Spirit Master is a fantasy action film released by Warner Bros Pictures and Cool Orchid Productions for 2022.


Set in A City called Spiritual City where people can summon spirits by there side.a young boy named Kevin Darson was born with the ability to release his ghostly spirit out of his body. Now when Kevin overhears about one could be lucky to be the next Spirit Master. Kevin must learn to control his spirit and use it to fight in battle.


Dylan Herrin as Kevin Derson -

Joe Ross as Michael Long -

Isis Miller as Nala Robbins -

Alliyah Bendix as Riley Derson -

Nolan Massey as Conner Milson -

Nayla Zamora as Princess Leeza-princess of the Spiritual City and has her own spirit she can control in battle

Brenden Coplen as King Garlin-King of the Spirits

Mauricio Escario as Jonathon Spirit Garlins servant and wants to kill the king and take over Spiritual City he possess a dark spirit that was locked away for 17 years he's the main antagonist


In Other Media

A Japanese Styled Animated Series is in the works

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