's younger sister/sidekick and Hippolyta's youngest daughter. When Diana brought Supergirl to Themyscira for her fist visit to undergo training, Donna Troy volunteered to be Kara's sparring partner and two young girl became friends after few hours of training. As a demigoddess Donna Troy has the same god-like superhuman abilities as her sister Diana and her fellow Amazons. Donna has long black hair, olive brown eyes.
  • Amazons of Themyscira:
    • Artemis
    • Dr. Asclepia: An elderly Amazon healer.
    • Sadeh: Sadeh is a young healer and Asclepia's apprentice
    • Myrhha & Cydippie
    • Epione
    • Helene
    • Carya


Sword of Rao

A group of Kryptonians war criminals under the command of General Dru-Zod. In Krypton's final days before destruction, After a failed coup overthrow the ruling Council of Krypton, they were arrested and found guilty of high treason. Jor-El requested that exiling them to the Phantom Zone would be the humane solution at best. Zod and his forces survived the planet destruction and remained in the Phantom Zone for the rest of their lives until their recent escape with a Phantom Zone projector. Their combat armor and skinsuits have a black, purple, blue and silver color scheme. When they arrived to Earth's solar system they slowly absorb it's solar radiation and endowed with the same powers as Superman.

  • General Zod (Neil Kaplan): Leader of the Sword of Rao and the final main antagonist of Season 4. Zod is a ruthless and powerful Kryptonian military general and former childhood friend of Jor-El. Following Jor-El's belief that Krypton was doomed and attempted to usurp the ruling council, Zod and his compatriots: Faora, Nam-Ek, Ursa, Jax-Ur, Thunkian, Tor-An, Car-Vex, Dev-Em II, Az-Rel, and Vax-Nor were arrested and sentenced to the Phantom Zone for treason on Jor-El's request. From that moment on, Zod harbored a deep hatred for Jor-El and swore vengeance on his house and family, a vendetta that was passed on to his son, Kal-El. With Krypton gone, Zod travels through the galaxy for few decades searching endlessly for Kal-El until he stumbled upon a damaged Brainiac, drifting through space. After weeks of interrogation through immense torture, Zod gained Brainiac's last known location and set his ship a course to earth where. Zod has short black hair with greyish white streaks and reddish eyes with scars across them and a small goatee on his chin. He wears a black skinsuit underneath a black, dark grey, blue combat armor, large shoulder pads with glyphs carved into them, his abdomen and kneecaps are adorned with gold upside-down omega symbols, in the center of her torso is a shield with a stylized Kryptonian "Z" insignia in black and purple, wears a black cape with grey underneath that was attached to his shoulder pads, silver bladed gauntlets over black gloves and black boots w/h silver lining. Zod also wears a retractable faceplate to cover his mouth and nose during battle.
  • Faora-Ul (Grey Griffin): Zod's faithful second-in-command and lover who planned with him to takeover the planet Krypton before the planet's eminent destruction. During the Kryptonian Civil War, Faora was known and feared throughout Krypton as the "Tigress of Zod". Both a warrior and a tactical leader, Faora is a fierce and ruthless psychopathic combatant, being extremely skilled in a vast array of Kryptonian martial arts. Faora strongly supports her beloved general's ideals of conquest and destruction. Faora wears a black/dark green bodysuit with black thigh high boots, She has short dark hair and amber eyes. In the center of her torso is a shield with a Kryptonian "F" insignia in silver. She forms a heated rivalry with Lois Lane and later Wonder Woman.
  • Nam-Ek: General Zod's mute Elite Soldier who is inhumanly large and muscular in size. He is one of Zod's stronger soldiers in the Sword of Rao.
  • Ursa (Rachael MacFarlane): A young female Kryptonian who is Faora's disciple.
  • Jax-Ur (Daniel Ross): A renegade Scientist of the Kryptonian Military Guild who was part of General Zod's Sword of Rao. Jax-Ur is cold and ruthless intellectual who has passion and a thirst for knowledge, as he had no qualms about experimenting on a restrained and helpless Brainiac. After he and the rest escaped the Phantom Zone, under Zod's orders Jax-Ur was to make repairs on Zod's body guard Thunkian and later extracting information from Brainiac. He then uploaded his last known coordinates to the Aethyr's navi-computer to the planet Earth.
  • Thunkian (Imari Williams): A character exclusive to the series. He is a large weaponized Kryptonian robot that was constructed by Zod's ancestors 300 hundred years ago on Krypton to serve the House of Zod as it's guardian. Thunkian was present during Zod's attempt to overthrow the Kryptonian Council, however he was heavily damaged by Jor-El, causing him to shut down, During the course he's been continuously being repaired by Jax-Ur under Zod's orders to repair his faithful guardian. Even as a robot, Thunkian possesses superhuman abilities derived from the yellow solar radiation of the sun of Earth's solar system and is immune to the effects of Kryptonite.
  • Tor-An (Chris Jai Alex): Sub-commander and fierce warrior within the Kryptonian military
  • Car-Vex (Fryda Wolff):
  • Az-Rel: (Robin Atkin Downes): An Elite Kryptonian soldier
  • Dev-Em II (Sam Witwer): A young Kryptonian soldier
  • Vax-Nor (Jim Pirri):
  • Kryptonian Warbots: Militarized Kryptonian Robots that reconfigured by Jax-Ur to be used as expendable foot soldiers to make up for Zod's army while other Kryptonian criminals remain in the Phantom Zone.

