St. John Secondary School
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Television programs The Secondary School Choir
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Inspiration St. John International School Bangkok
Other Information
Other names
Location Georgetown, West Midlands, UK
Owner(s) Ms. Janice Jackson(Principal)
Inhabitants Ms. Tammie Barnes(Year 7 homeroom teacher)

Mr. Bill Rubie(English teacher(Year 7))

Mr. Mark Smith-Marriot(English teacher(Year 7 and Year 8))

Students Blake Thomson

Brad Thomson

Zoe Thomson

George Smith

Troy Mitchell

Reece Brown

Annika O'Niell

Connor Ball

James McVey

Tristan Evans

Luke Hemmings

Calum Hood

Michael Clifford

Ashton Irwin

Shawn Mendes

Kandace Chan

Raphael Lau

Jenny Tran

Sheryl Lau

Yuto Yoshida

Aidan Harney

Melanie Chisholm

Emma Bunton

Geri Halliwell

Victoria Beckham

Hazel Harrison

Yuka Miyamoto

Final state
St. John Secondary School is a Protestant independent school or private school Reece Brown, Blake Thomson, Troy Mitchell, Brad Thomson, George Smith, Zoe Thomson and their friends study. It is close to a protestant church.



The school appears old fashioned and is tan coloured. The building is 4 stories tall.


The front building is an old-fashioned gate which is dark green in colour. There is a sign next to it saying 'St. John Secondary School' with black block letters.


The courtyard is at the left side of the school building which was meant to be a a basketball/football court. It is where the students line up. There is stage up front where the teachers would give a speech or where the choir, theatre or orchestra kids perform.

1st Floor

The 1st floor of the school building consists of a cafeteria.

2nd Floor

The second floor consists of a gold and chrome yellow coloured auditorium. Along with maroon and black theatre seats. This is usually where the theatre kids meet up with the choir and orchestra kids. There was a musical production going on so there were ancient Egypt themed sets on stage. There is also a hallway as stated in 'Reece The Couch' which also consists of a recording studio.

3rd Floor

The third floor consists of mint green and white hallways where there are lockers and a lot of classrooms. It includes the Year 7 classroom, Year 8 classroom, Year 9 classroom. Year 11 classroom, art classroom, music classroom and choir classroom. There offices too but the only office shown is Ms. Jackson's office. There are also a few bulletin boards and some shelves and cabinets to show mugshots of former students who used to study in this school(which the only well known one is Rachel Wood who is currently a vet) along with trophies from previous champions. There is also a Science Lab in this floor.

4th Floor

The 4th floor consists of the library and computer lab while next to it is a swimming pool and a gym.


Name Position Character Notes
Ms. Janice Jackson Principal She is a kind-hearted principal with an open mind.
Ms. Tammie Barnes Art and Health Teacher A South African teacher who is kind to good students but cold towards naughty ones.
Mr. Bill Rubie English Writing teacher A kind teacher from Scotland who is wise and intelligent but sometimes rubbish at spelling
Mr. Mark Smith-Marriot English Listening and Speaking teacher He is talkative and into news
Ms. Sandy Chan Computer teacher She is a little strict but was only shown in the 'How It All Started' episodes but seen again in the 'Trip To Singapore' special
Mr. Benjamin Parker History teacher He appears less frequently than the other teachers.
Mr. Joseph Stalin Vice Principal Like the dictator, Joseph Stalin, he treats his students badly.
Ms. Margaret Barker PE Teacher Kind but can be tough at times. She is a mother of 2 children.
Mr. Peter Boardman Mathematics Teacher He is the youngest teacher in the school at 29-years-old.


  • Basketball/Football court
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditorium
  • Year 7 Classroom
  • Year 8 Classroom
  • Year 9 Classroom
  • Year 11 Classroom
  • Art Classroom
  • Music Classroom
  • Choir Classroom
  • Ms. Jackson's Office
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym Classroom
  • Science Lab

