Stanley Boyle is one of the main protagonists in We Happy Few 2.   


Stanley was born on August 12, 1932. He is the son of Lydia and Robert. Stanley learning to make the chemicals so he becomes a scientist and chemist. When he was seventeen years old, Stanley seducing Annie's mother at the Hastings' house; but Annie opens the door and scared him. She then runs away in sadness because of him. Stanley got out of a bed, kisses her lips, and went outside of the Hastings house.

Stanley was crying over his cousin while laying down on the couch but suddenly he heard someone knocks the door. So he deiced went to the door and open it. It realized that be his best friend Arthur and tells what happened to Sally

Physical Appearance

Stanley is a tall, slim man with dark brown hair (in reality, his hair is actually ginger) and gray eyes. Like his wife, he is most commonly seen wearing an unusually stylish latex horse jockey outfit (he wears pants instead of a skirt) including the helmet and gloves. When his first outfit got torn during escaping. He now wears

Events of We Happy Few 2

Stanley first appears at his lab, making a peach-flavored Joy pill. Suddenly he heard someone knocks the door, so he deiced to open the door and sees Annie. He waves at her while entering his lab. Stanley talks about her and Jane used to be friends but not anymore since they are now no longer be friends. After having a conversation, Annie leaves and search for Petunia, Stanley hears a baby was crying maybe she was hungry. Stanley makes baby milk and goes to his room and his baby cousin named Gwen Boyle was still alive, Stanley fed her and put her to sleep it make Gwen happy and sleepy as the door rings. 

Stanley goes to the downstairs and opens the door for someone.  it was wellie looking for sunshines, Stanley gives him sunshine pills and wellie thanked him and leaves, Gwen was crying again and need to change her nappy, Stanley find a nappy and goes back upstairs and change Gwen's nappy after putting her new nappy and he puts her to the crib and Gwen is happy and sleepy, Stanley goes to downstairs to continue make peach-flavored Joy.

Later, he finish the flavored Joy and someone knocks the door and it was a customer who wants peach flavored Joy, he gives it to him and owns him more, Stanley cleaned his lab, later he gets tired he goes to his bedroom where Stanley comforts Gwen and gives him an energy. Gwen giggles and sleepy and he puts her back to the crib. Suddenly, the blower was rings as he better check it out and gets the blower later it was Olivia Starkey need some sunshines.

Stanley has some sunshines for Olivia to avoid overdose. He goes to her house for sunshines as talk to Olivia for her request then thanking him. As he goes home, Stanley arrived in his house but suddenly someone is at the door, turned out to be a boy with a pill.

He tells Stanley that what his name is. It was Sam Williams (the kid in the epilogue in the first game) that he was curious that why the Joy pill is dark purple, Stanley explains that was oblivion and effects that can cause mind wiped or to forget everything. Sam thanking him and runs to a boy named Roy.


Stanley is handsome, smart, stubborn, mature, attractive, helpful, and tough. He can also be calm and brotherly after he finds out about Gwen. Stanley loves Gwen as he took good care of her. Unlike his cousin Sally Boyle, Stanley will protect Gwen from any harm.


Out of the three characters, Stanley can craft any of the basic tools from a chemical lab. He can't use the workbenches because he doesn't know how to use it. His expertise in chemistry and herbalism which he makes drugs and chemicals.


  • Stanley sounds like Arthur Hastings because he speaks with a heavy British accent.
  • He is shown without his helmet and gloves while taking care of Gwen and changing.
  • Stanley is the only character who has a skill of hacking.
  • He is shown to have ginger hair after he takes off his helmet and washes the dark brown dye away.
  • He can be seen wearing a hoodie, when he is at the pub, Stanley wears a hoodie to hide his identity from someone.
  • Stanley is shown to be a hunter before became a chemist and scientist.
  • General Byng and Dr. Verloc know him from the year 1940.
  • Before he dying his hair dark brown, he has ginger hair like his father when he was younger.
  • Stanley is shown to be a doctor when someone gets injured or sick.
  • During the cure cutscene, Stanley uses the bone saw to cut the parts of a dead body.
  • When he has sex with Annie's aunt on Arthur's dad's bed, he seduces her because Stanley secretly loves Annie's mom.
  • Stanley was depressed when he finds out that his cousin Sally is fall in love with her ex-boyfriend Dr. Verloc.
  • He is shown to help his friends to teach a lesson during chemistry in the Science flashbacks.
  • During the Argument flashback, Stanley is yelling at Arthur for blaming Sally who has been sexually assaulted when she was sixteen years old by Mr. Hastings. Then Arthur is telling the truth about his dad raped Sally and begins to cry as Stanley was about to slap him.
  • Stanley can change the potions by mixing with two potions.
  • When he found out that his mother forced Arthur (who is fifteen) to have sex with her or threatening to kick him out if he refuses. The two were caught by Stanley having sex together in his father's bed.
  • Stanley is shown to reviving dead people.
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