Sticky Tape Object

Sticky tape is the tape that helps stick things back together. It is from Dora The Explorer Series. It is round like a circle and it has a hole in the middle.


In the episode, Sticky Tape, Benny's balloon has a hole and he needs sticky tape to fix it. So Dora and Boots get the sticky tape from Backpack. They used the tape four times with a help of Backpack, Tico, Blue bird family and to Dora and Boots. At first, Swiper tries to swipe the sticky tape, but Dora and Boots stop him. For the second time, Dora and Boots try to stop Swiper, but he swipes the sticky tape and throws it away, but Dora and Boots manage to find the sticky tape and they fix Benny's balloon. In the episode of Backpack, Dora uses the sticky tape to fix the rope.


  • Stick things back together


  • Gets swiped by Swiper
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