Stanley Boyle is one of the main protagonists in We Happy Few 2.   


Stanley was born on August 12, 1932. He is the son of Lydia and Robert. Stanley learning to make the chemicals so he becomes a scientist and chemist. When he was seventeen years old, Stanley seducing Annie's mother at the Hastings' house; but Annie opens the door and scared him. She then runs away in sadness because of him. Stanley got out of a bed, kisses her lips, and went outside of the Hastings house.

Stanley was crying over his cousin while laying down on the couch but suddenly he heard someone knocks the door. So he deiced went to the door and open it. It realized that be his best friend Arthur and tells what happened to Sally

Physical Appearance

Stanley is a tall, slim man with dark brown hair (in reality, his hair is actually ginger) and gray eyes. Like his wife, he is most commonly seen wearing an unusually stylish latex horse jockey outfit (he wears pants instead of a skirt) including the helmet and gloves. When his first outfit got torn during escaping. He now wears

Events of We Happy Few 2

Stanley first appears at his lab, making a peach-flavored Joy pill. Suddenly he heard someone knocks the door, so he deiced to open the door and sees Annie. He waves at her while entering his lab. Stanley talks about her and Jane used to be friends but not anymore since they are now no longer be friends. After having a conversation, Annie leaves and search for Petunia, Stanley hears a baby was crying maybe she was hungry. Stanley makes baby milk and goes to his room and his baby cousin named Gwen Boyle was still alive, Stanley fed her and put her to sleep it make Gwen happy and sleepy as the door rings. 

Stanley goes to the downstairs and opens the door for someone.  it was wellie looking for sunshines, Stanley gives him sunshine pills and wellie thanked him and leaves, Gwen was crying again and need to change her nappy, Stanley find a nappy and goes back upstairs and change Gwen's nappy after putting her new nappy and he puts her to the crib and Gwen is happy and sleepy, Stanley goes to downstairs to continue make peach-flavored Joy.

Later, he finish the flavored Joy and someone knocks the door and it was a customer who wants peach flavored Joy, he gives it to him and owns him more, Stanley cleaned his lab, later he gets tired he goes to his bedroom where Stanley comforts Gwen and gives him an energy. Gwen giggles and sleepy and he puts her back to the crib. Suddenly, the blower was rings as he better check it out and gets the blower later it was Olivia Starkey need some sunshines.

Stanley has some sunshines for Olivia to avoid overdose. He goes to her house for sunshines as talk to Olivia for her request then thanking him. As he goes home, Stanley arrived in his house but suddenly someone is at the door, turned out to be a boy with a pill.

He tells Stanley that what his name is. It was Sam Williams (the kid in the epilogue in the first game) that he was curious that why the Joy pill is dark purple, Stanley explains that was oblivion and effects that can cause mind wiped or to forget everything. Sam thanking him and runs to a boy named Roy.

He goes to his house later he found a one plough boy who broke into his house and looking for peach-flavored Joy. He shoved Stanley and goes to upstairs, Stanley gets up and get him and later he found Gwen in his bedroom right on time that he knock him off and catch Gwen, he puts Gwen in the crib and he move the ploughboy in the trash can and took the loot. He goes back in the bedroom and comfort Gwen, He fixes everything he can but everything is gonna be fine and he hears the doorbells and he goes downstairs and later it was a bobby who look for Sally Boyle, he tells him that she's is somewhere at the town, he thanks him and goes upstairs and feed Gwen and found the baby milk was alright and he made a baby bottle for her and he goes to his bedroom and fed her later he hears the blower rings after fed Gwen and goes down stairs and get the blower it was the message to Annie Hastings and he meet her in the alley way and found Annie using the Map and got an idea.

Stanley reunite with her and apologizes about her aunt but she is also Arthur and Percy's mother, but she forgives him, Annie would find the special letter and stop Aunt Jane Worthing, Stanley agrees to stop Jane with the others, but suddenly the ploughboys appeared they fight through them and escape to the alley, after they escape Annie thank him and Stanley goes to Stewart for his notes and putuitary extract, he goes to his shop and found Stewart repairing the putuirtary extract and Stewart had request for him that he would sneak to Doctor Hughes's house where he had his notes, Stanley accept it and goes to his house and sneak through his house.

When he found the notes, he also found the picture of Sally Boyle with a cross in red markings on it and escapes after he get caught, Stanley goes back to his shop and found Fiona Adams tried to murder Stewart and Stanley stop her and he gives the note to him and Stewart divorced her.

