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Star Wars Battlefront 3 is an upcoming Star Wars game set during the Clone Wars through the Galactic Civil War following a soldier in the 1012th infantry.


The game depicts the 1012th infantry as they fight for the republic durring the clone wars and aid the Emperor in missions vital to the empires survival. The player will play as trooper 501201, as he and his squad battle Jo-Chin and his forces, The Weeagan Leauge(CW) and Chin Paramilitary(GCC). Returning to BF3 is Instant Action and Galactic Conquest, similiar to BF2 with improvements in Space Combat and the Hero use. Online will also return with vast maps from both eras. Also Hunt mode will return with players playing as indigienous species on planets fighting for survival. Also new to the game is Imperial Killer in which players fight against each other as Imperial Snipers tasked with killing specific targets within a specific time limit. (Hero Characters only available in Multiplayer, and some single player missions. Story only spans Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War no sequel material in Single player only multiplayer and arcade modes)

Hero Characters:

Anakin Skywalker - Voiced by Matt Lanter. The main Jedi of the Clone Wars era. Turn to Darth Vader after being corrupted by Lord Sidious and becomes his apprentice.

Obi-wan Kenobi - James Arnold Taylor. The second main character and master of Anakin Skywalker.

Commander Cody - Voiced by Nolan North. Fights along side of Anakin and Obi-wan. Executes order 66 and joins the empire

Captain Rex - Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Captain of the Clone Army.

Count Dooku: Leader of CIS

Darth Vader - Voiced by James Earl Jones. Former Anakin Skywalker dark lord of the Sith

General Grievous: Leader of Droid Army

Assaj Ventress: Sith Assassin and apprentice to the Count.

Master Yoda: Jedi Grand Master

Darth Maul: Sith Lord believed killed by Obi Wan on Naboo

Han Solo: Smuggler and Rebel General

Luke Skywalker: Son of Anakin A New Hope

Princess Leia: Daughter of Anakin Luke's sister leader of Rebel Alliance

Lando Clarissan: Smuggler and Chief of Cloud City

Chewebacca: Wookie and friend of Han Solo

Boba Fett: The Galaxies deadliest bounty hunter.

Sidious: Emperor and dark lord of sith who turned Anakin

Finn: Former first order storm trooper and resistance member

Rey: Force child from Jakku

Poe Damaron: X wing pilot in Resistance

Phasma: Leader of first order Stormtroopers

Kylo Ren: Son of Han Solo and Leia turned to evil by Snoke

General Hux: Leader of first order army.


• Bespin: Platforms

• Bespin: Cloud City

• Courasaunt: City

• Courasaunt: Rooftops

• Courasaunt: Jedi Temple

• Jakku: Village

• Jakku: Graveyard

• Jakku: Niima Outpost

• Takodona: Maz's Castle

• Takodona: Castle Ruins

• Takodona: Forest

• Starkiller: First Order Base

• Starkiller: Oscillator

• Dagobah: Swamp

• Dagobah: Marshlands

• Kashyyyk: Islands

• Kashyyyk: Docks

• Mustafar: Refinery

• Mustafar: Rock Terrain

Endor: Ewok Village

Endor: Shield Generator/Planet

Death Star: Death Star II

Death Star: Death Star I

Yavin 4: Temple

Yavin 4: Forest

Hoth: Echo Base

Tattotine: Mos Eisely

Tattotine: Jabba's Palace

Tattotine: Sarlacc Pit

Naboo: Royal Palace/Theed

Naboo: Gunga City

Naboo: Swamps

Kamino: Labs

Geonosis: Arena

Geonosis: Spire

Scariff: Beach

Ryloth: Captial City

Ryloth: Plains

Mandalore: Captial City

Mandalore: Death Watch Base

Mandalore: Moon

Space Battlefields

Corscuant: Battle for Corsucant

Naboo: Trade Federation Blockade

Geonosis: Invasion

Ryloth: Liberation

Scariff: Battle of Scariff

Death Star II: Destroy the Death Star

Hoth: Escape From Hoth

Tattoine: The Princess

Takodona: First Order Strikes

Jakku: Landing Party

Starkiller Base: Another Death Star

Hosin Prime: New Republic

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