Suicide Squad: Savage is a animated film in the DC Universe

Warning: This film may contain more blood, violence, cursing, stereotyping, and sexual scene than the previous animated Suicide Squad film.


Waller informs the Squad that Vandal Savage is alive. She sends them out to find and eradicate him but find out first how he is alive. The squad's adventure is much worst than the previous one do to Scandal Savage and Knockout trying to share revenge on Vandal.



Deadshot was with his daughter driving to her new boarding school and where she will be living at. As they got their Zoe asked where her mother was but Deadshot said that she is safe and somewhere around. Just then a black car bumped him in the back. He looked in his mirror and saw that this wasn't good. He took off with the person chasing him. He could make out that the car looks like it was used by government agents. The person then sped up and knocked Floyd and Zoe off the road and into a telephone pole. The pole came falling down as Floyd pushed both him and his daughter out of the car before they got crushed. As he got up the car pulled up next to them. Out came a blonde female agent wearing shades. Floyd got up and said who she is but she didn't respond. He tried to hit her but she countered his attacked. Zoe watched as her father got knocked to the ground.

The agent then spoken and said "Floyd Lawton Deadshot, Amanda Waller knows what happened and she wants you back."

Old Jail and New Friends

Its been 2 weeks since Deadshot is still in jail ever since he has used up the get out of hell card. Waller came over and opened his cell. She slapped him in the face and is mad at him for using the card ago. She says that she has another mission but this one is mysterious and she's offering him to be in second of command while she's making Cameron Chase the leader.

Cameron Chase walks up right next to her and says that he's not escaping this time. She introduced herself but others can call her Chase for code.

They then met up with Captain Boomerang and soon Harley who were out of there cells. Boomerang greets Deadshot again who is back. He didn't respond to him.

Waller told them that there are three new allies who are joining the team.

Manchester Black, a British metahuman who is part of an powerful crisis team called the Elite. With his telekinetic abilities he caused havoc. Flipping over cars and buildings, starting nightmares for people who are sleeping, and making horible scenes across Britain. After he was finally stopped by someone he was injected by a syringe which made him lose his telepathy and lower his telekinesis which makes him unable to lift heavy objects like buildings, houses, and planes and is unable to levitate himself.

The second one was El Diablo, a pyrokinetic American metahuman anti-hero who's been causing crime by spreading his flames. The only ones he cares about are his wife and two kids. After his wife found out what he's been doing she had to get her and her kids away from him. Then to a flaming rampage, he lost his wife and kids. He was then caught and surrendered.

The third and final one is Tengu, a Japanese teenager who made a wrong choice. Years ago he was a fan of the Teen Titans (especially Robin (Dick Grayson)) and wanted to join them (by becoming another Robin). After taking martial arts and ninjutsu he thought he was ready to join them by proving he's a hero. During a crime heist he went too far by killing thieves before the police arrive. When the police noticed they tried to arrest him but he manage to escape. Unfortunately he was stopped by and brought to justice by his previous year favorite hero (now grown up) Nightwing (Dick Grayson).

After letting the three new recruits out, Amanda Waller then took the squad to where they got their nano explosives. Chase was the only one who didn't get injected. After she injected them, she informed the squad that their uniforms and equipment are in a storage vault and she will explain the mission. In the vault each got their uniforms and extra gear. When some of them finished getting changed they went off to get their equipment. Deadshot got his arm guns, and two different weapons. Captain Boomerang grabbed all the boomerang that were there and he needed more space. Tengu got two katanas and a few shurikens. Chase was still in her black agency but she put on a black velvet jacket. She then grabs her black pistol but it looked strange. Deadshot asked what was with it and Chase said that it carries unlimited ammo but doesn't explain how she got it. Later Harley Quinn was looking for her baseball bat but instead she found a metal one. As she got hold of it, she turned and saw a red light coming from one of the crates. As she approached it she saw that it was in the smallest crate chained to the ground. As she was about to open it and see what was inside, Chase pushed her out of the way and asked her what was she doing. As Harley was telling her about something in a crate, the red light stopped shinning. Chase told her not to open the crate as she dragged her out of the vault.

