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=== Main Cast ===
=== Main Cast ===
* [[David Vincent]] as Spruce Wilds
* [[David Vincent]] as [[Spruce Wilds]]
* [[Yuri Lowenthal]] as Gimli Wilds
* [[Yuri Lowenthal]] as [[Gimli Wilds]]
* [[Ellie Goulding]] as Princess Cherry
* [[Ellie Goulding]] as [[Princess Cherry]]
* [[Emily Osment]] as Princess Arlette
* [[Emily Osment]] as [[Princess Arlette]]
* [[Ray Chase]] as Lord Draven
* [[Ray Chase]] as [[Lord Draven]]
=== Major Cast ===
=== Major Cast ===

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Spruce and Gimli is an upcoming American animated computer of Disney Channel and is planned on Nickelodeon in France and Cartoon Network in Japan. In the show, Spruce Wilds, nineteen-years-old, and Gimli Wilds, twelve-years-old, are brothers who embark on their adventures and stop their archnemesis, Lord Draven.

Season 1

The brothers must go on adventures.

Voice Cast

Main Cast

Major Cast

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