Sticks the Badger is a fictional character appearing in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, first introduced as a main character in the animated Sonic Boom television series.

She is an orange and brown badger skilled in the use of boomerangs who comes from the jungle. Sticks is a paranoid individual of wild habits, who enjoys digging through garbage and looking at shiny objects. While she may at times seem insane, her madness does occasionally stray into genius, allowing her to find solutions that no one else could have thought of.

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  • Sticks appears in James Cameron's Sonic Cinematic Universe, voiced and motion captured by Milana Vayntrub. First appearing in Sally and the Freedom Fighters and then in Sonic World Run.
  • Sticks also appears as a guest character in Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion, voiced by Misty Lee. Appearing among the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise characters in the crossover multi-part finale "Legendary Universes".
    • Officially appearing in "Legendary Universes, Part 3: Unlimited Speed", she and her fellow Freedom Fighters help Spider-Man's team defeat EggRobo and Dr. Robotnik and solve the origins of Jarvis' robot body. During the episode, she becomes very close friends with Michelle Jones / Wave.
    • Later, she appears again in "Part 6: Ultimate Alliance" as one of the main heroes from the parallel dimensions who join the Champions and Avengers in the final battle against the Regent's army from the Negative Zone.

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  • In Iago PUC's ideas, Sticks is voiced by the same voice actresses who voiced Marvel's Squirrel Girl in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and the Marvel Rising franchise respectively.
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