They met up with Waller and she informed them about the mission. The tyrant Vandal Savage is alive and he is hidden somewhere in the world. She or anyone else doesn't know how he survived Zoom. What she does know is that he is taken control of a city in a country and is using a dampening field (a device that can create a force field that makes anyone outside of it know that there's nothing going on from the inside). The Justice League, Teen Titans, or any other superhero doesn't knows Savage is controlling a country not even Superman can hear anyone inside it call for help. Waller does know that Savage has an old base that storages all the information including his new location. The bad news is that the place is soon going to be demolished by his new associations. Waller informs them that once they have the location she will send them to wherever he is controlling. She then showed them that she has a long van that can hold more than eight people. Finally she tells that most of the League is elsewhere and would not interfere with the mission. They got in while Harley ran to Waller and asked her what that glowing red thing in the small crate is but she refused to talk. Captain Boomerang told Harley that they needed to go and Manchester Black telekinetically pulled her ponytails while she was being dragged back to the van.

Another Adventure

As the squad gets into the van they started to head out. Deadshot was the one driving while the others were chilling in the back. Manchester Black was telekinetically spinning his cigarettes while he was looking at Chase in the passenger seat. Harley was watching him. She asked him if he can use his powers to make her fly but he refused. Diablo was in the way back having upset feelings of not wanting to fight.

The Location

It took them an hour to get there and it was still daytime. The squad arrived at the place with no one around it. As Deadshot and the others exited, he ordered them to split up into three groups of two. He went with El Diablo, while Captain Boomerang went with Harley, and Manchester Black went with Chase and Tengu. Harley wanted to be with Manchester Black.

Harley and Captain Boomerang tried to open the front door but it was locked. Captain Boomerang slashed his Boomerang onto the lock and it worked. It was dark on the inside as they walked in. Harley gave Boomerang a little scare while she was behind him. Deadshot and Diablo were on the side of the building trying to open it and Deadshot asked if Diablo could burn down the door. Diablo refuses and says he's not in the mood. Diablo didn't want to fight so Floyd decided to bash the door down. After eight hits the door came open.

Manchester Black and Chase found an open window decided to go up there. Black wanted to levitate her to see if she can find a rope but she didn't want to. Tengu used his acrobatic to reach the window but didn't make it. Black then levitated Tengu up to the window with any difficulties. Manchester Black then decided to use junk and structures to build a stairway for Chase. Inside the Squad searched the place wondering if they could find clue to Savage's location. Deadshot and El Diablo got seperated because it was to dark. Meanwhile the others members re grouped at a computer station that was still operational. Chase tried to hack in but it took longer than she thought.

Meanwhile Deadshot was still looking for the Squad and El Diablo when he heard Diablo's scream for a short period of time before it paused. He ran to follow the scream and was startled when he found him frozen in ice. Deadshot quickly contacted the others about what happened when he bumped into Captain Boomerang. Deadshot informed the Squad that they're not alone.

Suddenly they were ambushed by a group of villains. Peek-A-Boo, Cold Warrior, and Brute. Deadshot tried to shoot Peek-A-Boo but he couldn't hit her because of her teleportation. Manchester Black was shattering the ice which was caused by Cold Warrior while Boomerang tried to hit him. Harley and Tengu did not have attacks that could hurt Brute

While the fight, El Diablo was trying to melt through the ice, he lost most of his strength tried to find the others. Tengu took down Brute and demands to know where Savage is but was too late when she yells to retreat. One by one Peek-A-Boo teleported her allies out and bring back an active bomb. Chase quickly access the computer and found Savage's location. She didn't have time to download the data because the bomb was about to go off. Everyone rushed out of the building but wondered where El Diablo was. They all saw El Diablo slowly coming out of the building wet. Manchester Black quickly pulled him out of the building with his telekinesis which he bumped into Boomerang. The bomb went off and exploded sending pieces of the building to fly everywhere. Manchester Black tried to used a forcefield which blocked off the attacks but was quickly hit in the head by a piece. Boomerang got the same thing. Both of them were knocked unconscious but were still alive. Chase was mad at El Diablo for not fighting and to tell him to get on board or get out of the way the next time. Deadshot asked if Chase got any information. Chase may not have downloaded the entire data but she found out that Vandal Savage is in Sibiu Romania and informed Waller. Waller didn't want to send any forces (including A.R.G.U.S) there because she doesn't know if he has any advanced defenses. So she informs the squad to head to a nearby airport, fly to Romania, find Savage, learn how he survived, and take him down permanently. The squad loaded up Manchester Black and Boomerang and began to head to a nearby airport. Chase had permission to get them on a plane without being noticed.

Meanwhile far away, two women were on radio silence listening to the information by the Suicide Squad and drove off.

