• Steven Universe Gem Fighters:Megamix is an upcoming Videogame dualolgy of two downloadable Steven Universe based fighting games released on PS3,Xbox 360 and Steam called Steven Universe Gem Fighters 1 and Gem Fighters 2 which included more characters than the first instalment. It has been released on PS4,Xbox One,Wii U and Steam with an upcoming Linux port. It contains all DLC of the previous two games. This was mainly released for nostalgia purposes and to build hype for the upcoming Gem Fighters 3:Instinct which will be Far Darker in tone than the first two.


  • Gameplay is rather similiar to Street Fighters where you can build up and perform combos but there is an interesting fusion mechanic where if you deal enough damage then you can fuse with your chosen battle partner and become one of the fusions from the show. Stages also are varied and based off locations off show and are similiar to smash bros stages such as their being Platforming and hazards to avoid. There is also a mechanic called second chance where you can choose another character if your knocked out and use him/her for the rest of the match.


In the first game alone there was 20 characters if you counted the Unlockable characters and DLC whilst the second game upped the ante with 200 Characters.

Gem Fighters 1 Characters:

  • Steven (Playable by Default,Fuses into Stevonnie if you choose connie as his fighting partner)
  • Pearl
  • Amethyst (Fuses with Pearl into Opal,Fuses with Garnet into Suglite)
  • Garnet (Fuses with Amethyst into Suglite whilst fusing with Pearl results in Sardonyx)
  • Greg (Unlockable after winning 10 multiplayer matches with any character)
  • Connie (Playable by Default)
  • Onion Kid
  • Mayor Dewey (Unlocked after getting 10 KO's in any single player mode)
  • Peridot (DLC)
  • Ruby (Unlockable)
  • Sapphire (Playable by Default,can be transferred into the second game if you have data for the first game on your console)
  • Buck Dewey
  • Bismuth (Playable after an update)
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