Inuyasha crossover with the Black Prince series

years before the events of The Black Prince

Chronicles of Artherium



The gang now must help Rathonia, and the Free Races of Artherium fend off Naraku and the demons that have arrived from the world of feudal Japan. At the same time, the kingdom is being invaded by the Norajian, led by Sethre Tanshai, who swore vengeance, and darkness has returned to the land of Dorziagoth.

Servants of the Shadow have come and hordes of demons have and the daiyokai Hakaiyonaku

Sango joins the military, where she excels at training. Whereas Miroku's lecherous ways have gotten him into trouble with the officers Isemril and his son Emreth, while Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo explore the kingdom of Rathonia and they have an audience with the king. But, Naraku gets the surprise of his life when he finds that the Viarecks fight like hell.

Sango finds a father figure in Isemril.



In feudal Japan, the Warring States 

Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi


Tiarnan the wolf king, the giant bear with a golden coat of fur.

They find themselves in a field; They quickly realize that this is a different world; and discover that when they, so the inhabitants can understand,

Ogrocs surround the group

Kagome scared them so badly that none of them wanted to step forward to attack the group.

"I think I got shot!" The ogroc falls forward dead with an arrow in his back. Suddenly the ground beneath them to shake to the sound of a thousand horses with riders coming towards them. Mysterious horse riders dressed in black armor come charging at full speed, crashing into the Ogrocs;

The gang is trapped amid the fighting, But before she can be harmed, a rider grabs Kagome, Wargs pursue them, "Faster, Spiritheart!" she said with haste. "That's a female voice; she's a woman!"


Sethre invades Rathonia: The fortress town of Rasdacar guarding the west on Rathonia's border

The atmosphere is peaceful with citizens, shop keepers, and merchants clamoring on prices, soldiers having a good time,

As a guard looks out at the low foothills and forest, an arrow hits him, knocking him off the wall platform

"Aye, what just happened?"

Close the gate

"Arm yourselves!" The commander shouts to the people of the fortress town.

"The Norajian!" Archers release arrows

"You're all bloody dead!" A soldiers shouts with another saying. "That was easy." and "That was close." to which the commander replies. "Don't count your pigeons yet."

"Yeah, this was too easy." The captain says with a voice of suspicion and decides to take a squad of men to investigate. “Six of you men come with me.” He says as he picks them. “Close the door behind us!” He shouts to others at the gate. Investigating


Suddenly a loud crash of wood. “What was that?” One of them asks in fright; they turn to see the gate was splintered and busted. The horn sounds off in the distance; they realize that an entire army of Norajian warriors was waiting. "Fall back inside." As they turn to go back inside and they’re stopped, shocked to find the Norajian who attacked the gate were still alive just as they are killing two men of the squad. They reveal to have had hidden shields & armor covering their bodies to protect themselves from the arrows.

Man: "I never thought it would be this easy to take your fort, though I wasn’t counting on the gate being destroyed." Rathonia Viareck Soldier: “Darn.” The captain and his party are slain. "Move into the fort." "Claihrdhun!" (Swords) The commander shouts out to everyone to prepare for close-quarters fighting. "They're coming through the gate!"

 Hand to hand fighting and then on, the fight was brutal for both the defenders and the attackers. The fort's commander comes face to face with their leader Sethre Tanshai. 

Hakaiyonaku: You Viarecks are half breeds

"All of Rathonia will now know you've come!" Tanshai replies to the commander's quote while burning a flag. "Excellent; I prefer to fight my enemies." Sethre strikes down the commander down with his sword.

Artherium, Jaeneth Sharley, Jeslana, Harfrey, Lorano, Agabori, Ostara, Elsner,

A soldier named Nalasnar informs the King, flanked by his step-sister, Sephiran.

Nalasnar: “Sire, the Norajian have come across the river.” Railisen. Nalasnar: "Sethre Tanshai is leading them." Conscription for every non-disabled man and woman who can fight. Glares at Gervesin. Meanwhile, in the countryside of Rathonia, Sonania, a peasant woman, survives a demon attack.