Taking Flight

Back on the road, they headed towards the airport in order to make it to Sibiu Romania. Manchester Black and Boomerang were still knocked out from what happened back then and was laying in the van. Suddenly while Deadshot was driving, he noticed a flying object in the rear view mirror. He got a closer look at it was Hawkman following them. Deadshot started to accelerate which Hawkman start to notice. Chase got on the other side of the van and shot him through the window. His armor was bullet proof. Hawkman flew passed the vehicle and slammed his mace on the road. It caused the van to crash out of the road. Deadshot, Harley, and Tengu got out and held their ground from Hawkman trying to bring them to justice. El Diablo slowly got out of the van and got up and noticed Hawkman fighting his team. He remembered what Chase said and started to spawn fire from his fist.

Hawkman took the remaining members out. He turned to see El Diablo with his fists on fire. He fired fireballs at Hawkman who deflected them. He kept shooting and dodging Hawkman's attacks. Hawkman finally hit him right into a tree with his mace. Chase joined in the fight but she was late. Hawkman tripped her as she fell onto the ground. Deadshot gets up aimed his arm gun at Hawkman but Hawkman realized it deflected the attacks. When he was up close Hawkman tried to hit him but Deadshot fired a bullet right into his eye. With his chance Deadshot pulled out a knife and stabbed it right in Hawkman's face, killing him. The others got up and noticed that he killed Hawkman. Chase contacted Waller and both were impressed by what he did. Manchester Black and Boomerang finally woke up and came out of the van. Chase took off Hawkman's helmet and was revealed to be Carter Hall. They needed to hide the body to make sure no one (not even the Justice League) would know. Manchester Black flipped over the car and they drove off with a dead body to a nearby beach.

At the beach Manchester Black levitated sand, rocks, and dirt to make a deep hole while the others threw his body, armor, and weapon in. They then quickly burried him and drove off with no witnesses to the scene.

As they reach the airport, Chase got access to Sibiu Romania and loaded the squad undetected by anyone onto one of the planes. One of the planes she boarded them onto had 2 passenger seats on each side with a row of 12 in the first part but there was a first class section in the back. Chase picked first class so no one could notice the squad. This would make them remain hidden. As the plane began to load with people and take off, all the squad had to do is wait.

After many hours, Diablo, Deadshot, Manchester Black, and Boomerang were at a bar getting drinks, Tengu and Harley were looking out the windows, and Chase was reading a book. Manchester Black wanted to be alone with Chase but she told him not to. Harley instead wanted to be with Manchester Black. Black thought she will do and the both go into an airline bed room. Inside Black locked the door and shut down the blind with his mind. Harley smiled and asked what he is going to do. She says she can take any pain he throws at him.

Outside of the room the group can hear Harley laughing. Deadshot decide to take a peek into the passanger section to make sure no could hear Harley. When he took a peek through the curtains, he noticed two woman who look familar. It was Scandal Savage and Knockout. Deadshot ran back to tell everyone that they have company. Chase tried to open the locked door with Tengu to get Harley and Black to stay silent.

Meanwhile as Deadshot took another peek outside, he saw that Scandal Savage noticed them. Both got up and began to walk towards first class section. Chase told Diablo to not use any pyrokinesis because that would bring the plane down. Both Scandal and Knockout busted through the curtains and attacked the members of the squad. While fighting Scandal told Deadshot that if anybody is going to kill Vandal it's going to be her.

Both Harley and Manchester Black comes out and notices the squad was under attack from the two girls. Manchester Black pressed them up against the wall with his mind.

Suddenly Peek-A-Boo appeared with a humanoid freak. Scandal recognized the freak to also be the child of Vandal Savage, Grendel. He attacked Manchester Black, knocking him into a wall.

Then Peek-A-Boo took out a bag full of grenades and said to the villains "Later losers"

She pulled a handle out and teleported her and Grendel away leaving the grenades to explode. Both the Squad and the girls ran out the door. When they exploded the plane started to lose control. Both Savage and Knockout fell out of the plane where the squad held on tight. Deadshot's eyes started too close and because his head hit something hard.

