• Steven: Ah.. What a wonderful day at Beach City..
  • Yellow Diamond: Yeah. Pink. It's been a while being in this planet. I think its time to leave..
  • (Yellow and Blue goes in their ships, Fixed by Bismuth.)
  • Yellow Diamond: Oh. Also Pink. Ahem. I mean Steven. In case of White Diamond making this planet her own colony. Take this. *gives Steven her diamond ring.* it's a ring that you can contact us. Anyways have fun I guess. Goodbye.. But still this planet is going to be destroyed.
  • Blue Diamond: Ahem. Not right now, let's just let Pink take her own colony to herself. Well. See you later
  • (Blue & Yellow leaves.)
  • Bismuth: I really regret this happening.
  •  ??: Not for long you see...
  • (Scene turns to black.)
  • Garnet: Who are you?
  • granite: granite
  • *The Steven Universe: The Movie 2 Logo comes out. And then it says Coming Soon.*
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