Cornerian Soldier: Enemy ship approaching! Contact general! (gets shot down) Waaaah!
Lizard Soldier: Deploy the fighters.
ROB: Message from General Pepper. Priority one!
General Pepper: We need your help, Star Fox! Andross has declared war! He's invaded the Lylat System and is trying to take over Corneria! Our army alone can't do the job! Hurry, Star Fox!

Training Mode

ROB: Welcome to training mode. Let's practice the basics.
General Pepper: OK, Fox! Let's see your real ability!
Peppy: You're got to fly through all the rings!
Falco: I can't believe Pepper has to test us!
Trainer: Use the control stick to fly. To ascend, pull back. To descend, push forward. Press L or R to move left or right quickly. Press Z or R twice to barrel roll. It repels enemy fire. Press X to bomb. Press again to detonate. If you hold A, it'll charge your laser. Press A once more to shoot. Lock on enemies when charging laser. You get bonus pts. if 2 more foes are destroyed. You can lock on and shoot bombs, too. A silver ring refills the shield gauge. 3 gold rings will increase your shield gauge. Collect 3 more for an extra Arwing. The laser item will power up your laser. Hyper is more powerful than twin. Wing repair will repair your wings.
Slippy: Let's practice speed and U-turn.
Trainer: Press Y for boost. Press B to brake. The effect is greater if you hold the button. If boost gauge is red, no techniques will work. To somersault, press Up. You can U-turn in all-range mode. Press (down) to U-turn. This only works in all-range mode. To respond to messages, press >.
ROB: This is ROB 64. Keep up the good work. Good job.
General Pepper: Well done!
Trainer: Now moving on to all-range mode. You can fly anywhere in all-range mode. The yellow mark on radar shows your position. If your reach the edge of the map, you'll U-turn.
Slippy: Press START and choose QUIT to quit.
General Pepper: I recommend you use control type A or B. Ahhh! you are quite skillful, Fox! OK, you passed! Go fight the real enemy! I'm sorry I doubted you! Press START and choose QUIT to quit!

Opening narration

Narrator: Corneria, fourth planet of the Lylat System. The evil Andross turned this once thriving system into a wasteland of near extinction. General Pepper of the Cornerian army was successful in exiling this maniacal scientist to the barren, deserted planet Venom. Five years later, General Pepper noticed strange activity coming from Venom. James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare of the Star Fox team were sent to investigate. Upon their arrival, Pigma betrayed the team and James and Peppy were captured by Andross. Peppy barely escaped Venom and returned home to tell James’ son Fox about his father's fate. A few years have passed. Andross has invaded the Lylat System. General Pepper has turned to a new Star Fox team headed by Fox McCloud to save Corneria and to free the Lylat System from Andross.

Fox: The Lylat System... Everyone live in harmony with each other, before Andross starts the long war... The Lylat Wars. Now, I shall finally tell the tale of my first battle with Andross.

Mission No 1. Corneria: Former Army Base; Enter Star Fox

General Pepper: It's about time you showed up Fox. You're the only hope for our world. Our last resort is to counterattack Venom! Good luck, Star Fox!
Fox: I'll do my best! We'll take Venom by surprise. Andross won't have his way with me.


ALARM: Emergency, emergency! Emergency, emergency! Incoming enemy fighters -prepare for launch!


Fox McCloud: Open the wings. Check your G-Diffuser system.
Falco Lombardi: Falco here. I’m fine.
Peppy Hare: This is Peppy. All systems go.
Slippy Toad: Slippy here, I’m OK.
Fox: I see em’ up ahead. Let’s rock and roll!

Level begins

SLIPPY: Look, look! Did you see me?
Peppy: Watch out, Slippy! Bogey on your tail!
Slippy: Whoa! Help me!
  • Thanks Fox. I thought they had me. / (retire)
Peppy: You're not getting away!
  • Let's smash 'em!
  • I got one! I got one!
Fox: We’re entering Corneria City now.
Peppy: Everybody stay alert!