Major Villains

  • Imperiex (David Sobolov): One the series main antagonists, an Intergalactic conquer of worlds bent on galactic domination. Imperiex would create numerous Heralds to seek out suitable worlds for him to reign or destroy. He enlists the aid of Morgan Edge, Manheim and Intergang by supplying them alien weaponry to raid Metropolis' scientific facilities such as Lax Labs and S.T.A.R. Labs for their technology, equipment and components to construct a transmat teleportal gate for Imperiex to cross over to Earth. He had fierce battle with his first encounter with Superman and was defeated and retreated. Humiliated in defeat, Imperiex vowed that he would someday return to earth and destroy Superman. As opposed to his comic-book incarnation, this Imperiex relies on physical strength, direct combat. He can fly and project destructive blasts from his hands.
  • Brainiac (David Roach): An extraterrestrial techno-organic being with a vast twelfth-level intellect. He travels across the universe steals the knowledge of various alien cultures, shrinking and abducting cities from each planet and adds them to his collection of bottled cities. Amongst them was the Kryptonian capital, Kandor. He possess the knowledge and strength of 10,000 worlds. He is serves as the main antagonist of the half of season 3. After his defeat, Brainiac was severely damaged; missing his left hand and half of his right leg, nd has been drifting through the vacuum of space across the galaxy. Brainiac was later found by General Zod and his forces, boarded the Black Aethyr where we was tortured by Jax-Ur as he rips him apart and painfully extracting the valuable information within his mind.
  • Metallo/John Corben (Keith Ferguson): A ruthless mercenary-for-hire who becomes a deadly cyborg powered by kryptonite. He used a operative of the U.S. special forces and one of the best soldiers under General Lane's command before he was both dishonored and discharged for smuggling classified intel. Corben then became mercenary who is willing to offer his services to the highest bidder. Corben and his team of mercenaries were hired by the Kaznians steal LexCorp' militarized Lexo-Mech and rigged explosives on the space shuttle's engines as a contingency diversion. When Lois tracked them down to their ship in the harbor, Corben had her capture and planed to hold her for ransom from her father, however Superman intervened. To give himself a fighting chance, Corben mounted the Lexo-Mech himself and engaged Superman in a fight that raged across Metropolis, but in a losing effort when Superman tore the suit apart. Following his arrest, Corben developed a deep hatred for the Man of Steel. After his escape from Stryker's and another run in with Superman, Corben was accidently run over by a semi-trailer truck driven by one of his own men. Corben barely survived, his body was fatally injured internally to the point of near death. Among the severely damaged organs was his heart, Corben was quickly taken to the hospital and hooked up to life support. Only a robotic specialist, Emmett Vale spirited Corben with him and brought to his secret lab outside of Metropolis, transplanting his mind and conscience into an advanced robotic body made from a indestructible alloy, transforming him into a powerful cyborg possessing strength equal to Superman's, agility and is provided with a limitless power source: a chunk of kryptonite. Corben's human body was thrown in a large vat of hydrochloric acid to be dissolved. His body was covered with synthetic skin by Emmett. Corben was impressed with their ingenuity, but decides that, as he is no longer human, he choked Dr. Vale to death as he then destroyed the lab and killed his fellow scientists. When he returned to his men, whom they were surprised seeing their boss alive and hatched a plan to kill Superman by kidnapping Lois as bait. His synthetic skin was disintegrated during his fight with Superman. He has the same voice tone as Reaper from the Overwatch series. This version of Metallo has an articulated mouth with teeth, showing off robotic facial expressions like Ultron from Age of Ultron and cybertronians from TF: Prime series. Corban had olive tanned skin, brown eyes, black hair and a short goatee.
  • Hellgrammite/Roderick Rose (Patrick Seitz): An entomologist and scientist who associated with the Intergang as an informant. His expertise is entomology with the study and research of Hellgrammites. During a scuffle with Intergang, Rose was exposed to an untested mutagenic serum that transforms him into a green chrysalis after inhaling it's fumes. Superman and the SCU soon found him within a thick cocoon and brought him to STAR Labs for further study. Later that night, Rose emerged from the chrysalis as an 7'5 ft green Insectoid monster. Enraged and confused at his gruesome mutation, Roderick went on a rampage across Metropolis, snatching those who wronged him or involved and incase them in cocoons, even Lois Lane whom was investigating kidnappings and Jimmy's disappearance. It was revealed that he not only kidnapped Lois to an closed of Star labs in, but Jimmy, Maggie Sawyer, Dan Turpin, Emil Hamilton and Bruno Mannheim as well. Until he was defeated by Superman as they battled through town. The transformation even gave him superhuman strength, endurance, wall clinging and powerful leaping abilities, secrete adhesives to weave transformative or imprisoning cocoons, a durable exoskeleton and a stinger-like bludgeon on his tail. Unlike from the comics, Hellgrammite has a more monstrous appearance, with insect-cobra like head with yellow eyes but retains the mandibles on both sides, walks on hind legs. He has four sharp clawed fingers on each hand and two toes on each feet.
