Star Teens: Mermaids of Aquatopia is an American animated television series made by Man of Action Studios. It is the fourth entry in the Star Teens series.


An underwater kingdom known as Aquatopia is being invaded by a group of water demons and the prince of Aquatopia gathers teenage girls from Hanapepe, Kauai to help save the kingdom by becoming mermaids.


Main Characters

  • Makani Pahili - A 15-year old (later 16) Hawaiian girl and the leader of the mermaids with the powers of water.
  • Vicki Dames - A 14-year old (later 15) Australian tomboy who loves to surf and the second member of the mermaids with the powers of earth.
  • Taylor Holmes - A snobbish 14-year old (later 15) California girl and the third member of the mermaids with the powers of fire.
  • Melanie Watanabe - A timid 15-yead old (later 16) Okinawan-Hawaiian girl and the fourth member of the mermaids with the powers of air.
  • Prince Noa - The prince of Aquatopia, Noa is one of the few to escape Lady Taunu's raid on Aquatopia. He now must find the ones who must become the Aquatopia Star Teens and train them to use their powers to protect the ocean and get his kingdom back from Lady Taunu. He is also Makani's love interest.
  • Pip - A talking dolphin calf who serves as the Star Teens' guide.
  • Percy - A sea lion


  • Lady Taunu - An evil sea witch
  • Leviathan - A terrifying sea monster

Supporting Characters

  • Ernie - The Jamaican owner of a open front restaurant where the Mermaid Star Teens and the teenagers of Hanapepe like to hang out, he is good friends with the Mermaid Star Teens, he is always around to lend a helping hand or advice to various characters, he has a rivialry with Percy the Sealion who always sneaks into his restaurant and eats the food in the kitchen which causes Ernie to chase him out.
  • Peter Tahani - He is a laid-back surfer dude with various jobs.


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Main Characters


Supporting Characters

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