Suicide Squad: Legends is an American animated action-adventure-thriller superhero television series based on the homonymous comic book team by DC Comics, being created by TBD. It is produced by DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and Williams Street and it will premiere on Adult Swim (as part of its Toonami block) on TBD 2021.


Amanda Waller forms a group of villains and mercenaries to fight other threats and menaces.




  • Amanda Waller (voiced by Cree Summer) - the tough and arrogant head of A.R.G.U.S. who is rather TBD.


  • Maxwell Lord (voiced by Sam Witwer) - a government agent who TBD.
    • Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman (voiced by Xander Mobus) - TBD
    • Shaggy Man (voiced by TBD) - TBD
    • Hila/Siren (also voiced by Erica Lindbeck) - TBD
    • [Clayface]
    • [Magenta]
    • [Abra Kadabra]
    • [Mirror Master, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Black Manta, Aquabeast, Angle Man, Doctor Poison, Sportsmaster, Gentleman Ghost, Doctor Destiny, Psycho Pirate or TBD, two more]
  • Werner Zytle/Count Vertigo (voiced by Tom Kenny) - TBD
  • The League of Assassins, consisting of:


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