  • Livewire/Leslie Willis (Noël Wells): Leslie Willis was once an infamous and abrasive shock jock in Metropolis who made a habit of ridiculing, trolling and criticizing Superman during her radio podcasts. Among her audiences, Lex Luthor enjoys listening to her taking shots at the Man of Steel. During a severe thunderstorm, Leslie was struck by lightning passed through Superman, and altering her hair and skin color. When Willis woke up at the hospital, she discovers that she become a being of pure electrical energy with the power to control massive quantities of electricity. Leslie escaped from the hospital by turning herself into a electrical current through the outlets. When she was confronted by Superman, she then declared herself as Livewire. As an electrical metahuman, Livewire can generate lightning blasts, powerful enough to harmfully weaken or stun Superman. Livewire's two major weaknesses are water and silicon. She's intimidating, perky, sadistic, charismatic, sarcastic, cynical, enthusiastic, vengeful, snarky and energetic. She later becomes a major adversary to Supergirl. Livewire has chalk white skin, slicked backed spiky blue hair and electric blue eyes. Her outfit is a black leotard with a long lighting bolt logo cuts down in the middle, cropped leather vest, blue fingerless gloves and black thigh-high boots. Her incarnation is based on the comic book/DCAU versions.
  • Conduit/Kenneth Braverman (Liam McIntyre): Kenny Braverman was a former childhood rival to Clark Kent from Smallville in high school. Since being exposed to the kryptonite radiation as a baby, Kenny is a living Kryptonite battery. Back in his childhood days in high school, Kenny was a high school jock and athletic student, though he was always being second best to Clark due to his poor health and become increasingly jealous and resentment of him as his own father loved him and when Lana rejected his offer to be his date for the Smallville High senior prom night. On that very night, he witnessed Clark saving the truck driver when it crashed into a gas station and got caught in an explosion then came out of the smoke without a scratch or any signs of burn marks and injuries. While everyone else assumed it was just adrenaline due to drinking too much fruit punch from the banquet table, Kenny knew it was something else and has kept it to himself since. Over the years after graduation, Braverman had volunteered to be experimented upon and given a powered-up suit of armor powered by the radiation that flows through his body. He never forgot about Kent or that night. When he heard that Clark settled in Metropolis and the arrival of Superman, he instantly knew that the two were one in the same and planned to get his revenge for the years of humiliation and fed up of being second bested to Kent. During a government experiment, Kenny was bonded/merged with an armored battle suit that provides some protection from energy and physical attacks. He has three extendable tendrils on each arm gauntlet which he can ensnare or attack an opponent. The armor is powered by Kryptonite radiation that grants him super strength, flight and project Kryptonite energy blasts that gives him an advantage over Superman. His helmet is lined with lead to conceal his identity from Superman's X-ray vision and speaks in low voice modulator to disguise his real voice. Kenny renamed himself, Conduit. Conduit is the only villain in the series who is aware of Superman's duel identity and keeps that knowledge to himself.
  • Maxima (Kari Wahlgren): The princess of the Almeracian Empire from the distant planet of Almerec with a heart filled and lust desire for Superman and to make him her betrothed. After defeated a least potential suiter, Maxima discovered Superman from a holographic transmission of War World's previous matches. Maxima is a beautiful attractive woman with fair skin, brown eyes, pink lipstick and waist length flowing wavy vermillion hair. She has a muscular-athletic and an Amazonian build with buxom breasts. She wears a green leotard w/h red accents, gold bracers on her arms and thigh-high boots and wears a long yellow cape that reaches her knees. Maxima has some powers equal to Superman such as Superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, stamina and reflexes, but she can generate powerful optical beams from her eyes. She has the same voice tone as Enchantress from Avengers: EMH.
  • Volcana/Claire Selton (Peri Gilpin): A female villainess with powerful pyrokinetic metahuman powers that allows her to manipulate fire. and she has a strong affection for the Man of Steel. Like her DCAU incarnation, she has orange eyes, with a mane of fiery translucent red/orange hair.
  • Atomic Skull/Joseph Martin (Nolan North): Years ago, Joseph Martin served the US army under the command of Samuel Lane until he and his squad found a mysterious device which STAR Labs dubbed the "Gene-Bomb". When the bomb iwent off, Joseph was struck by the intense energy that gave him superhuman strength, invulnerability, agility, endurance, caused his flesh to become invisible. To contain the radiation, STAR Labs has developed a specialized containment suit that keeps his radiation levels stable to keep from harming anyone around him. General Sam Lane had no other choice to but to keep Joseph in an isolated vault, even it means by locking him away. Martin we wears specialized suit with only his skull exposed covered in purplish flames.


