Star Skipper (Starla) is a preteen human girl/anthropomorphic Arctic Fox/Cream Cat who is the first mascot of Paramount Animation (the second one being Pamela).

As Starla, she is part of the mascot duo, Starsummit, alongside Pamela.

She is also the main character of her own movie, The Star Skipper Movie as a cat.


Star Skipper is fair-skinned with brunette shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. Her signature outfit is a yellow-and-red shortsleeved button-up top and lavender pants that has some noticeable dirt at the ends.

BewareTheMoon's Ideas

In Hudson Black's Modern Era, She is an anthropomorphic cat with extremely cream fur. She has a long round stripe tail, and whiskers on her muzzle with three on the left and on the right. Her eyes, eyebrows and her nose is black. Her paws (hands and feet) are white and is star-shaped. For modern, she wore a worn-out red short sleeve t-shirt with a white star on the center and a black blouse. In her own movie she wore her signature outfit and when she was a baby, she wore a pink yellow star t-shirt and underneath are blue overalls.

VanillaFlare’s Ideas

In Paramount Animation movies featuring anthropomorphic animals as characters, she is portrayed by a 22-year-old anthropomorphic Arctic Fox, named Starla. She is 5’2 tall, has fluffy white fur with lavender accents, a long, bushy tail, and ombre eyes that fade from red to indigo, with golden star pupils. Her natural eye color is said to be brown.

Her anthropomorphic design had much more detail and accessories than her original one. Her shirt has white star decals and a lavender mountain printed on it and her pants now have two golden stars at each end with either a blue or yellow comet tail. She wears flats with blue star decals, fishnet gloves with red seams decked with white star decals, a lavender cape with a blue stripe that has white star decals and faux fur at the end of the cape, a light blue mountain hair clip, and a yellow “Paramountain Beret“ with the trademark Paramount print logo in blue, a red stripe at the rim with white star decals, and blue star that secured a long metallic ribbon with the colors red, yellow, light blue, and dark blue. Her makeup consists of gold eyeshadow, pink blushed cheeks, fuchsia lipstick, and a gold star on her right cheek.

Her anthropomorphic form is designed by Laura Wilton.

VanillaFlare/Corgipon’s Ideas


Starla Montanique is the younger sister of Pamela, and makes up one half of the mascot duo, Starsummit (the “star” half). Her color scheme is made up of scarlet, gold, cerulean, and indigo, and is themed after the summer and daytime.

In Mountain Starz

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BewareTheMoon's Ideas

The Star Skipper Movie

Star Skipper, as an anthropomorphic cream cat with energy, spends her life on earth after her parents sent her to protect her from a force of darkness just when she was a little cat. When she played baseball by herself, she felt uncomfortable and ran which caused a power outage. Before trying to escape, she met Tim Weinstein, a sheriff who is unaware he's planning to relocate to Boston, Massachusetts as the Boston Police Department hired him. She wants to help him get to Boston recover her only stones and to stop Shadow Nelvana and his plans for world domination.


Star Skipper is an energetic, confident, sometimes cuter, young girl.


VanillaFlare/Corgipon’s Ideas

  • Starla and Pamela are both inspired by the Vocaloid duo, Aoki Lapis and Merli, respectively.
  • Starla’s name is a portmanteau of “star” and the female name “Carla”.
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