Spies in the Future is an American comic book series created by TBD, being published by Moonlake Comics since October 29, 2004 until April 18, 2008.


After going on a life changing mission of his entire career, Charles gets sent 50 years into the future where the world of the agency changes as he is determined to get back.



  • Charles D. Bargon - a determined yet paranoid spy who works for the agency before being sent 50 years into the future where he is now a training spy.
  • Maddie - Charles’s last minute thinking girlfriend who always waits for a bad moment to think of her ideas.


  • Victor Malled - TBD
  • Dr. Max - TBD

Cameron - TBD



  1. The Mission to Another Time - 10/29/04 - TBD
  2. Enemy Training 101 - TBD - TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
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