An organized crime syndicate based in Metropolis, led by Bruno Mannheim, Delores Winters, Anthony "Scar" Scarano, and Able Crown. They are armed with advanced alien weaponry and technology. This version of the Intergang are supplied by their benefactor, Imperiex.

  • Bruno Mannheim (André Sogliuzzo): Leader/founder of Intergang, a crimelord and one of the notorious gangsters in Metropolis. When his plans were subsequently foiled by Superman and his weaponry rendered useless, Mannheim was visited by Morgan Edge to supplied him with advanced alien technology so that he could defeat Superman. He carries blaster that fires concentrated energy beams that several weakens Superman.
    • Whisper A'Daire (Yvonne Strahovski): Mannheim's right hand woman, field lieutenant and assassin of Intergang. When she was a young girl, she grey up in the crime ridden low income area of Metropolis' Suicide Slum and earned her way into Bruno Mannheim's crew when he was making a name for himself as a street criminal due to her using a combination of her attractive looks and cold efficiency in her dealing with others, her skills as an martial artist/acrobat as well as her skills with both hand guns and bladed weapons. Whisper A'Daire is tall attractive woman with green eyes and long waist-length red hair tied in a pony tail. She wears gray cargo pants and a form fitting black jacket. She is armed with advanced wristbands that emit two red/orange plasma whips. The whips are capable of subduing and inflicting harm to Superman for while.
    • Mike "Machine" Gunn (Rick D. Wasserman): Mannheim's chief enforcer who lost both his arms during a war in Afghanistan and was given mechanical prosthetics which were deemed worthless to him on various heists. When Bruno made a deal with Morgan Edge and supplied him with advance technology, Mike was now given new indestructible cybernetic arms that morph into high-tech automatic weapons with unlimited self-replicating ammunition. Gunn's arms gives him enhanced superhuman strength that lets him go toe-to-toe with Superman.
  • Delores Winters (Eliza J. Schneider): One of the heads of Intergang and a well-known businesswoman, model and entrepreneur. Winters has later odds with Supergirl.
  • Anthony "Scar" Scarano (Greg Ellis): One of the heads of Intergang and a former British military officer. Anthony uses an advanced spider tank
  • Able Crown (Dennis Carnegie): One of the leaders of Intergang and local crime boss that previously moved from Gotham City to avoid "bat problems".
  • Tobias Manning (Jeff Bennett): A Southern member of Intergang. Tobias has western based alien arsenal such as three sets of duel blasters with different ammunition, an energy lasso and advance flight platform as his transportation.
  • Kyle Abbot (Nolan North): An Intergang Thug who is always paired with Ricky Milano, his best friend. Kyle is armed with the Armature gauntlets, when activated they create two giant hand constructs out of energy. The hands simulated the synchronized movement of the gloves, with amplified strength.
  • Ricky Milano (Andrew Kishino): An Intergang Thug who is always paired with his best friend, Kyle Abbot. Ron is armed with a Photon Cannon, an advanced alien rifle powered by electromagnetism and emits powerful phased muon particles.
  • Misa Sky: A young teen who likes to have fun and mischief. Misa is the youngest member of Intergang. She possess a Bag of Tricks which carries an array of high tech alien gadgets. This incudes a short range teleporter, EMP disrupters, and a techno-wrap laced with kryptonite.
  • Dabney Donovan: A mad scientist working for Intergang.
  • Henchmen (various): Their weapons include: Advanced assault rifles with a laser chainsaw bayonet, plasma pistols, ion cannons, tachyon energy barrier .