Camp Sanctuary

Deadshot's eyes soon began to slowly open and his body was waking up. He got up and looked around. He sees that he is in a barn and finds the other members of the Suicide Squad are unconscious. He then looks down to his arm and sees that its wrapped with bandages. Suddenly he herd a persons voice coming the side of him asking if he is alright. He turned to see a young women wearing glasses and a laboratory coat. Deadshot quickly gets up and grabs the person by the neck and after he got up, he slammed her to the wall. He asked who she is and why she brought him here. She responded that she rescued them and from the plane crash and brought them to heal, they were the only survivors. Deadshot put the lady down and she introduced herself as Marie Logan. As the others wake up, they were wondering where they are. El Diablo ask who the lady in the lab coat was as he set his hands on fire. Boomerang was about to throw one and Tengu ran at her and had her sword by her neck. Marie was frozen in fear. Floyd told them that she is not an enemy and Tengu soon let go of her. Marie told them that they are in Qurac.

As soon as they exited the barn they all look around. This is an animal sanctuary with lots of mammals here. Harley soon began to rush after some of the animals. Boomerang told her that they are villains but we don't kill unless they want to. Marie was still calm but she hoped they don't kill her. Waller called on Deadshot's communicator (which was still working) and asked what has happened to them. He responded that they are fine and that they are in an animal sanctuary but some are still wounded like Manchester Black and El Diablo. Waller said that they can stay there and recover from their injuries for three days but they need to get back on the mission. When three days pass, she will send a package to their location which contains new equipment. Marie said it was fine as long as no one hurts or kills any animals, herself, or her friend's toddler son and daughter that she was taking care of and Deadshot responds as long as she doesn't call the cops they won't kill her. Harley came up to Diablo and says she is going to have so much fun.

Day 1

The next scenes were the squad, Marie, and her kids working, playing, relaxing, and eating and Marie telling them about her son without saying that he is a superhero. Captain Boomerang was practicing throwing at a tree for targeting, El Diablo was drinking, Deadshot was healing his arm while resting on a rocking chair with Chase, Tengu was meditating, Harley was playing hopscotch with the kids, and Marie was fixing the fences while keeping an eye on the villains.

When it was night time some people were asleep. Deadshot was going to sleep in the guest bed, Boomerang and El Diablo were sleeping in the basement and Harley was sleeping with Marie's friend's daughter. Marie was on her laptop. Deadshot was in the kitchen about to go to bed but he was still thinking about his daughter. Marie asked him where Chase is and he doesn't know before going upstairs to sleep.

Meanwhile at Vandal Savage's castle somewhere in Sibiu, he ask Peek-A-Boo and Grendel if they are dead and they said yes. Savage then gets a message from an unknown person. On the screen was glutting and a person with a deep voice asked him if he has any dead bodies. Savage replies that he has Blockbuster and Silver Banshee. The person asks for a trade for something with more firepower.

Day 2

The next morning at the animal sanctuary, Marie just finished breakfast. Some of the guys had less breakfast. The kids and Harley came rushing down.

Later in the day time Floyd and El Diablo were both playing horse shoe. Until Floyd saw a fast moving object run across him. Marie came out of the farm in her lab uniform and Floyd grabbed her by the throat. He told her that if she didn't contact any heroes they wouldn't kill her but Marie says that she didn't. Soon the speedy object stopped and it was revealed to be Harley. She is hovering a few feet off the ground and shows that this is thanks to Manchester Black. She started to skate off into the distance at high speed.

Meanwhile Marie saw both of the kids floating in mid air. She and Chase ran off to pull them down but they couldn't. Suddenly they saw Manchester meditating under a tree and knew that he was doing this. Chase told El Diablo to hand her a horse shoe. Harley mid air skated back and started skate in circles. Chase threw the horse shoe right into Manchester Black's head which caused him to lose his concentration with what he was levitating. The kids fell down into Chase and Marie's hands and Harley fell down. Black said that the kids wanted to fly.

That night at 9:00 pm while nearly everyone was asleep, Marie got out of bed and snuck downstairs to the kitchen. When she was about to reach a phone hanging on her wall, she suddenly started to levitate off the ground. Coming out of another room was Chase and Manchester Black holding his hand at her. Chase told her that they need to talk. Black levitating her outside and farther from the house to a nearby tree. Then Chase climbed the tree and sat there. Manchester Black couldn't hear what they were talking about. She talked to Marie about calling for help wasn't a good idea. If they go to rough, Chase will kill them. Marie thought that they could use a rest on their final day by spending time at an ancient abandoned park with a tall grass field on the side of it and Chase agrees. Chase suddenly fell out of the tree and was about to hit the ground when Black telekinetically caught her and gently put her and Marie down. They both walked back to the house where Manchester Black ask if she was good. The three walked inside where Marie went back upstairs. Just then Chase walked up to Manchester Black and kissed him on the lips. Chase told him that he did a good job at helping her and that he deserves a reward.

