It starts with Stella a fancy dress as she's inside the Warner Bros. Studios while holding a TNT microphone.

  • Stella: This on?
  • Ryan: (VO) Yes, sweetie. Go on.

She uses the microphone.

  • Stella: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. We're here tonight at Warner Bros. Studios in the beautiful Burbank, California, since today is a special day. Want to guess? Time's up!

A poster of Charlotte, Tux and Maria holding a large "10" shows on.

  • Stella: It's time...

She and Ryan enter an auditorium as large audience cheers to them.

  • Ryan: Look at that! All of them are here for you! See?
  • Stella: (clapping) Yay!

Stella reveals her poster to the audience as they clap.

  • Stella: It's true, my beloved game series is turning 10.
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