Recurring Villains

  • Heralds of Imperiex: A group of super powered youths who where chosen by Imperiex as his faithful followers/servants after offering them super powered artifacts and pledge their eternal loyalty to him.
    • Emerald Empress/Sierra Kesh (Janet Montgomery): The de facto-leader of the Heralds and Imperiex's most favored humbled servant and envoy. Sierra Kesh was once a slave in her own country ruled by rule abusive coldhearted duke took her family's lives. She was soon approached by Imperiex and he gave her the mystical Emerald Eye of Ekron as a gift which was looking for a host. After it sensed Sierra's anger, hatred and jealousy, it chooses her as it's wielder. In exchange, Sierra pledge her eternal loyalty to her new master, Imperiex. Empress appeared before Morgan Edge . The Eye grants her every command, aside of granting her super strength, durability, and flight. The Eye can shoot green mystical energy blasts, capturing her opponents, generate force fields, hypnosis, and teleportation. The energy blasts mocks kryptonite radiation. Empress is a beautiful young woman with long lime green hair and green eyes. She wears a tight green tube top, which leaves her abdomen and shoulders bare and a dark green cap around her neck that covers her upper shoulders. She also wears tight green arm sleeves that went almost up to her shoulders, and black tights w/h thigh high boots and she wears a black headdress with a bright green gemstone in the center. This version is of Sarya, exists in the 21st century Emerald Empress who goes by the name Sierra Kesh and is the ancestor of the 30th century Emerald Empress of the Fatal Five.
    • Warblade/Reno Bryce (Robbie Daymond): A platinum blue haired graffiti-artist and street punk who has been altered and bonded with a bio-morphic cobalt liquid metal lifeform after being chosen by Imperiex. Warblade is the most insane, merciless, annoying, scrappy and dangerous amongst the Heralds as he can weaponize and stretching of his limbs into metallic weapons such as: claws, massive swords, scythes, axes, spikes. Despite his idiocy and incompetence, Warblade shows great loyalty and respect for his master. As Warblade, Reno has an elongated jaw w/h jagged teeth, and glowing gold/orange glowing eyes. While his body is cobalt blue with silver and indigo accents.
    • Blackrock/Lucia Valera (Tia Texada): A former weapons trader and arms dealer from Santa Prisca and insurgent revolutionist who was sentenced life imprisonment after being apprehended by Superman. Lucia was then freed and chosen by Imperiex to be one of his heralds. He bestowed her a powerful black gemstone, which was also a technological artifact which gave young Lucia to metabolize electromagnetic energy to achieve flight, super strength and durability, project energy blasts & whips. When she's powered up, her eyes glow ultraviolet. She is a Latina Metahuman with brown eyes, long black hair and dark skin. She wears a black and ultraviolet suit with the Blackrock gem imbedded in her breast and sternum.
    • Killdozer/Brick Rowan (Josh Petersdorf): The powerhouse of the Heralds who used to be former wrestler known as "Drilldozer". After he ruthlessly killed a contender in a match and arrested for it. After a deep frustration of losing his wrestling career behind bars, he was given a golden cybernetic enhancement armor by Imperiex that grants him Super strength, stamina and durability thus making him his most strongest and indestructible herald. He has two exhaust stacks for horns on his head. As a fatal result, the armor has permanently infused to his skin. As a former wrestler, Killdozer is the most brutal, extreme, daring and intense herald when it comes to fighting. His helmet hides his face in darkness, only showing his glowing red eyes.
    • Brimstone: A gigantic creature of immense strength summoned by Imperiex from a volcanic star as his powerful herald to destroy Superman and Metropolis but was stopped by the heroic efforts of both Superman and Supergirl.
  • Morgan Edge (Michael C. Hall): A billionaire entrepreneur and technologist. To the public, Morgan is the owner of EdgeTech Unlimited, a tech company in Metropolis and a business competitor and rival of Lex Luthor. In secret, he is the benefactor of Intergang and made a deal with his newfound employer, Imperiex who supplied him advance alien technology and sells them to Intergang in exchange of helping him get to earth be awarded. Edge's criminal career and confessions of how he'd sent gunmen to attack Okamura's laboratory and stolen his technology for improving upon the weapons he supplied to Intergang were exposed by Superman, Lois Lane, Supergirl and Hiro Okamura aka Toymaster. HE then formed the Superman Revenge Squad to overpower him so can extract a hair sample to create Nuclear Man.
  • Bizarro (David Kaye): A defected clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor after retrieving Superman's DNA sample during his first fight with Metallo. Bizarro has greyish white skin wears a purple and indigo uniform identical to Superman's, w/h a purple cape and the S logo on his chest is reversed. He retains the powers of his templet but Bizzaro's heat vision and cold breath are reversed as artic vision and plasma breath.
  • Nuclear Man (George Newbern): A perfected clone of Superman created by Morgan Edge from using a strand of hair containing Superman's DNA. Nuclear Man has the single-minded obsession of destroying the Man of Steel and to be his replacement. . Unlike his template, Nuclear man is immune to Green Kryptonite, though he is extremely vulnerable to Blue Kryptonite. Nuclear Man is a tall muscular likeness of his of templet but with dirty blonde mullet hair. His costume is a full dark yellow body suit, covering everything except his hands and head with a white stylized N-sigil on the torso. It has intermingled black along the lower arms and is completed with a pair of black boots, a black mantle. He was later destroyed by General Zod
  • Master Jailer/Carl Draper (Kirk Thornton): A Prison designer who developed specialized prison cells at Stryker's Isle for Metropolis' super criminals. Carl wears an advanced suit
  • Mongul (Ike Amadi): A mad warlord master of War World that captures various beings from other native worlds and force them to fight for sport and entertainment. When Mongul has heard of Superman's existence as the last Kryptonian, he hires various bounty hunters to capture him alive and bring him to War World to become his champion of conquest.
  • Dark Supergirl (Summer Glau): An evil clone of Supergirl. She was created by Rafe wen he used the Black Kryptonite he fund while using ray gun to test it out on Kara hoping it would corrupt her and bend her to his will but instead created a doppelgänger which by extracting the evil essence from Kara. Dark Supergirl is physical manifestation of Kara's dark side that was culled by recesses of Kara's subconscious. This version of Dark Supergirl has bright eye color and her uniform is black/silver with a black cape that has a crimson interior. Unlike her heroic side, she is destructive, malicious, cruel, power hungry, sadistic, deceitful, immoral, snarky and more cunning and has a sarcastic senses of humor. She soon developed a crush on Rafe when she gave him a kiss as her way of thanking him for free her from her "weaker" side's head.
  • S.R.S: A group of villains, brought together by Morgan Edge with the intention of destroying Superman. The team consists of Metallo, Atomic Skull, Livewire, Conduit, Volcana and Hellgrammite. Morgan proposed to award them $200,000 of capturing Superman alive first, Supergirl is an added bonus.
  • Mercs: A group of Mercenaries who work for John Corban and minor antagonists. After their boss became Metallo, he no longer need them anymore now that he has an indestructible robot body and kryptonite power core. They later joined up with Bruno Mannheim and Intergang.
    • Finn (Ian James Corlett)
    • Hans (J.B. Blanc):
    • Chad (Ray Chase)
    • K.C. (Jesse Head)
    • Héctor (Robin Atkin Downes)
    • Fulton (Fred Tatasciore)
    • Garrett (Dave Wittenberg):
    • Jonesy (T.J. Storm):