Falco: I’ll get this one. Get the one behind me!
  • Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser.
Peppy: Use the boost to chase! (Y)
Falco: I could use some help here, Fox!
  • I guess I should be thankful. / (retire)

Mission Complete route

Fox: I'll going to take out the Attack Carrier.
Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!

Mission Accomplished route

Falco: Follow me Fox! (if lock on him)
  • The Attack Carrier will be mine!
Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!
Peppy: Shoot three pods!
  • Now, destroy three plasma turrets!

Mission Complete/Accomplished

Fox: We’re heading out! All aircraft report.
Slippy: You did it! I was worried for a moment.
Peppy: You’re becoming more like your father.
Falco: I’m fine. You okay over there Fox?

Mission No 2. Meteo: Asteroid Field; Into the Asteroid Field

General Pepper: Andross's army are clearing the way in the asteroid field for the Space Armada. Destroy their Rock Crusher!
Fox: I won’t let you down, sir!

Heading into the asteroids

Peppy: We gotta find that Rock Crusher!
Fox: We’re heading into the asteroids!

Level begins

Don't mess up that Arwing!
  • It's quiet. Too quiet.
FALCO: Here they come!
PEPPY: Incoming enemy craft!
SLIPPY: There's too many of them!
Peppy: Bogey on my six!
  • Thanks Fox!
Falco: This one's mine!
  • I'll blast 'em all!
  • There's more on the way!
Slippy: Here comes a big one.
  • Whoa! Can you make it?
Peppy: Use the brake! (B)
    • Use the boost to get through! (X)
    • Incoming message from ROB 64!

C>>> 1

ROB: Location confirmed. Sending supplies.

Mission Complete route

Falco: Get lost, you fiend!
  • OK genius.
Fox: I found the Rock Crusher!
Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!
Peppy: Shoot 4 laser turrets on each side!

Mission Accomplished route

Peppy: This way! (if lock on him)
  • Leave the Rock Crusher to me, Fox!
Slippy: Fox, get this guy off me!
  • This is really starting to tick me off! / Hoo! That was too close!
Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!
Peppy: Aim for six blue fins!
  • Do a barrel roll!

Mission Complete

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: So far, so good!
Peppy: OK, OK! What's next?
Falco: No sweat, Fox!
Fox: ROB, engage the warp!
ROB: Affirmative. Engaging warp.

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I'm fine! I'm fine!
Peppy: Look's like we're heading for Fichina!
Falco: Ah, you're getting better Fox.

Mission 2: Sector Y, Mysterious Gas Nebula; Space-Traveling Ocean Creatures

General Pepper: How are the Arwings handling? If an amoeba clings to your ship, use a barrel roll to get rid of it. You can do it, Fox!
Fox: Affirmative, general!


Slippy: Something's sticking to me!
Peppy: Do a barrel roll!


Peppy: Beware of the big stingray!

Blue Whale

Falco: Jeeze Laweez! What is that?!
Slippy: A whale. It seems friendly.
Peppy: Look! It's dropping more supplies.

Plasma Hydra

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed!
Peppy: Shoot down its arms to hit its body!
Falco: Watch out!

C>>> 2

ROB: Great Fox will cover you.

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: So far, so good!
Peppy: OK, OK! What's next?
Falco: No sweat, Fox!

Mission No 3. Andross Space Armada - Fleet of Spaceships; Through the Middle

General Pepper: The Space Armada consists of powerful battleships. Destroy their energy cores!
Fox: Understood.

Exiting Warp

ROB: We exited a warp gate.
Fox: We’ll gladly take this one.

Level begins

Fox: Let's back up the squadron.
Bill: Fox! You made it!
Fox: Bill?! Is that you? I don't believe it!
Bill: We can catch up later, Fox.
Slippy: Help me, Fox!
  • Thanks for the save!

C>>> 2

ROB: Great Fox will cover you.

(if your wingmans rescues you)

Peppy: Be careful, Fox!
Slippy: This time, I saved you!
Falco: Eyes forward, Fox!