Out of the light comes an old man in a red and white outfit, "Hello." "You're all from another world." Yes, we are,

Yes, Artherium is a land that Naraku, "I knew I sensed an evil that I've never sensed before." Off-screen, the Shikon jewel.

"So lets see if I have all of you down, a half human-dog demon with a mighty sword, a modern age girl who is a reincarnation of a deceased priestess, a lecherous monk with a hole in his hand, a demon slayer who lost her village, a two-tailed cat, and an orphan fox demon child who thinks he's a grown-up." "Working together on a quest to recover pieces of a fragmented power jewel and destroy a spider half-demon who had played a role with three of this group's lives." He then asks. "Did I get it right?"

"You are very much correct."

Follow, "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself." "You can tell more about this Shikon jewel when we get to the village." Who are you, people, Take, don't touch this one's ears  


"Three days in your world is like in this world."

Maerlic to Sango: Little things can make a significant difference; the trouble is brewing for the kingdom  


"Get away from me you spider spirit." He says as he grabs a torch to protect himself.


Sango joining the Army: Bagpipes sound off in the distance, and a column of soldiers approach the village.

Gervesin: "By order of King Railisen, "You're not from around here, are you," Sango, kimono, "Very well, here you go, you'll be a soldier." Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku, and Kagome are surprised at Sango's  

Training Camp: Sango: "You'd better be on your best behavior, monk, or they might do something worse than just a slap to the face." Isemril: What’s your name, soldier? She replies. “Sango, sir.” “That is a name I have never heard before.” He says to her. "And those clothes are different than any clothes I've seen before."

Miroku nervously

"Sit!" chase in Dunos Gundor: Jefmer, Derthil, Insult, Tamir: "Excuse me!" "You talking to me, dog ears, by the way, are those real?" replies: "Yeah." "Get him, boys." "Talk to my fists." "Who is this kid?" "He sure is strong." Inuyasha: "Stay down; why don't you?" Sephiran arrives, bagpipes sound out, Everyone: "It's his fault!" pointing at Inuyasha.


“No need for that.” We got someone who can bring

"Sit!" Kagome says, and the beads around his neck cause Inuyasha to fall face-first onto the ground to everyone watching with shock and amazement.

Sethre, and Naraku, Sethre: "I am descended from Morgon.”

Railisen: "That is a tragic story, two people who fall in love with one another, only for someone with nothing, but evil in his heart to set them up against each other." He said with sorrow sound in his voice. This Naraku, he sounds dangerous; worse of all, he can be anyone, with his shapeshifting abilities.

a band of rangers 

We saw a person with the ears of a dog in town a few days. 

And he wasn't. Rygerian feels like someone is watching.

Grendels, Ogrocs, and Wargs: Rygerian manages to escape, but is badly burned on his body, takes shelter in a cave, and passes out. When he does wake up, he spies a woman with black hair. Rygerian begins to cry for his deceased friends: "My comrades?" 

Watching from a distance is Rygerian's loyal pet gyrfalcon Torakshi. Meanwhile, back at the cave, Rygerian wakes up from his fourth night in the cave and is almost a full recovery; demons, "Get away from me!" He growls to them as he reaches for his weapon; suddenly, Torakshi comes flying, "Torakshi, my old friend." He says with relief, and the woman returns; Hours later, they returned to the site where Rygerian and his men were attacked. "They will pay!" He speaks with a voice of anger. He buries his men. "You're quite the opposite of another man that I saved long ago from my world." Rygerian replies. "Is that so, from another world?" Woman. "The man was a bandit named Onigumo, and he too was badly burned like you." Rygerian is overcome with a mix of surprised, confused, and scared emotions. "That bandit became obsessed with me." "He sold his soul to other demons and became a half-demon known as Naraku." Sees white creatures. He asks in a soft voice. "What are those?" "They are my soul collectors." The woman replies, and he panics seconds after hearing those words. "What are you?" "Why did you save me, and you want my soul?" Rygerian angrily asks. "I don't have any wish to have your soul; I saved you because you were different from the bandit that I healed in my world." The woman calmly says, Rygerian lowers his sword, "you're a specter, so you died?" and she replies. "Fifty years ago, in my world, I was turned against someone I had feelings for."

