Superhero District 1 is a crossover TV series between hundreds of franchises.


Superhero District 1 is a place where good triumphs over evil. Other districts include the Autobot District 2, O.W.C.A. District 3, Loonatic District 4, Justice League District 5, TMNT District 6, Avenger District 7, and a lot of others. In criminal Villain District 0, evil attacks good and good retaliates.


  • Oliver Handel/Powerful Man: Main hero and focus of the story.
  • Jack Boxwell/Evil Landlord: Main villain of the story and dictator of Villain District 0.
  • King Dusty Crophopper: The plane king of Superhero District 1.
  • King Optimus Prime: King of Autobot District 2.
  • King Perry the Platypus: King of O.W.C.A. District 3.
  • Prince Ace Bunny: Prince of Loonatic District 4.
  • Emperor Superman: Emperor of Justice League District 5.
  • His Majesty Leonardo: King of TMNT District 6.
  • General Captain America: Lord of Avenger District 7.
  • Queen Sailor Moon: Queen of Sailor Scout District 8.
  • Lord Throttle: Lord of Biker Mouse District 9.
  • Matt Hatter: Chronicler of Superhero District 1.
  • King Optimus Primal: King of Maximal District 10. He is Optimus Prime's father-in-law.
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