C>>> 2

(approaching picket ships)

PEPPY: Let's head in!
SLIPPY: Should we go in?
FALCO: I'll follow you in!
Peppy: Destroy the ship's energy core!
Bill: I got bogey on my tail!
  • Thanks Fox!

(inside vessels - also apply to times you should slow down on other stages)

FALCO: Slow it down, Fox!
PEPPY: Retros! Fire retros!
SLIPPY: Let's turn back, okay?

C>>> 1

Atomic Base approaches

Bill: Enemy flagship approaching!
Fox: OK, guys, I'm going into the ship!
Peppy: Roger that. We'll clean up out here.
Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
Peppy: Destroy three energy pilons!
  • The core is exposed! Shoot it!
Bill: Yeehaw! You did it!

Mission Accomplished

Cornerian Soldier: Thanks, Star Fox!
Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Ah, you're getting better, Fox.
Bill: I'm glad we're on the same team, Fox!
Fox: You owe me one!
Bill: Take care Fox!
Fox: You too Bill...

Mission No 3. Fichina; Frozen Planet: Enter Star Wolf

General Pepper: Corneria's resource world, Fichina, has been overrun! You must re-take the weather control unit!
Fox: I’m on it!

The Storm

Slippy: Fichina has the best frozen yogurt in the system! The whole planet is a freezer!
Peppy: We gotta find and re-take that weather control unit before the blizzards start!

Level begins

Fox: Weather control unit retaken!
Slippy: Woo-hoo!
Fox: Entering Fichina City.

Professor Hanger

Peppy: Hey, Slip! Where's that shield analysis?!
Slippy: Keep your ears on! I'm having some technical difficulties...
Falco: Here it comes!
Slippy: Got it! Check your head-up display.

Star Wolf Arrives

Falco: Hold up! We'll got incoming!
Wolf: We're coming for you, Star Fox!
Leon: Andross has ordered us to take you down.
Pigma: Peppy! Longtime no see!
Andrew: Andross’ enemy is my enemy.
Fox: Just what I need to see, Star Wolf. All-Range mode! Let’s take care of these guys!
Falco: Mind your own business, Leon!
Leon: Annoying bird! I am the great Leon!
Peppy: Get lost, Pigma, you fiend!
Pigma: I'll do you fast, Peppy old pal!
Andrew: Stick to the pond, froggie!
Wolf: You'll be seeing your dad soon Fox!
  • You're in my sights, you're going down!
  • What the heck?! (When Fox does a somersault a first time)
  • Seriously?! (When Fox does a somersault a second time.)
  • Oh, dang it! (When Fox does a somersault a third time.)
Andrew: Bow before the great Andross!
  • Uncle Andross! (defeated)
Pigma: That reward's as good as mine!
  • My beautiful reward! Aaaarrggghhh!!! (defeated)
Leon: You're not as tough as I thought.
  • This can't be happening! (defeated)
Fox: There's one more to go!
Wolf: You're not so tough!
  • I... Can't... Lose! (defeated)

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Ah, you're getting better, Fox.

Mission No 3. Fortuna, Rainforest Planet: Attack on Monarch Dodora

General Pepper: Andross has taken control of the huge creatures who live on Fortuna! Take care, Fox!
Fox: I will.

Level begins

  • Falco: Slippy! You've already got bogeys on your tail!
  • Slippy: Uh-oh! I'm in trouble!
    • Thanks, Fox! I though I was a goner. (after saving Slippy on time)
  • Falco: You haven't changed a bit, frog boy.

C>>> 1

Monarch Dodora

Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
Peppy: Make the neck and tail shorter!
Falco: You've got to be kidding!

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Ah, you're getting better, Fox.

Mission 4. Battle Base Meteor; Speed Attack

General Pepper: Be sure to use your retros if you're going too fast! Be careful with your Arwings!
Fox: I’ll be careful.

Meteor's backstory

Peppy: Hey, Fox. This artificial asteroid was created to be a great amusement facility called "Meteor Land". But Andross turned it into a battle base for his war against Corneria.
Fox: Careful! Use your retros if you're going too fast!