Rygerian began to open up about himself. "My friends and I were orphaned from an ogroc and Grendel attack that saw our parents taken from us." "We became outlaws who didn't give a curse about those we've hurt, then they and I became rangers for Rathonia; we started to care for people of the kingdom which was our home." "I never did ask your name," she tells him in a questioning manner, to which he replies, his name is Rygerian Narimri.

"Kikyo." Just as Rygerian and Torakshi were about to set off to find Grendel and Warg party that slaughtered their champions, find them instead. The Grendel captain says to Rygerian, recognizing him as the one who escaped from the slaughter: "I thought you're dead." Suddenly a herd of Mammafougt arrives with a fury. Rygerian collects the belongings that the ogrocs had stolen from the bodies of his friends. 

Elf-lord of Esador

I am a demon slayer from another world, and I lost my village; his name is Naraku, a half-demon, Shikon Jewel. The jewel itself grants immense power to anyone who possesses it. "Foolish priestess," Isemril said with a bitter tone. Making a jewel of power only brings death. "Sorry for seeing you naked last night." He said to Sango. Kohaku, when he was under Naraku, you are loyal, a fighter, brave, and a believer in love.  

A-Un follows the sounds, leading him to a Red Mount Fury feasting on a carcass. 

Sesshomaru, Dragon King: "Cower fools; I am the Dragon King!" He,  

spirit lights: "How do you feel, Sango?" "I feel calm; it's like all worries I had just gone away."  

Maerlic, Railisen, Taenarnan meeting. Naraku visited you? To which Maerlic replied. "Yes, he did." A shard of what he called the Shikon Jewel." It was tainted with darkness, "I assumed you refused his request?" I did, outright.

Valguron and Naraku: "You resolve to become something you are not and coming to me for assistance?" Don't underestimate them, for they will surprise you in many ways. Begone,

Sethre meets Inuyasha: So you're Inuyasha," "And you must be Sethre Tanshai." "You're a child." Inuyasha was offended, Inuyasha draws Tesseiga. "Impressive sword you have."

Sethre punches Inuyasha with his fists; "You're durable."

"A dog demon father and a human mother." Inuyasha: "How do you know who my parents were?!" "From the smell of your blood." He replies to Inuyasha.

"No, because that is what Naraku wants." "You're a foil to Naraku; both of you are half." Rygerian meets Sesshomaru: "He sounds just like father." Sesshomaru's thought

Valguron vs Naraku: You are attempting to become a rival."

Hakaiyonaku strikes the queen of Rathonia down. "For the first time." He says with sadness in his voice.

Final Battle: Tanshai lets go of his vengeance: "Is vengeance really what you want?" Kagome asks him. Stunned, Sethre slowly lowers his sword. "What do I want?" Father's sword,

Kraltok,  Naraku vanquished. Viarecks, men, elves, Timbarens, Yetrus,  dwarves, and dragons from Anglia, Esador, Lorflyn, Darien, Krotea, Breawyth, Odrein, Dornell, and Rathonia. Eachreidh, Norajian led by Sethre Tanshai, Hungals, Eflarians, the Southgerens under Demircan Hasim. All banding together armed with swords, axes, bows, and a variety of many weapons to fight a battle that hasn't been seen since the War against the Dark Master many lifetimes ago. 8,910 Rathonian Viarecks, men & women soldiers led by King Railisen, Dwarves of Odrein, 9,000 Esador elves under Lord Taenarnan, 5,000 men of Anglia led by King Orgrim. 6,000 Breawyth elves under Lady Elenaril, Dornell, 3,000 Yetrus led by Talletar, Lorflyn elves Folduin, from Krotea led by Sulslian.

The leaders are approached by a Daiyokai named Katsumatsu.

