In the Prison Hole…

  • The Prison Director: - Ok Steven Quartz Cutie Pie De Mayo Diamond Universe, how do you feel in this hole?
  • Steven Universe: - Ehhh...Hmm... I don´t know.
  • The Prison Director: - Hmm you don't know. I understand you. I'm a little worried with you and your pink friend named Lars Barriga.
  • Steven Universe: - Why are you a little concerned with me and Lars? Because I ate someone or something similar?
  • The Prison Director: - I will tell you why I am worried and why I put you in this hole. Because you had a food war in the cafeteria and you've even scared all the prisoners with that animal instinct.
  • Steven Universe: - I was behaving like an animal because I am corrupting myself. I corrupted myself in The Great Gem Corruption.
  • The Prison Director: - What? Wait a minute. What is that about the Great Gem Corruption? Political corruption?
  • Steven Universe: - (Groaning) No, it´s not a political corruption. A gem corruption is that the gems become horrible and terrifying beasts.
  • The Prison Director: - (Gets angry) So what are gems?, tell me WHAT ARE GEMS!?
  • Steven Universe: - (appeals) OK, OK, OK !!! OK, I'LL TELL YOU !!!, Gems are magical alien humanoids that have a gemstone on one part of their body. It can be in the hand, on the forehead ... or even on the navy.
  • The Prison Director: - (Rests) Perfect, Steven.
  • Steven Universe: - (Groaning) NNGGHH... NGH...!!! Agh! Precisely why did they bring me to this jail? I hurt someone to corrupt me, no?
  • The Prison Director: - What do you think? Do you have family or friends?
  • Steven Universe: - Yes, my father is called Greg, Greg Universe and I have friends. One of them is my best friend, is called Connie Maheswaran.
  • The Prison Director: - Hmm... You know someone called Connie and your father Greg. Do you know one thing, prisoner Universe?
  • Steven Universe: - What thing?
  • The Prison Director: - Before, I had a family and a dog, but I lost them due to the attack of monsters called corrupt gems. Perhaps, on occasion, there was recently a Great Gem Corruption.
  • Steven Universe: - I know who produced it. An evil diamond fusion threw an impact against the Earth and corrupted all the gems including Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and me.
  • The Prison Director: - And what did you do in it?
  • Steven Universe: - (Starts crying) I got corrupted and hurt some gems, my father, my best friend ... sniff ... sniff ... and I went with Lapis, Peridot and Bismuth, but they were kidnapped by other gems.
  • The Prison Director: - Who are Lapis, Peridot and Bismuth?
  • Steven Universe: - (cries) Don't you know who they are? Lapis and Peridot belonged to Homeworld, but no longer. And Bismuth is a gem that builds armor for the other gems and its gem is famous on the periodic table.
  • The Prison Director: - So stop crying and tell me what Homeworld is!?
  • Steven Universe: - (stops crying and starts to get angry) NO, I DON'T WANNA TELL YOU!!!
  • The Prison Director: - (angers) TELL ME RIGHT NOW!!??

(The Prison Director presses the remote control´s button of the electrical devices that Steven wears)

  • Steven Universe: - (screams in pain) AARRGGHH!!!!, OUCH!!, You are electrocuting me!
  • The Prison Director: - How do you feel now!!??
  • Steven Universe: - OUCH!!, A little bad. Ok, Homeworld is the planet where the gems live. And, please, don't ask me any more questions, director.
  • The Prison Director: - Don't worry, I won't ask any more questions. I will tell you what we are going to do tomorrow.
  • Steven Universe: - Tomorrow? What are we going to do tomorrow?
  • The Prison Director: - Listen to me very well, Steven Universe. Tomorrow we will do an investigation of your genetics. In order not to move we will put you tied with a straitjacket and a muzzle so that you do not bite anyone. IS IT CLEAR !! ??
  • Steven Universe: - Yes, yes.
  • The Prison Director: - Until tomorrow, monster.
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