SpongeBob: Tropical Island is an upcoming 2021 American animated comedy television series featuring characters from SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. Animated by Mercury Filmworks for Nickelodeon Animation Studio, the series stars the voices of Selena Gomez and Alan Tudyk featuring the show's regular voice cast from the original series. It is a reboot of the SpongeBob SquarePants series.

The series will be premiered on Netflix on May 17, 2021.


The series follows SpongeBob and the gang as they ended up in a tropical surface paradise when they met a human girl named Clara (Selena Gomez).




  1. So Tropical - Alessia Cara (Summer Mix)
  2. Do the Sponge - Jonas Brothers (Summer/Dance Mix)
  3. SpongeBob's Morning - Christophe Beck
  4. Drop In The Ocean (ft. AronChupa) - OMI
  5. Clara's Theme - Christophe Beck
  6. The Tiki Luau - Christophe Beck (Beach party Mix)
  7. Feel the Vibe - Pharrell Willams (Summer/Pop Mix)
  8. Oceans (ft. Justin Timberlake) - Jonas Blue (Summer Mix) (Soundtrack only)
  9. Island Fun - SHANGUY (Summer/Dance-Pop Mix)
  10. Resort - Christophe Beck (Tropical Mix)
  11. Clara's Home Song - Selena Gomez (Calming Tropical Mix)
  12. Clara's Home Song (Auto-Tune Remix) - Selena Gomez


  • Alessia Cara - So Tropical (From "SpongeBob: Tropical Island" / Audio Only)

Special Effects

  • Mercury Filmworks

Netflix Kids & Family

SpongeBob: Tropical Island | Season 1 Promo ft. Selena Gomez | Netflix

  • Song: Cake By The Ocean - DNCE

Good Morning America

Executive sneak peek of 'SpongeBob: Tropical Island' | GMA

Netflix Kids & Family

SpongeBob: Tropical Island | Theme Song | Netflix

Netflix Kids & Family

Meet Clara | SpongeBob: Tropical Island | Netflix


Season 1

  1. Tropical Island: Part 1, Song: "SpongeBob's Morning"
  2. Tropical Island: Part 2, Song: "Drop In The Ocean"
  3. Clara, Song: "Clara's Theme"
  4. The Tiki Luau, Song: "The Tiki Luau"
  5. Ooh, A Mango!
  6. SpongeBob's Island Drinks, Song: "Feel The Vibe"
  7. Clara's Birthday
  8. Trail By Island
  9. Clara's Sleepwalking
  10. Beach Party, Song "Island Fun"
  11. A Breakfast for Clara, Song: "We Don't Speak Americano"
  12. Clara's Homesickness, Song: "Clara's Home Song"

Netflix Kids & Family

SpongeBob: Tropical Island: Season 2 | Trailer | Netflix

  • Songs: Funk/Dance-Pop Music / Came Here For Love (ft. Ella Eyre) - Sigala


Season 2 (The Final Season)

  1. Cabin Fever
  2. Clara and Mango
  3. Don't Wake Clara Up
  4. What a Sponge Gotta Do, What a Sponge Gotta Do
  5. Make A Splash, Song: 'Iko Iko'
  6. A Tropical Sponge, Song: 'Summer Sensation'
  7. Clara's Morning
  8. I Heart Coconuts
  9. Washed Up (Clara's Flashback Episode)
  10. Escape from the Volcano: Part 1, 'Building a Raft'
  11. Escape from the Volcano: Part 2, 'Volcano Eruptions'
  12. The Drift, Songs: 'Clara's Family' / 'September''

Netflix Kids & Family

Happy Ending | SpongeBob: Tropical Island

  • Song: September - Earth, Wind & Fire
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