Stanley thanks that their marriage is over and Stewart gives him the puituitary extract and thank him, he goes back home and send the letter to the blower, At night, he goes back to his bedroom and get bath, while he get bath he notice that his hair dye is fading and decide to washed off and after that he dried his hair and change his clothes, he goes to bed and sleeps, meanwhile he dream that Sally was in danger and saw her prediction, the next morning he woke up in fear and he checked Gwen that she's okay.

He saw her was fine and sleeping and later she woke up and Stanley carrying her and Gwen felt hungry and Stanley puts her back in the crib and he goes down in the kitchen and make a baby bottle for her and he goes back and fed her and he makes a nappy just in case, Stanley changing her nappy after that he change his clothes, later he heard of blower ringing he goes to his lab and received the letter, it was Mikey Forrester looking for him, he goes to his clinic and found him at his clinic his stitches his patient and Stanley gives the note that he requested and leaves the clinic and later he found a rat and got stomp to death from a bobby and he goes back to his lab and later he found a bag of bad batches of joy that Anton Verloc made, he goes back to his lab and he open the bad he found all the note that where he found it earlier, and he met Victoria Byng looking for him, Victoria explains that Sally was with her mother, Maharajkumari Indra Devi but she told about her father that he betrayed her with her by sending Gwen away from the mainland, Stanley knew about that after she escape with her, Victoria Byng leaves him alone.

Stanley got an idea, he goes to Annie and Olivia to the broad cast tower to stop Jane, As he goes to the broadcast tower, he was found by Olivia and had a plan to get in the top of the broadcast tower and They make their way through the top and goes to the elevator and found Jane was taking Joy and sip tea, they talk about that and later Jane had a plan to get rid of them and he calls the bobbies to kill them all and after killing their foe and Jane was knock out by Olivia and talk about the war, Jane force them to gives her Joy pills but Stanley won't do this to her and Annie confront her and they talk about things that she done and later Jane a another plan that she would break free, Jane smiles very evil and telling her it was all her lies and later she shoved her off and breaks free and Jane had a mental breakdown and tried to kill Olivia and Annie stabbed her in the back and Stanley was shooked what happened then he saw a mysterious figure weilding with a cricket bat and escapes so fast they heard the alarm they escape to Jane's secret hatch and escape together.

Stanley goes back to his lab and he goes to his living room and fall asleep in the couch, later he had another dream that he was in the train and escape in the dreams is getting hit by an incoming train, he woke up in fear and heard Gwen crying, and goes to bedroom and check Gwen, Gwen was crying and Stanley fed her but she lost her appetite and Stanley checked her that she's not sick and Gwen's tears falls on his body and later he found out that boogeyman hunt her but he decide to sleep with her in his bed and he gets his old onesie and the bed sheet for her and He change her with a new onesie and Gwen can feel touch and Stanley change his clothes and goes to his bed with her as they sleep peacefully.

The next morning, he found Gwen was missing and it turned out was with Olivia that they need to talk what happened to Sally, Stanley explains that Sally was safe now and was with Victoria Byng and her mother and Olivia feels that Gwen pull her hair and she bites her hair.Olivia laughs and she gives her back to Stanley carrying her as she goes back to the bar later Gwen smiles at him as she thank him and fall asleep, Stanley puts her back in the crib and he change clothes and find Sally Boyle. Stanley finds her but later he found Maharajkumari Indra Devi, she explains that Sally goes to his house and he thank her and runs back home, At home Stanley goes to the bedroom and found Sally Boyle comfort Gwen, Stanley glad she's back, Sally explains that she was almost capture by Mr. Smilez and escape from him and found by Victoria Byng, Stanley hugs her because his cousin almost in danger, Gwen totally missed her. At Night, Gwen was playing with Sally's fingers and Stanley gets some tea and later he heard a breaking sound on his lab.

Satanley telling her to go with Gwen, Stanley will explain later, Stanley equiped his lee-enfield rifle and let Sally and Gwen escape while Stanley fights off the soldier, He was shoved by the last soldiers later Barron Williams appeared and saved him and later he give back his weapon and Barron explains that soldiers belongs to General Robert Byng and Barron used to work with him but not and he goes to his house with the garage with a military vehicle he need some help to repair it as his daughter Karen Williams appeared and telling him what happened, he reveals that Sam is in danger and she was worried but Barron telling her it's gonna be okay that he will saved him. The military vehicle was repaired and Barron saying goodbye to Karen as he drives away with Stanley.