Notable Students

Year 7

Name Character Notes
Zoe Thomson 13-year-old alto and genius and younger sister of Blake and Brad. Zoe was shy but confident and is sweet, kind and tomboy. She is half British half Hong Kong Chinese
Annika O'Niell 12-year-old mean girl and snob. Annika is a spoiled brat from America who moved to the UK whose parents are away to Christmas Island. She is a Mestizo.
Kandace Chan 12-year-old actress and co-director. Kandace is a kind and tomboy girl who is half Chinese half British.
Yuto Yoshida 12-year-old actor and dancer. Yuto is a kind boy from Canada. He is half Japanese half French-Canadian
Aidan Harney 12-year-old actor. Aidan is a funny and kind boy from America. He is half Irish half French.
Emily Bampton 13-year-old actress. Emily is a bit stubborn but kind and friendly.
Molly Chen 13-year-old actress. Molly is kind and friendly but also shy. She is Chinese-British
Yuka Miyamoto 12-year-old mean girl friend of Annika. Yuka is also mean but she sometimes shows her good side. She is Japanese-British.
Hazel Harrison 13-year-old mean girl friend of Annika. Hazel is mean and snobby and Annika currently lives in her house. She is a Mestizo.
Thaiyo Kido 12-year-old actor, rapper and dancer. Thaiyo is a kind and tough boy. He is half Japanese half Chinese.
Oakley Clarke 12-year-old actor. Oakley is smart and is a nerd. He is British-Malaysian and is islam.
Alicia Carbone 13-year-old actress and singer. Alicia is smart and sometimes acts weird. She is a Britalian.
Spencer Stewart 13-year-old former set designer and now actor. Spencer is smart and creative.
Poe Kim 12-year-old former backstage staff and now actor. Poe is sometimes a showoff. He is British-Korean.
Anya Hartley 13-year-old head of the set design crew. Anya is friendly towards Zoe but doesn't like Annika's attitude. She is half Chinese half Russian.
Aiden Cowell 12-year-old treble and Zoe's childhood friend. Aiden is a friendly and happy-go-lucky boy but currently has know idea about Annika.
Tanya Leong 11-year-old narrator and actress. Tanya acts to be a lot skillful than Ken even if she is a girl. She is half Chinese half Malaysian.
Ken Wang 11-year-old set designer part of the set design crew. Ken is friendly but is not as skillful as Tanya. He is half Chinese half Russian.
Prem van Peeters 13-year-old tenor and the master of confusion. Prem plays dumb a lot, but isn't who he said he is... He is half Thai half Belgian.

Year 8

Name Character Notes
George Smith 14-year-old bass(baritone in solos) and Zoe's best friend. George is friendly towards his choir mates mostly to Zoe but he has cystic fibrosis.
Raphael Lau 13-year-old actor. Raphael is friendly and kind but can go crazy. He is Hong Kong-British.

Year 9

Name Character Notes
Brad Thomson 14-year-old tenor 1 and younger brother of Blake and older brother of Zoe. Brad is friendly and caring towards his friends and family but has cystic fibrosis. He is half British half Hong Kong Chinese.
Troy Mitchell 15-year-old baritone. Troy can easily get confused in different situations. He is South African-Australian but currently lives in the UK.
Connor Ball 15-year-old tenor and Brad's best friend. Connor is friendly and caring, mostly towards his pet bearded dragon, Rex. He is Scottish.
Sheryl Lau 14-year-old actress and Raphael's older sister. Sheryl shows a less girly attitude and is friendly and caring. She is Hong Kong-British.
Ankit Mishera 14-year-old actor. Ankit is a friendly and funny boy who is a jock but more of a nice guy. He is half Indian half British.
Devan Key 15-year-old actor. Devan is a friendly and curious boy who is more into art.
Robert Irwin 15-year-old tenor and the naughty one who always runs away. Robert is the son of Steve Irwin and is sneaky too. He is Australian.

Year 10

Name Character Notes
Lawrence 16-year-old student who currently hasn't joined any clubs. He only appeared in Reece The Couch
Rob 16-year-old violin player who is in Samuel's orchestra. He appeared with the other orchestra kids but is currently the only known one.
Caspar Lee 16-year-old baritone who is the newest addition to New Hope Choir. He made his debut in Back To The Past. He is British-South African.

Year 11

Name Character Notes
Blake Thomson 16-year-old tenor 2 and older brother of Brad and Zoe. Blake is leaderly at times but usually lets Reece take the job as leader. He is half British half Hong Kong Chinese
Reece Brown 16-year-old choir director and Blake's best friend. Reece is leaderly and caring towards his choir since they are usually younger than him.
James McVey 17-year-old baritone. James is kind and funny but shows concerns at times.
Tristan Evans 16-year-old bass and James' best friend. Tristan is physically attractive because of his jawline and has no idea he can sing until he joined the choir.
Luke Hemmings 16-year-old baritenor. He is adventurous and caring even towards his dog, Petunia. He is an exchange student from Australia.
Calum Hood 17-year-old tenor. He is a nerd and is very smart. He is half Scottish half Maori and is an exchange student from Australia.
Michael Clifford 17-year-old tenor. He is a geeky student who loves video games and anime. He is an exchange student from Australia.
Ashton Irwin 17-year-old tenor. He is athletic and more manly compared to the rest of the choir. He is an exchange student from Australia.
Shawn Mendes 16-year-old tenor. He used to be shy but after joining the choir, he started gaining confidence. He is an exchange student from Canada making him the first Canadian to join the choir.
Jenny Tran 16-year-old playwright and director. She is good friends with Reece and is helpful towards the actors in her club. She is half Vietnamese half French-British
Danna Paola 16-year-old actress. She is good friends with the choir and theatre kids and has a crush on Blake. She is an exchange student from Mexico.
Collins Key 16-year-old actor. He is an amazing magician and can get curious.
Harvey Cantwell 17-year-old tenor. He can get nervous easily but grew confidence shortly after joining the choir.

