Super SutaritoBando Friends is an upcoming animated children's action adventure comedy series produced by Mercury Filmworks and WildBrain (Formerly DHX Media) for Netflix. It will air on April 10, 2020.


The show centers around three friends named Blu-J, Rosetta and Volt, whom are part of a band named the Super SutaritoBando Trio, and are also a superhero team who protect their home and fictional city of Starlightopolis from evil and go on crazy and fun adventures with each other.


The Super SutaritoBando Trio

The Super SutaritoBando Trio are three kids who consist of Blu-J, Rosetta and Volt are three young heroes who have special powers and abilities. Whenever their not saving the world, they're either practicing for their gigs or just hanging out like good friends.

  • Blu-J  – The leader of the SutaritoBando Trio. He's a peppy, upbeat, brave, smart, action-loving kid who enjoys hanging out with his friends, performing and playing with his bandmates, and saving the world. He loves the color blue and is a huge fan of cats (Hence his blue cat hoodie). He is also shown to be playful too. His powers are agility, speed, and even uses gadgets to help him and his team. He even has secret blue energy powers, but he tends to keep it a secret. His instrument is a blue guitar.
  • Rosetta  – The girl of the group. She's bubbly, cute, funny and loves to act all cute and cuddly. She loves hanging out with her friends, and even has a secret crush on Blu-J, which she never explains to Volt or anyone. She can also be weird, too. Her powers are pink Sailor Moon-esque magic abilities, like projecting protective bubbles around herself and allies. Her instrument is a pink keytar.
  • Volt –  Volt has the power of electricity, and can even charge it. He's a hyperactive, funny, supercharged (No pun intended) boy who doesn't love anything more than his friends. Volt is also the comedic slapstick relief of the team, who often gets himself into clumsy, embarrassing situations, even with his powers. Volt is also sometimes shown to be an avid inventor. His instrument is a keyboard that mimics instruments such as a turntable, an electronic keyboard, and even drums.

Season 1

Episode Number Title Plot Airdate
1 Let's Go, Super Sutaritos! Blu-J, Rosetta and Volt are getting ready for school, as well as their gig their tonight at the football stadium. However, the concert is threatened by a villain named Subwoofer Sam who plans to terrorize the city with his giant robot. It's time for the heroes to go into action! April 10, 2020
2 To be added... To be added... April 10, 2020
3 To be added... To be added... April 10, 2020


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