Other Characters, Neutral and Cameos

  • Lena Luthor (Maggie Blue O'Hara): Lena is Lex Luthor's younger sister and the mother of Rafe Luthor She sends her son to live with his uncle in Metropolis and Rafe was on parole from Juvie. She thought it would be best for son to be with his uncle rather than being sent back to Juvenile detention or prison and hoping her brother could teach Rafe to be more mature and responsible for his actions.
  • Nasthalia "Natalie" Luthor (Meagan Smith): Lena's eldest daughter, Lex's niece and Rafe's younger sister. Unlike her older brother, Natalie is a well mannered, kind, mature and caring person. She happens to be a big fan of Supergirl.
  • Lori Luthor: Lori is Lena's second daughter, Natalie's younger sister and Rafe's younger sibling.
  • Devlin Luthor: Lena's infant son, and Rafe's, Natalie's and Lori's baby bother.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk (Jeff Bennett): A mischievous imp from the fifth dimension.
  • Emmett Vale (Jonathan Hyde): A former S.T.A.R. Labs who was pioneer in robotics and a colleague of Emile Hamilton. When Professor Vale came upon a fatally wounded John Corben. Corben's body had been virtually destroyed in an auto accident, but Vale took the near lifeless man to his laboratory before the ambulance arrived. Vale managed to save his life by transferring his mind and consciousness into a robotic body made from an indestructible alloy he dubbed "metallocium" not even Superman's heat vision can penetrate, powered by a chunk of Kryptonite he found years ago when Superman's rocket came to earth. Showing his gratitude, John Corban, now named Metallo killed Dr. Vale by breaking his neck and the other scientist off-screen and destroyed the lab.
  • Cynthia Reynolds (): A young intelligent and clever barefooted gypsy who has great illusion powers. Cindy was born into a loving and peaceful family in a suburban home. When Cindy's brother was born, her parents started fighting with one another. Cindy tried to play peacemaker and keep them together with positive methods, but to no avail and suffers the same verbal abuse. Cindy eventually uses her powers to runaway from home. After a few months of being on the streets, Cynthia was adopted into a traveling Gypsy caravan and began to wear their Romani garments, learning that she is a descendent from a line of Romani people, also known as "Gypsies". When they set up their spot at the Metropolis annual street fair, Cynhtia approached Rafe Luthor strolling with Ignatius
  • ???: A Draconian warrior whos one of Mongol's undefeated champions of Warworld other than Draaga.
  • Veronica Cale: A very is a successful millionaire, entrepreneur and the CEO of Empire Enterprises. Veronica is the female analogue to Lex Luthor. She's a ruthless businesswoman with similarities with Lex Luthor that she loves being the center of attention, but she was maddened when her place in the spotlight was stolen by Diana as she arrived as Wonder Woman, and preaching beliefs about truth and justice which Cale detests as she does not believe in those and should be viewed as the ultimate female empowerment.



One of the largest cities in America.

  • The Daily Planet: It is a popular broadsheet newspaper business located in the heart of Metropolis and it's the oldest building in the city own by Publisher/Editor-in-chief, Perry White. It is where Clark works at as a journalist with his co-workers Lois, Jimmy, Steve, Cat and Ron.
  • Lois Lane's Penthouse Apartment: Lois Lane's residence and he place where she got her first exclusive interview with Superman. The residence comes with a terrace and a garden. Superman would often visit Lois there on many occasions.
  • LexCorp Tower: The main building headquarters of LexCorp Industries that serves as a front of Lex Luthor's criminal enterprise. It's located in Downtown Metropolis few blocks away from the Daily Planet.
  • Metropolis General Hospital
  • Metropolis International Airport: A public airport where Superman made his public debut while saving the passengers aboard the space-plane Constitution.
  • Centennial Park: The larges city park in Metropolis. At the end the first season, the city had build a large golden statue of Superman in the center of the park, following the Man of Steel's first confrontation with Imperiex.
  • Avenue of Tomorrow
  • S.T.A.R. Labs
  • EdgeTech HQ
  • Metropolis Police Department:
  • Hob's bay
    • Ace O' Clubs: A tavern own by Bibbo.
  • Stryker's Island: The largest maximum security prison on a small island in the east river of Metropolis. It is home superman's formidable foe he has dealt with.
  • Suicide Slums: A crime-infested neighborhood on the other side of Metropolis.
  • Steelworks:


A small town in Kansas which 100 mile away from Metropolis.

