These Booster Packs, which cost only $3.99, focus on the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, and include 5 Boss-EX cards, all of which are Holographic Rares.


All the names of the cards you see here are included in the set.


Boss-EX Cards

Boss-EX cards are powerful cards that give the player who knocks them out 2 Prize Cards instead of one. They come in Regular Print, and Full Art Print. All these cards are Holographic Rare. All of them have the Ability, Omnipotent. Omnipotent's effect is: "Neither player can play Support Cards."

Darkside-EX - Darkness Type

Dark Thorn - Darkness Type

Ruler of the Sky-EX - Darkness Type

Kurt Zisa-EX - Darkness Type

Parasite Cage-EX - Darkness Type

Dark Hide-EX - Darkness Type

Prison Keeper-EX - Darkness Type

Phantom-EX - Darkness Type

Pot Centipede-EX - Fighting Type

Guard Armor-EX - Metal Type

Groundshaker-EX - Grass Type

Blizzard Lord-EX - Water Type

Volcano Lord-EX - Fire Type

Storm Rider-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Darkness and Lightning Energy.)

Stealth Sneak-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Darkness and Grass Energy.)

Sneak Army-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Darkness and Grass Energy.)

Veil Lizad-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Darkness and Grass Energy.)

Lurk Lizard-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Darkness and Grass Energy).

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