Level begins

Falco: Shoot! He's right behind me!
  • Gee, I've been saved by Fox! How swell.
Slippy: How's the Arwing, Fox?
Peppy: I won't let you get away from me!
  • Take this, enemy brute!
  • Out of my way!
Falco: Hey! You're being tailed! Try doing a somersault!

Dancing Insector arrives

Fox: Switching to all-range mode.
Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
Peppy: Shoot the legs!
  • Look out!
Falco: It's start using its fireball attack!
Slippy: Yippee! You did it!

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Ah, you're getting better, Fox.

Mission 4: Sector X, Mysterious Gas Nebula: Into the Space Base

  • General Pepper: Andross's forces intend to build a base in this area! Go for Macbeth!
  • Fox: Yes sir!

Level begins

  • Falco: Here they come!
  • Peppy: Just shoot it Fox!
  • Slippy: Fox, get this guy off me!
    • This is really starting to tick me off! / Hoo! That was too close!
  • Falco: This one's mine!
    • I'll blast 'em all!
    • There's more on the way!

C>>> 1

(if your wingmans rescues you)

  • Peppy: Bogey on my six!
    • Thanks Fox!
  • Slippy: Watch out, Fox!
    • I'll get this one!
    • I'll get him!
    • Piece of cake!

Metal Smasher arrives

  • Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
  • Peppy: Shoot at one of the halves.
    • Use the brakes!

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Ah, you're getting better, Fox.

Mission 4. Eladard - Occupied Planet; Covert Ops

  • General Pepper: Is everyone all right, Fox? You're on course to sneak into the enemy base on Eladard.
  • Fox: Roger, General!

Level begins

  • Fox: Let's sneak in and surprise them.
  • Peppy: THIS is Eladard?
  • Katt: We’re closing in on them, Falco!
    • Take the right lane boy, I'm on the left.
  • Falco: Katt?! What are you doing here?
  • Katt: Is that any way to greet a girl?

C>>> 1

  • ROB: There is a bomb. Enemy forces planned to plant it at the Katina Outpost.
  • Fox: I'll take care of the bomb!
  • ROB: Bomb exploding. Keep clear.

Galactic Rider arrives

  • Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
  • Peppy: Shoot the open spot.
  • Falco: Watch out, Fox!

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Katt?! Can't you go bother someone else?
Katt: You owe me, Falco.
  • You're on your own. Good luck little man.

Mission 5: Titania, Desert Planet: The Worm

  • General Pepper: Star Fox, I want you to take out the enemy bioweapon!
  • Fox: Yes sir!

Level begins

  • Fox: Deploy the Landmaster!
    • ROB, find the bioweapon.
  • ROB: Affirmative.
  • Falco: I think you look better in tank.
  • Fox: Why don't you come down here Falco?
  • Falco: I'll pass, Fox.
    • He can sure be a pain in the neck.
  • Peppy: Don't go too fast, Falco!
  • Falco: Fox! These guys are all over me! Get rid of 'em!
  • Peppy: Use your boost to catch up [X].
  • Falco: Great... I guess I owe you one.
  • Slippy: How's the Landmaster, Fox?
  • Falco: Personally, I prefer the air.
  • Peppy: Try hovering!
    • To barrel roll, press L or R twice!
  • Slippy: Whoa! Get off me!
    • Whew, Thanks, Fox!

C>>> 1

  • Peppy: I won't let you get away from me!
    • There's one down!

Dune Worm arrives

  • FALCO: A sand cloud is forming!
  • Slippy: Something's coming!
  • Peppy: THIS is the enemy bio-weapon!?
  • Falco: Andross is an insane fool!
  • Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
  • Peppy: The ends of the worm are its weak points!
  • Slippy: Watch out, Fox!

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Falco: Man, bioweapons give me the heebie-jeebies!
Slippy: Boy, the worm was wasted.
Peppy: Everything is A- OK.

Mission No. 5: Macbeth, Mining Planet: Battle in the Underground

  • General Pepper: The hollow interior of Macbeth is ideal for a base! Prevent Andross from building here!
  • Fox: Copy that.

