Sprucia Roca Benedita Salvaje is an upcoming character and the protagonist in the series of her and Gilli's name on Disney Channel. Of the Salvajes, she is the daughter (later the middle child in the spinoff) of Hernan and Lidia Salvaje and the older sister of Gilli Salvaje.


Sprucia was born in September 8, 1598, she was blessed by a wizard and given an element mark on her navel enhancing powers of earth, super strength, super sight, and teleportation. It's confirmed that she is dyslexic having a hard time to read.


  • Sprucia is the middle child and leader of the Three Lionhearted Kats.
  • Sprucia is known to be having difficulty reading and pronouncing words, it is considered that she has Dyslexia.
  • Sprucia is a Pupaphobic (scared of puppets).
  • Sprucia's name is referenced to Spruce.
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