Expelled/Former Students

  • Shannon Shapeson: Expelled in 2018 when she was in Year 10, she is now 17-years-old
  • Joe Jellson: Expelled in 2015 when he was in Year 11, he is now 21-years-old
  • Evan Equalson: Expelled in 2015 when he was in Year 11, he is now 21-years-old
  • Noah Noison: Expelled in 2018 when he was in Year 11, he is now 18-years-old
  • Robin Rainbowson: Expelled in 2015 when she was in Year 12, he is now 22-years-old
  • Adam Flatson: Expelled in 2015 when he was in Year 7, he is now 17-years-old
  • Paula Puppetson: Expelled in 2015 when she was in Year 7, she is now 17-years-old
  • Joshua Oddson: Expelled in 2015 when he was in Year 7, he is now 17-years-old
  • Beatrice Bearson: Expelled in 2018 when she was in Year 10, she is now 17-years-old


  • The school's name is named after St. John's International School Bangkok which was Zoe Tria's school when she was in kindergarten
  • The school is based on a Protestant independent school in the UK but there are some inaccuracies
    • The students are shown to wear casual clothes everyday where it is required to wear school uniforms in these kinds of schools
    • Zoe is in Year 7 and is 13-years-old but in the UK, Year 7 is meant for pupils who turn 11 before September 1 so this school follows the Australian school system where Year 7 is meant for pupils aged 12-13.
    • George is in Year 8 and is 14-years-old but in the UK, Year 8 is meant for pupils who turn 12 before September 1 so this school follows the Australian school system where Year 8 is meant for pupils aged 13-14.
    • Both Brad and Troy are in Year 9 and are 14-15-years-old but in the UK, Year 9 is meant for pupils who turn 13 before September 1 so this school follows the Australian school system where Year 9 is meant for pupils aged 14-15.
    • Both Blake and Reece are in Year 11 and are 16-17-years-old but in the UK, Year 11 is meant for pupils who turn 15 before September 1 so this school follows the Australian school system where Year 11 is meant for pupils aged 16-17.
      • However, Blake's birthday falls on the 2nd of October so if the school follows the UK educational system, he must be in Year 10 instead of being together with Reece in Year 11 but because the school follows the Australian school system, this is just going to slide
      • Both Reece and Blake should be taking there GSCE(General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams at this time(in fact they did in 'Switch Bodies')
    • Because this is a protestant school and Troy is Jewish, he isn't supposed to study in his school but because the creators wanted to add multiracial characters, this is just going to slide
    • The series started around March 2019 which is not actually the right time schools start in the UK
  • The school is located 30 minutes away from the neighbourhood and close to metropolitan Birmingham
  • There are many exchange students from all across the world attending this school
    • Yuto and Shawn are exchange students from Canada
    • Thaiyo and Yuka are exchange students from Japan
    • Anya is an exchange student from Russia
    • Aidan, Annika, Hazel, Collins and Devan are exchange students from America
    • Molly is an exchange student from China
    • Raphael and Sheryl are exchange students from Hong Kong
    • Alicia is an exchange student from Italy
    • Poe is an exchange student from South Korea whose parents are North Korean refugees
    • Troy, Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton are exchange students from Australia though Troy was born in South Africa
    • Jenny is an exchange student from France whose father is a Vietnam War refugee
  • According to George, clubs are lacking juniors, this is because juniors are in their early teens and that they get more pressure and nervous at this age
  • The school hosts awards for the best club on March, May, July and September every year but the one with the most awards are the mean girls who put no effort on it at all
  • Ms. Jackson has stated that she expelled half the school the year before because of bullying and that she doesn't want to do it again
    • Shannon, Noah and Beatrice were one the students who were expelled in 2018
  • There is going to be a debate whether Mr. Stalin will be fired or not
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