Level begins

  • Falco: We're in the underground.
  • Peppy: We got to stop the base from being completed.
  • Slippy: Help, Fox! There's a bogey on my tail!
    • Thanks, Fox!
  • Peppy: That area is full of lava! Don't go burning that Arwing.

C>>> 1

Spinning Core arrives

  • Fox: Switching to all-range mode.
  • Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
  • Peppy: Destroy four plasma launchers.
  • Falco: The top is opening!
  • Slippy: Watch out, Fox! Use the brake!
  • Peppy: Shoot the core!

Mission Accomplished

Fox: All aircraft report!
Slippy: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Peppy: Everything’s A- OK.
Falco: Ah, you're getting better, Fox.

Mission 5: Sector Z, Mysterious Gas Nebula: Through the Space Junkyard

  • General Pepper: Your team is doing well, Fox! I hope you're taking good care of your Arwings! Go for Venom!
  • Fox: Will do, General!

Level begins

  • Peppy: Fox! Get this guy off my tail!
    • Good save, Fox! Your father would be proud!
  • Slippy: Your carcass is mine!
    • Take this, junk heap!
    • Clear out, astro-geeks!

C>>> 1

  • Falco: Watch out!

Atomic Base II arrives

  • Fox: Is it that the Atomic Base from the Space Armada?
  • Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
  • Falco: All right!

Dark Wolf arrives

  • Wolf: Surprise to see us?
  • Leon: You're happy to see the Dark Wolf.
  • Pigma: Your dad's got the mothership which is name Great Fox.
  • Andrew: This is Herbert, Andross' favorite android pig.
  • Herbert: Oink!
  • Peppy: Star Wolf?! Why now?
  • Slippy: Data analysis complete! Here it comes!
  • Falco: They're targeting the Great Fox!
  • Peppy: Destroy 4 turrets and 2 missile launchers!
  • ROB: Great Fox is hit.
  • ROB: The Great Fox cannot sustain any more damage.
  • Fox: Is the Great Fox alright?

(If the Great Fox's heath run out)

  • ROB: The Great Fox is down! Goodbye cruel world.
  • Herbert: Squeal!
  • Pigma: What's that? The ship is damaged?!
  • Wolf: Herbert, withdraw! Remember this Fox, Star Wolf will take you down one day!

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: ROB, is everything OK?
  • ROB: Great Fox is OK.
  • Falco: THAT was a close call.
  • Peppy: We’ve got the bad guys on the run!
  • Slippy: Don't worry. Slippy's here!

Mission No. 6: Venom Orbital, Planetary Orbit: Breaching the Defenses

  • General Pepper: You've made it this far... it's your fate to defeat Andross! We're counting on you, Fox!
  • Fox: Andross is hiding on Venom. I must find his core brain and destroy it!

Level begins

  • Fox: Entering Venom's orbit.
  • Peppy: Everybody stay alert!
  • Falco: Bogey behind me! Am I gettin’ slow?
    • Let's clean up this mess!
  • Slippy: Cruise missiles ahead!
  • Peppy: Use bombs wisely! (Y)


  • Andross: So, you must be James McCloud's son, eh?
    • Well, I was wondering when you'd show up.
  • Peppy: Try a somersault! (up)

C>>> 1

  • Peppy: They're on me! I'm getting careless!
    • What's taking you so long Fox? / Thanks, Fox!
  • Slippy: Venom's right there!
    • Hoo! That was too close!

  • Slippy: Look! Venom had a moon!
  • Fox: That backwater, little rock in space above Venom?
  • Falco: Let's take closer look.

(Venom's moon disappears)

  • Slippy: Did...did Venom's moon just disappear?
  • Falco: What? I wasn't expecting that...
  • Peppy: Everyone still with us?
  • Falco: Are you guys seeing this too? What's going on?!
  • Slippy: Whoa! I'm getting dizzy!
  • Peppy: Look alive! Threat coming from the surface!

Phantron arrives

  • Slippy: Enemy shield analyzed.
  • Falco: Shoot the real thing!
    • That's our leader!