Stanley explains that their target is Sally Boyle so and he protect her and her daughter, Barron was shook that there was a last child in Wellington Wells, He glad there's a new hope and they headed to the lair where there here. They parked the vehicle and goes to the safe room that where they're here, Barron saw Ollie and reunite and Stanley saw Roy Elliot ran away from a bobby and Barron telling him where is Sam, Roy explains that he was trap under the rubble of rocks and metals, Barron was terrified that his grandson was in danger or capture by a bobbies and Roy apologize to him and goes back to the saferoom and get rest, Barron decided to find him and search around with Ollie and Stanley, Stanley found a letter came from unknown person and it says "Nobody Will" or in latin "nullus voluntatem", that not says he/she accidently poison the gas and Stanley searches the offices and Barron reunite with his Sam who was saved by Cheif Inspector Peters and Stanley found a tunnel that can lead to Mr. Smilez's giant robot.

Barron and Ollie goes to the tunnel, and he disable it and Olivia goes for help and Stanley fight them off while Barron disables the gates, Stanley goes to Annie and rescue her and dodge the face plant, Roy found a supplies that can bring it down and cover them to stop Smilez, Sam throws the masive of shook grenades and Annie shoots Smilez in the head and died, Stanley cheered that they defeat Smilez and Barron appeared with Maharjkumari and Barron tells Annie that Robert Byng was in the joy factory and attack Anton Verloc, Annie decide to go in her own and Roy gives him the explosives that he made and Annie goes to the factory.

Stanley and the others were going to the military vehicle and Roy didn't get in and goes back to Mr. Smilez's corpes and took the evidence and Stanley calls Roy and later Fiona found Sally Boyle was with Gwen and gets inside of the vehicle, Roy was with the evidence and gets inside of the vehicle and Annie helps Anton Verloc and gets inside of the secret hatch with Peters.

Stanley and the others escape together to the lair along with Annie and Anton Verloc.

After escaping the lair, General Byng appeared and force his soldiers to arrest them all and Roy uses the evidence from his confess and the soldiers arrested him and Stanley saw Annie with Anton Verloc and telling her what happened, Annie explained that he was attack by the General earlier and also a father of Gwen Boyle, The military appeared and Stanley puts him to the clinic and revive Anton and let him live and later the patient monitor beeps as he live and Stanley reveals that he's in coma.

Stanley goes back to his lab where Sally was sleeping with Gwen in his couch and later, he hugs them to comfort them both.  The next day, Stanley rush to the hospital and goes to the clinic and Anton was in trouble so he revive him again and later he begin to live.


Stanley is handsome, smart, stubborn, mature, attractive, helpful, and tough. He can also be calm and brotherly after he finds out about Gwen. Stanley loves Gwen as he took good care of her. Unlike his cousin Sally Boyle, Stanley will protect Gwen from any harm.


Out of the three characters, Stanley can craft any of the basic tools from a chemical lab. He can't use the workbenches because he doesn't know how to use it. His expertise in chemistry and herbalism which he makes drugs and chemicals.


  • Stanley sounds like Arthur Hastings because he speaks with a heavy British accent.
  • He is shown without his helmet and gloves while taking care of Gwen and changing.
  • Stanley is the only character who has a skill of hacking.
  • He is shown to have ginger hair after he takes off his helmet and washes the dark brown dye away.
  • He can be seen wearing a hoodie, when he is at the pub, Stanley wears a hoodie to hide his identity from someone.
  • Stanley is shown to be a hunter before became a chemist and scientist.
  • General Byng and Dr. Verloc know him from the year 1940.
  • Before he dying his hair dark brown, he has ginger hair like his father when he was younger.
  • Stanley is shown to be a doctor when someone gets injured or sick.
  • During the cure cutscene, Stanley uses the bone saw to cut the parts of a dead body.
  • When he has sex with Annie's aunt on Arthur's dad's bed, he seduces her because Stanley secretly loves Annie's mom.
  • Stanley was depressed when he finds out that his cousin Sally is fall in love with her ex-boyfriend Dr. Verloc.
  • He is shown to help his friends to teach a lesson during chemistry in the Science flashbacks.
  • During the Argument flashback, Stanley is yelling at Arthur for blaming Sally who has been sexually assaulted when she was sixteen years old by Mr. Hastings. Then Arthur is telling the truth about his dad raped Sally and begins to cry as Stanley was about to slap him.
  • Stanley can change the potions by mixing with two potions.
  • When he found out that his mother forced Arthur (who is fifteen) to have sex with her or threatening to kick him out if he refuses. The two were caught by Stanley having sex together in his father's bed.
  • Stanley is shown to reviving dead people.
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