Day 3

On the final day before leaving to Romania tomorrow, Marie Logan brought her jeep. Captain Boomerang and El Diablo decided not to go.  

At the park, Harley and the kids were on the playground, Tengu was doing parkour on the playground equipment, Deadshot was staring at the tall grass field on the side of the playground, and Marie and Chase were talking. 

Manchester Black interupted them and asked Chase a question but Chase knew the answer and told him another time. So Black asked Marie and she was puzzled. His question was if she ever been into the atmosphere. Just then Black raised his hand at Marie. Marie soon found out what was going to happen. Black lifted her up off the ground and high into the air. She went passed the clouds and finally stopped. Marie saw the view and it was beautiful. She had never seen something like this before.

Deadshot was still staring at the tall grass until he noticed something out in the distance. There was movement in the tall grass as if something (like a lion or cheetah) was stalking him and the others. When he looked closer, he could make out what was out there. It was a person's head. Deadshot got up and walked closer but the person quickly ducked their head into the grass. Deadshot tried to use his hand guns but forgot that he left them at the house. He had his knife incase he's unarmed. He then lost sighting of the person but then parts of the grass moving; not by a breeze of wind but like being moved as if someone was moving it slowly. He slowly backed up to Chase, Black, Tengu, and Harley and told them that someone is watching them. Chase decided to guard the kids while the others were prepared to fight against the stalker. Deadshot told Manchester Black about that moved they had planned a while back.

Just then out coming from the grass was Scandal Savage and Knockout. Both had their hands up. Manchester Black pulled them right to Deadshot who knocked them both in the head with his hand cannons. Then Manchester Black sent them to the jungle gym and tied them with the metal bars. Chase pulled out her gun and aimed it at two fiends. The kids punched the two. Manchester Black was focused on them that he forgot about Marie who was falling from the sky. Black telekinetically caught her and gently put her on the slide. Harley Quinn thought that was fun and wanted to do it too.

When they got back the sun was setting and Chase told Captian Boomerang and El Diablo that Scandal Savage and Knockout were on their side for now. Boomerang asked where Harley was since Chase and Marie thought she was in the jeep. Marie say and asked why Manchester Black had his hand in the air and he dropped his hand telling that Harley wanted to do this. Suddenly Harley was falling from the sky and out of the clouds laughing. Manchester Black quickly caught her before she hit the ground. She told everyone that she saw the sunset and asked if anyone wanted to join. Knockout wanted to see the sunset from the troposphere. Marie was a little scared but she wanted to do it again. Chase told Black not to do that but he responded if she seen the sunset from the troposphere as well. He told her to just have some fun for once. Chase then agreed while the others decided not to go as well. Than Manchester Black started to lift the 4 girls into the air and passed the clouds. The watched the sunset and were almost hit by a plane.

Road to Sibiu Romania

In the morning the plane Amanda Waller sent dropped the cargo for the squad. On it was a jeep, metal baseball bat, swords and blades, shurikens, extra weaponry, and clothing.

Final Destination

Epilogue and Something Big

In prison Deadshot would still be alive as long as he follows orders from Waller. His cell door soon opened and two guards came to say that someone is here to see him. Deadshot headed towards the phone booth where he saw his daughter sitting in a chair on the other side. He told her what happened to her mother as a tear rolled down her eye. His final words before hanging up was that someday he will get out and he will see her again. Zoey whipped the tears coming down her face and smiled.

Post Credit: In Sibiu Romania, Vandal Savage's hand raised out of the lava showing that he is still alive.

Post Credit 2 : A person wearing a cloak and an owl mask was watching Sibiu being liberated. The person later got up and said to another person wearing an owl mask that it's almost time and the three forces will have to fight for something.


  • Zoey Lawton
  • Beast Boy -Mentioned
  • Starro -Debut
  • Blockbuster -Dead body
  • Silver Banshee -Dead body
  • Martian Manhunter -Indirect
  • Onyx -Flashback
  • Superman -Flashback
  • Killer Frost/Crystal Frost -indirect mentioned


This was either Katana or Cameron Chase filling in so the designer decided to go with one of them.

The object in the small crate will be revealed in an upcoming film.

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