Great Commander arrives

  • Falco: There's more?!
  • Fox: Three sections on the final battleship.
    • All-range mode.
  • Slippy: Data analysis complete. Here it comes.
  • Peppy: Shoot at six small panels on its top side.

Mission Accomplished

  • Fox: Venom here we come.

Mission 7. Venom, Andross' World: First Battle with Andross

Level begins

  • Fox: Don't relax, we’re not done yet.
  • Falco: Time to show the monkey who's boss!
  • Peppy: Brace yourselves!
  • Slippy: You'll be sorry punks!
  • Fox: We’re entering Venom City now.

C>>> 1

  • Slippy: Woah! Can you make it?
  • Peppy: You've got an enemy on your tail! Use the brake!


  • Andross: Fox, you are indeed a worthy foe... But, your foolish efforts are futile!

Phantron returns

  • Slippy: Shield analysis complete. Bringing it up on the monitor.
  • Peppy: Atta boy, Fox! Nice going!
  • Slippy: Something going haywire on that shield analysis!

Great Commander returns

  • Slippy: Enemy Shield Analysis complete! I'm bringing it up now!
  • Peppy: Shoot a square panel!
  • Falco: Shoot the head!

Enter Venom's tunnels

  • Fox: I’ll go it alone from here. / It's all coming down to this… (if Fox is on his own)
  • Slippy: / Falco: / Peppy: Fox!
  • Andross: I thought you might make it eventually... General Pepper has guided you well!
    • Your choice of routes took me by surprise! Your father was a reckless fighter too...
    • However, you will not escape here alive! Your Arwings have no chance against me!

General Pepper's plan

  • Peppy: Fox! Are you OK?
  • Slippy: YES! You DID IT!
  • Falco: Ok I'll admit it. You did good, Fox.

(General Pepper's tower arrives)

  • Peppy: What's the tower doing here?
  • General Pepper: Come in, Star Fox!
  • Fox: General Pepper!
  • General Pepper: The Telekinetic Amplifier you fought. Andross created this machine to brainwash the lizard-like species on Venom. So... Venom's moon has disappeared. However, there is a way to get to Andross.
  • Fox: What-how?!
  • General Pepper: Hurry Fox! We have to act immediately! We decommissioned this teleporter to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, but Andross has somehow taken control of it. It leads straight to the moon of Venom-the danger it poses is unthinkable! Follow me! Let's finish this!

(General Pepper's tower is pulled into the wormhole)

  • Andross: I see. You have destroyed my masterpiece Telekinetic Amplifier.
  • Fox: Andross!
  • Falco: Andross?
  • Andross: I planning to teleport General Pepper to another dimension.
  • Slippy: Look! The portal is closing!
  • Fox: I'm going in alone! (Fox boosts the Arwing to the portal before it closes)
  • Peppy: Fox, don't!
  • Falco: Fox!
  • Slippy: Fox!

Venom's moon

  • General Pepper: Fox, do you copy?
  • Fox: General? Mind explaining what's going on?
  • General Pepper: I suppose I'd better... We originally developed this teleportation device with Andross to bring peace to the galaxy. But he grew mad with power and claimed the technology for his own twisted purposes. We exiled Andross to Venom using the teleporter. When we discovered your father was alive beyond the Lylat System, we decided to teleport James back. ...And it worked! But now Andross had started war on us. He's gained control of our teleporters. If this continues, not only Corneria, but the entire Lylat System will be in his clutches! We must do whatever it takes to stop Andross and destroy this technology. We need you, Fox. Will you help us?
  • Fox: Count on it. Andross won't get away with this!
  • General Pepper: So Venom's moon was one huge teleportation device... Surely something here can lead us to Andross. Hurry, Fox! Time is critical.
    • Do you see that energy beam? Where is it coming from?
    • Shoot the switch to turn off the beam.
    • The beam is weakened! Keep it up, Fox!

