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Marvel's Spotlight, or simply Spotlight, previously titled Amazing Fantasy, is an upcoming American anthology television series created for Disney+, based on characters created by Marvel Comics. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the title is taken from the comic Marvel Spotlight, it borrows heavily from Amazing Fantasy, Journey into Mystery, Tales to Astonish, Marvel Presents and Marvel Showcase. The series is also a spiritual successor to the Marvel One-Shots shorts series and acts as a showcase for characters. It is described as "a chance to show off the wider MCU in places that otherwise could not be explored."


The series explores the wider MCU. Unlike What If...?, the series is set in the main MCU and features major characters who have not been seen in other film and television. Each episode takes an in depth look at some of the lesser known Marvel heroes and villains throughout the wavering timeline of the MCU.

Each episode is prefaced with a short interview with the director for that featured character.


Season One

No. in
Title Director Writer
1 1 Reptil Miguel Arteta Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick
Humberto Lopez discovers that the gem that his parents unearthed allows the wearer to take on the properties of dinosaurs. When a deranged man comes looking for it, Humberto must quickly search for the hero within.
Guests: Marcel Ruiz as Humberto Lopez / Reptil, Julia Garcia as Eva, Levi Avelino Brito as Julian, Aimee Garcia as Gloria, Edward James Olmos as Vincente Lopez, Rick Gonzalez as Isaac Lopez, America Ferrera as Jessica Lopez, Jason Mantzoukas as Vincent Stegron / Stegron
2 2 Squirrel Girl Gillian Robespierre Nicole Perlman & Rebecca Sugar
Doreen Green protects her small town as Squirrel Girl, a quirky superhero with squirrel powers. When offered the chance to expand her place in the world, Doreen must decide what is best for her.
Guests: Hannah Alligood as Doreen Green / Squirrel Girl, Storm Reid as Nancy Whitehead, Mary Elizabeth Ellis as Maureen Green, Charlie Day as Dorian Green, Emma Thompson as Melissa Morbeck, Holland Roden as Lorina Dodson / White Rabbit, Tanoai Reed as Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins / Hippo, Valerie Tian as Panda-Mania
3 3 Man-Thing Adam Wingard Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely
Dr. Ted Sallis discovers that his employers are corrupting his research. When he attempts to escape, he undergoes a transformation into a swamp creature who burns those who know fear.
Guests: Tom Everett Scott as Ted Sallis / Man-Thing, Paula Patton as Lily-Ann Millard, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Monica Rappaccini, Tom Goodman-Hill as Frank Schist / Mahapralaya
4 4 Sleepwalker James Rolfe Leigh Whannell
Film student Rick Sheridan continues to be plagued by strange dreams and nightmares. He learns that he is connected to a dream creature that is searching for a dangerous interdimensional demon.
Guests: Nick Robinson as Rick Sheridan / Sleepwalker, David Harewood as Sleepwalker, Lili Reinhart as Alyssa Conover, Ashton Sanders as Franklin Lovejoy, Greg Ellis as Cobweb (voice)
5 5 Tigra Marjane Satrapi Chelsea Handler & Erica Rivinoja
Recovering from a traumatic experience, Greer Grant Nelson takes a job working for her old mentor. She instead finds herself imbued with a remarkable gift to save her friend.
Guests: Naomi Scott as Greer Grant Nelson / Tigra, Sakina Jaffrey as Dr. Joanne Tumolo, Christopher Gorham as Malcolm Donalbain, Heidi Moneymaker as Shirlee Bryant / Cat
6 6 Zzzax Daniels Zak Penn
As Mark Revel ponders on his work relationships, a sudden accident from incompetent eco-terrorists results in the creation of a monstrous beast of energy. With no heroes in sight, the workers are on their own.
Guests: Terry Notary as Zzzax, Kevin Zegers as Mark Revel, Ashley Greene as Alexandria Knox, Chris Klein as Stan Landers, Omar Epps as Col. Jack Armbruster, Noel Fisher as Will Robinson
7 7 Big Hero 6 Hiro Murai Murai & Yoko Okumura
In modern day Japan, Hiro Takachiho gathers with his personal robot Baymax and four older friends to take on a corrupted scientist and his world ending machine.
Guests: Kairi Jō as Hiro Takachiho, Masi Oka as Tomeo Takachiho / Baymax (voice), Shiori Kutsuna as Aiko Miyazaki / Honey Lemon, Karen Fukuhara as Leiko Tanaka / GoGo Tomago, Sotaro Yasuda as Wasabi-No-Ginger, Ryan Higa as Fred / Fredzilla, Keiko Agena as Maemi Takachiho, Miya Cech as Marys Iosama, Yuna Ito as Furi Wamu, Hiro Kanagawa as Prof. Kishi Oramosha / Deadline

Season Two

No. in
Title Director Writer
8 1 The Beetle Jay Chandrasekhar Dino Stamatopoulos
After getting rejected by a gang of tech criminals, Abner Jenkins decides to be a solo villain called the Beetle, but quickly discovers that it is much harder than it looks.
Guests: Jon Rudnitsky as Abner Jenkins / Beetle, Sofia Black D'Elia as Melissa Gold / Screaming Mimi, Theo James as Boris Bullski / Titanium Man, Nathan Mitchell as Simon Maddicks / Killer Shrike, Ethan Embry as Paul Ebersole / Techno, Melissa O'Neil as Janice Yazineski / Joystick
9 2 Howard the Duck Nicholas Stoller Kevin Smith & Dave Willis
Howard the Duck has been living in Cleveland, Ohio for quite sometime. Despite his attempts to lay low, he suddenly finds himself thrust into an adventure that only he would be capable of being in.
Guests: Seth Green as Howard the Duck, Zoey Deutch as Beverly Switzler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Paul Same, Cynthy Wu as Tara Tam, Lea Thompson as Lea Switzler, Seth Rogen as Lester Verde / Doctor Bong
10 3 Shadowcat Lena Khan Brian Michael Bendis
Growing up has always been hard for Kitty Pryde, especially when you have the ability to literally walk through anything. Kitty thinks that her time will come, but first must deal with a deranged lunatic.
Guests: Annie LeBlanc as Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat, Michael Raymond-James as Carmen Pryde, Sara Rue as Theresa Pryde, Yaya DaCosta as Stevie Hunter, Peter Gadiot as Dominic Petrakis / Avalanche
11 4 Mastermind Excello Justin Lin Emily Cutler
Following the unexpected death of his parents, Amadeus Cho finds himself on the run from a deranged thinker and ends up befriending a powerful friend who might be the only person to aid him.
Guests: Major Curda as Amadeus Cho, Claudia Kim as Helen Cho, Aaron Yoo as Philip Cho, Hercules, Pythagoras Dupree