These Booster Packs, which cost only $3.99, include 5 Boss-EX cards, all of which are Holographic Rares.


All the names of the cards you see here are included in the set.


Boss-EX Cards

Boss-EX cards are powerful cards that give the player who knocks them out 2 Prize Cards instead of one. They come in Regular Print, and Full Art Print. All these cards are Holographic Rare. All of them have the Ability, Omnipotent. Omnipotent's effect is: "Neither player can play Support Cards."

King K. Rool-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Water and Darkness Energy.)

Dyna Blade-EX - Smash Type

Cackletta-EX - Darkness Type

King Dodongo-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Fighting and Fire Energy.)

Emperor Bulblax-EX - Gass Type

Hewdraw-EX -Dragon Type (Requires Fire and Darkness Energy.)

Great Reaper-EX - Darkness Type

Klubba-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Grass and Fighting Energy.)

Colonel Pluck-EX -Smash Type

Cobalion-EX - Metal Type

Virizion-EX - Grass Type

Terrakion-EX - Fighting Type

Kerozene-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Fighting and Fire Energy.)

Kudgel-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Darkness and Fighting Energy)

Mecha Dragon-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Metal and Fire Energy.)

Andross-EX - Darkness Type. NOTE: Unlike the Assist Trophy Card (which is the Mechanical Form), He's depicted in his Organic Form from Star Fox 64/Adventures.

Wart-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Water and Darkness Energy.)

Ghastly King-EX - Darkness Type

King Ashnard-EX - Darkness Type

Hades-EX -Darkness Type. NOTE: He's from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Fawful-EX - Darkness Type

Arzodius-EX - Darkness Type

Regigigas-EX - Smash Type

The Immortal Phoenix-EX - Fire Type

Gobblegut-EX - Dragon Type (Requires Fire and Water Energy.)

Mecha Bowser-EX - Metal Type

Giga Latiku-EX - Smash Type

Bouldergeist-EX - Fighting Type

Kamek-EX - Psychic Type

Kamella-EX - Psychic Type

Turret Tusk-EX - Metal Type

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