  • Kent Family farm:
  • Smallville High


  • Kandor: The original capitol of Krypton before it was miniaturized by Brainiac and added to his collection. The new capitol, Kryptonopolis took its place soon after.
  • Fortress of Solitude: Superman's occasional citadel hidden within the artic tundra miles outside of Metropolis.
  • The Black Aethyr: A retrofitted Kryptonian Star ship under the command of General Zod. It originally designed by scientist Jor-El as a prison barge, top transport criminals into the Phantom Zone. When Krypton exploded due to its unstable core, and the Phantom Zone Projector was affected by the explosion, the Black Zero was subsequently released from the Zone along with General Zod and his loyalists, who manage to, with the help of scientist Jax-Ur and a few Kryptonian service robots and Kryptonian based nanotech, retrofitted the ship into a weaponized star cruiser as their new flagship. The ship was capable of was capable of interstellar travel via Phantom Zone projector.
  • Phantom Zone: An alternate twilight dimension that was discovered by Jor-El and used it as a prison for the most dangerous criminals in the universe. Time has no meaning within Phantom Zone, so anyone who remains with the duration of the effects will not age.
  • Gotham City: The neighboring city of Metropolis
  • Themyscira: The home of the Amazons and a mystical island paradise gifted by the Gods. The island is isolated and hidden from the outside world of Man in a magical barrier which is actually a perpetual blanket of fog. Themyscira is under the rule of Queen Hippolyta. The Amazons way of life is based around ancient Greek customs, wearing togas and sandals and warrior armor much like the Greeks during 1200 BCE like armor covering their bodies, shields and helmets.
    • Royal Palace
    • Coliseum


  • Director & Producer - Sam Liu
  • Executive Producer - Sam Register
  • Cast and Voice director - Wes Gleason
  • Lead Character designer - Steven Choi
  • Character designer(s) - Seungmin Kim, Bryce Collins, Jeff Wamester, Nick Lombardo
  • Storyboard artists - Lauren Montgomery, Jeff Wamester


Season 1 (26)

  1. Son of Krypton, Pts. 1-4
    • Summery: On the distant planet of Krypton, Jor-El conducts research on the recent earthquakes that have been occurring around the planet. Later, he goes over the data and it only supports his theory that Krypton is on the verge of destruction not after his wife, Lara has given birth to their newborn son, Kal-El. Shortly after that, Jor-El began preparations to send his son away to a planet to ensure his survival and Jor-El inform Lara that their son will be safe and place the Crystal of Knowledge next to him. Jor-El arrive to Kryptonopolis and stood before the Council, giving his evidence and telling them that Krypton's core was about to collapse. The Council did not acknowledge Jor-El's findings until the session was violently interrupted as Kryptonian General Zod and his small forces stormed in the chamber and announces that this council is disbanded by his authority. Jor-El demanded an explanation from his friend, who informed that the Council had lead Krypton to ruin and ask Jor to join Zod's cause and save their people. Jor-El quickly refused to be part of the madness. High Eminence Lor-Em sentenced all of them to 300 cycles of somatic reconditioning inside the Phantom Zone, on board the prison starship Black Zero. Outrage, Zod threatens his former friend that he will have vengeance on not him, but his son shouting "I will find him!!". After setting their coordinates for Earth, Jor-El and Lara bid their son a final farewell as before his spaceship departed Krypton and were left to the Planet's Destruction. The explosion transforms the planetary debris and crystals into glowing green kryptonite. Meanwhile Kal-El's spaceship arrived Earth's solar system, and crashlands in Smallville, Kansas. Passing motorists, Martha and Johnathan Kent discovered the pod bearing the infant Kal-El inside. The kindly couple decided they would adopt and raise him, naming the baby Clark Kent as they drive home to their farm. Summery: Several years later, Clark Kent is now a teenager attending Smallville High with Lana Lang when he heard a truck crash outside of his Senior prom. Clark saved the driver when truck exploded behind him, however, Clark strangely remains unharmed with no injuries or burnt marks. At the Kent Farm, Clark finds himself confused of why he wasn't harmed in the explosion and talked with his parents about his new powers. Decided that Clark is old enough to know, John and Martha tell their son the truth of his adoption. They asked him to follow them to the barn house where he is shown the spaceship that he was founded as a baby. Clark still need to know where'd he came from and why, Martha then gives him a long five sided crystal which was next to him when he was founded and began to glow. the next morning. After learning his purpose from his father, and years of training with Kelor, he emerges garbed in a red cape and blue body suit with the El family symbol on the chest and flies off. Several more years later, Clark now an adult has moved to Metropolis and got his new career as a reporter for the Daily Planet by chief and editor, Perry White. It wasn't long before Perry introduced him to the newspaper's prize reporter, Lois Lane as she was about to inform him of the LexCorp story she walked into his office but he told her about the Constitution space taking it's first test flight. With time to spare, Lois gave Clark a tour of the Planet as met with young photographer Jimmy Olsen when Lois tell him to show Clark the rest of the tour and meets the rest of the staff: Ron Troupe, Steve Lombard and Cat Grant who fell instantly attracted to Clark. Meanwhile the airport, two mysterious men are planting explosives in the engines of Constitution order by an unknown mercenary prior before the media and press arrive. Hours later as Lois Lane aboard the constitution, Clark on his first assignment to the presentation of the Lexo-Mech 9000,: a heavily armored battlesuit designed to be singly piloted via motion control, armed with a mass 30mm rapid-fired pulse rifle, firing up to 250 high explosive, armor-piercing, pulsing, or incendiary energy cells. Equipped with built-in shoulder missile pods, impact grenade launchers and jet repulsion system. Hosted by the CEO of LexCorp himself, Lex Luthor.
  2. Metamorphosis: Roderick Rose accidently mutates into the monstrous insectoid Hellgrammite
    • Summery:
  3. A Little Piece of Home: Lex Luthor discovers the Kryptonite's effects on Superman
    • Summery:
  4. Toys are Us:
    • Summery: A group of criminals were celebrating at their hideout after escaping from the police. Just then, a tall robotic samurai walks from the shadow and attacks them. He grabs on other criminal and tells him to send a message to his boss, Morgan Edge that the Toymaster is coming for him
  5. Tools of the Trade: Superman meets Intergang who are armed with advance out-of-this world weaponry.
  6. Enter Metallo:
  7. Smallville Festival:
  8. Shock n' Awe:
  9. Inside Scoop:
  10. Mxyzptlked:
  11. Ron Troup's Gambit:
  12. Doppelgänger:
  13. The Main Man, Pt. 1: Imperiex hires the bounty hunter Lobo
  14. The Main Man, Pt. 2:
  15. Stryker Lockdown:
  16. Eye of the Storm
  17. Wrath of Imperiex Pt. 1: Imperiex
  18. Wrath of Imperiex Pt. 2:. In the end, several light-years away, a rift to the Phantom Zone open-up in the void of space, an unrecognizable star ship emerged from the portal, the camera closes in on the bridge as General Zod and his forces are finally free...
    • Summery:

