• Star Wars:The Force Unleashed Origins is an Summer 2017 trilogy game consisiting of both instalments of the force unleashed consisiting of 1 and 2. It has been successful at the moment and has been released on PS4,Xbox One and PC. It has plans for a port to the switch aswell as PS VR as an enhanced VR edition described by one of the games directors as "The True Star Wars Experience,playing in VR."


  • Beatiful High Quality Graphics for your console or PC considering the specs and technical details of said console.
  • On PC,It has oculus rift and HTC Vive Support if your playing on steam.
  • All versions have in both games All DLC Unpacked and unlocked within it.
  • You can change control schemes on both game whether your used to the controls of Battlefront or The Force Unleashed.
  • There is online support and a new exclusive multiplayer mode for all consoles.
  • There is exclusive content in a special sync mode letting you gain new cosmetic items and weapons if you've got Battlefront 2015 data on your console.
  • There is VR Support for the PS4 and Xbox One Versions.
  • There's a soundtrack with the game containing tracks from The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed 2 if you get the collectors edition aswell as with a comic book and adaption graphic novel and a unique display figurine of Starkiller.


  • The Force Unleashed Remastered Ultimate Edition (Contains all DLC unlocked within the game.)
  • The Force Unleashed II Remastered Ultimate Edition (Contains all DLC unlocked within the game.)
  • The Force Unleashed III Demo


  • Rated 12 for Violence for The Force Unleashed and rated 12 for The Force Unleashed 2. The game itself and The Force Unleashed 3 demo is rated 12.
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