Star Wolf rematch

  • Wolf: That's as far as you go, Star Fox.
  • Leon: All alone without your teammates, Fox?
  • Pigma: Ha! You're even dumber than your old man! (laughs)
  • Andrew: You think Andross has time to waste on vermin like you?
  • Fox: Star Wolf. Why am I not surprised?
  • Leon: Let us dance.
  • Andrew: You think you can just waltz in here? Nuh-uh!
  • Wolf: What's wrong? Is that all you've got?
  • Pigma: Boring! I thought you'd at least put up a fight.
  • Leon: How can this be?! (defeated)
  • Pigma: HOW?! (defeated)
  • Andrew: Waaaah! (defeated)
  • Wolf: a fox?! Impossible! I get you for this, Fox! (defeated)
  • Fox: I'm coming for you, Andross!
  • General Pepper: We're all counting on you, Fox!

Corridor of Illusion

  • James: Follow me, Fox. (if player takes wrong way twice)
  • Fox: What?!
  • James: Over here, Fox!
    • This way, Fox.
    • Don't ever give up my son.
    • Never give up. Trust your instincts.

(if player passes through the Corridor of Illusion without James's help)

  • James: If you go any farther, there'll be no turning back.
    • It seems you're determined to see this through. Very well. Follow me, Fox!
  • Fox: Dad!

Final Boss: Andross

  • Andross: I've been waiting for you, Star Fox. With my mighty intellect, the universe shall soon be mine to command as I see fit. Opposing me is truly a death sentence... Just ask your father.
    • Your first battle here? But this will be the McCloud's last battle!
  • Andross: Well, Pepper's got you eating out of his paws just like your father... hasn't he?
    • A fox... taking orders from a dog. Is that really how you want to live your life, boy?
    • You claim to fight for peace, but have you any idea what that really means?
    • Do you really want to spend your life errands for worthless dogs?
  • (defeated) Noooooooooo!

  • Andross: I won't let you escape! You will perish here with me! You won't live long enough to regret your foolhardy bravado, Fox.
  • James: You have to get back to your friends, Fox.
  • Fox: Dad!
  • Andross: Curse you, James McCloud! Why won't you stay dead?!
  • James: You've become so strong Fox.
  • Andross: You haven't seen the last of me, Fox McCloud!

Venom Accomplished

  • Peppy: Fox! You're all right!
  • Slippy: Whew... Way to go!
  • Falco: That was some fine work out there.
  • Peppy: Is somethin' wrong, Fox?
  • Fox: No, nothing. Nothing's wrong.
    • All ships check in!
  • SLIPPY: I'll bring up the rear, Fox!
  • PEPPY: I'm behind you, Fox!
  • FALCO: I'm with you, Fox!

End Credits


  • FOX: Come in, Corneria.
  • PEPPER: This is Corneria. Pepper speaking. Congratulations on a job well done!
  • FOX: Roger. We are heading back to Corneria.

Time for us to go now

  • General Pepper: Star Fox, we are in your debt, I would be honored to have you as part of the Cornerian army.
  • Fox: Oh no, sir. We prefer doing things our own way.


  • ROB: Great Fox is ready to go.
  • Fox: It’s time for us to go now.
  • General Pepper: This is one steep bill, but it's worth it! (Less than sp$70,000 due)
    • Wha-a-a-a-a-a-a-t? (More than sp$70,000 due)

Secret Area 1. Black Hole

  • General Pepper: This space graveyard, created by Andross's experiments, is where your father went there five years ago, Fox!
  • Fox: Father...

Secret Area 2. Out of this Dimension

  • General Pepper: Come in, Arwings! Fox, where are you?! We need you to protect Corneria!

Secret Area 3. Secret Base

  • General Pepper: You've located a secret base! Try to gain entrance.
  • Fox: Yes sir.

Level begins

  • Beltino: Hello again, everybody.
  • Slippy: Dad! You're on the Secret Base? You never told me that!
  • Beltino: Oh ho ho! Yes well... Gee, didn't I? I running the Stage Builder on the Secret Base.
  • Fox: The Stage Builder?
  • Beltino: Indeed, you can create your own custom stages.
  • Peppy: Create custom stages?
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