Season 2 (13)

  1. Divide and Conquer:
  2. Hearts & Minds of Metropolis:
  3. Balance of Power:
  4. Atomic Reaction:
  5. My Lady Maxima:
  6. Sleight Out of Hand:
  7. Vendetta, Part 1: A mysterious villain targets Clark Kent, but the masked villain known as Conduit is revealed to be his childhood rival... Kenny Braverman.!
  8. Vendetta, Part 2: Conduit
  9. Superman's Pal:
  10. Target: Steve Lombard:
  11. Bizarro Returns
  12. ???
  13. Blank Slate

Season 3 (26)

  1. Maid of Might, Part 1:
  2. Maid of Might, Part 2:
  3. Hive Mind:
  4. Rafe in the House: Lex's nephew, Rafe comes to Metropolis
  5. Lobo's Big Score
  6. Where There's Smoke..:
  7. Grudge Match:
  8. Cyber Maze:
  9. T.M.I.:
  10. Message in a Bottle
  11. Ghost in the Machine:
  12. Siege of Brainiac, Pt. 1
  13. Siege of Brainiac, Pt. 2
  14. New Krypton:
  15. Split Decisions:
  16. Hard Rock:
  17. Tunnel Vision
  18. World's Finest, Pt. 1: The Joker steals a large piece of Kryptonite and then comes to Metropolis, offering to kill Superman for Lex Luthor in exchange for one billion dollars. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne pays a visit to Metropolis to negotiate a business deal with Lex. Bruce also uses this opportunity to suit up as Batman and hunt the clown. Superman uses his X-ray vision to discover Batman's identity, however Batman uses a tracking device on Superman's cape to discover his as they are now even.
  19. World's Finest, Pt. 2: The Joker & Firefly kidnap Lois Lane to lure her as bait in an attempt to kill Superman. Joker and Harley have her bound and gagged in his offshore rig and sends a video message to Superman telling his location. Unbeknownst, Joker enlisted the help of Bane, Firefly and Killer Croc to kill Superman. First Superman wears a lead suit, but Bane sucker punched him and tore the suit from. Batman manage to stop him and save the two, .
  20. World's Finest, Pt. 3:
  21. World's Finest, Pt. 4:
  22. The S.R.S., Part 1:
  23. The S.R.S., Part 2:

Season 4 (23)

  1. Fortress Under Siege:
  2. Go Nuclear, Pt 1: After obtaining Superman's DNA, Morgan Edge has created a perfect and powerful clone dubbed Nuclear Man
  3. ???: After being defeated to near death at the hands of Nuclear Man, Superman finds himself being rescued by Wonder Woman.
  4. Trinity:
  5. Blast from the Past:
  6. The Return of Zod, Part 1
  7. The Return of Zod, Part 2
  8. The Reign of Zod, Pt. 1


  • This is not affiliated with the New 52.
  • Superman will also have a full-body tight-fitting silver suit similar to the space suit from Superman: Returns.
  • A combination of the 90's animated series with the ruby-spears storyline.
  • Unlike the previous series', Superman wont be featuring his iconic red "trunk" on the outside of his blue bodysuit. His natural physique and musculature of his torso, shoulders, arms, bicep/triceps, abs, legs, calves, are highlighted throughout his suit.
  • This series will feature a new form of kryptonite dubbed Dark Kryptonite. It is a powerful and corrupted variant of Kryptonite that enhances the physical capabilities of the user Kryptonian who injects it into their flesh, making . It very similar to Dark Energon from the Transformers Prime series as it emits a purple-ish hue and its not irradiated like normal Kryptonite. When in contact, it can corrupt other variants of Kryptonite. It was founded by General Zod after a large cluster of Kryptonite came into the Phantom Zone and it was corruptively altered by the Zone's effects