They are confronted by demons of all kinds. Ogres, spiders, dragons, and many more. Hakaiyonaku. "How's that for a half-dragon demon." King Railisen

Atarthon arrives

"Today is a day

"Attack!" Atarthon bellows out, followed by a mighty roar. The armies of the Free Races, "Forward free races of Artherium!"

Darien arrives: Suddenly, before he can strike down on Inuyasha and Jaeneth, horns begin to sound off in the distance, the 7,000 from the Viareck kingdom of Darien led by King Valentavir have finally arrived.

Spirits, let us not fear death, give us victory.

They break into a mighty charge; the ground trembles beneath the hooves of their horses.

At full speed, Darien smashes into the Demon Army

Hakaiyonaku is angered by this defeat he has suffered, Miroku turns into a mouse.

"Hey, Naraku."

Naraku's scream of anger turns into a cry of terror as the rocket carrying him heads toward the and explodes.

Atarthon: "I don't care about who he is, I will protect him as if he were my child." This statement of love surprises everyone and all became silent, for the first time in his life, Inuyasha is being protected by someone who cares about him.


Valguron meet the Demon of the Shikon Jewel.

Naraku: Something's wrong


Inuyasha: the half demon son of a daiyokai known as Toga and a human Izayoi.

Kagome Higurashi: a reincarnation of the feudal era miko, Kikyo.

Shippo: an orphaned kitsune.

Miroku: a monk with a curse in his hand.

Sango: a teenage demon slayer who is the only survivor of her village.

Myoga: flea demon

Sesshomaru: Inuyasha's half brother

Jaken: an imp loyal to Sesshomaru

Rin: Sesshomaru's traveling companion

A-Un: dragon Sesshomaru

Kikyo: priestess Inuyasha

Naraku: A spider hanyo born from a human bandit and various other demons, he was responsible for Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango's misfortunes

Kanna: Naraku's first incarnation

Kagura: Naraku's second incarnation, a wind sorceress

Hakudoshi: Naraku's eighth incarnation.

Kohaku: Sango's brother

Railisen (ライリサン): Viareck king of Rathonia,

Jaeneth Sharley (ジェネス シャーリー): Princess of Rathonia,

Valentavir(バレンタ): King of Darien,

Elsner (エルスナー), Viareck dragon rider

Rygerian Narimri (リジェリアン ナリムリ): A Viareck captain, baritone

Nalasnar (ナラスナー), soldier

Lorano (ロラノ), TBA

Ostara (オスタラ), TBA

Roflynn (ろフリン) dragon rider

Sonania (ソナニア): peasant turned soldier

Agabori (あがぼり): soldier

Tamir (タミール), Jefmer (ジェフマー), and Derthil (ダーシル): a trio of Viareck soldiers.

Harfrey (ハーフリー), soldier

Isemril (イセムリル), commander

Emreth (エムレス), son of Isemril

Jeslana (ジェスラナ), Soldier

Keishara (ケイシャラ). soldier

Sephiran (セフィラン): a human sorceress of Rathonia and sister-in-law to the king,

Sethre Tanshai (セスレ タンシャイ): leader of the Norajian, son of Velthur Tarquin 

Mersan: a half-elf soldier,

Gervesin (ゲルベシン): Chancellor of the king,

Taenaran (テナラン): Elf-lord of Esador

Katsumatsu(勝松) a Daiyokai who sides with the Free Races.

Hakaiyonaku(はかいよなく): A Daiyokai who despises the Viarecks for their half-blooded origins and the main antagonist.

Valguron: the dark lord

Maerlic: wizard

Eoghan Treewood: Leader of the Timbarens

Folduin: elves of Lorflyn

Elenaril: Breawyth elves

Demircan Hasim: Leader of the Southgerens

Orgrim: King Anglia

Sulslian: King of Krotea

Talletar: Leader of the Yetrus

Dwarven king of Odrein


Atarthon(アタルトン): The Dragon King

Torakshi (トラクシ): Rygerian's loyal pet Gyrfalcon

Regonth (レゴンス): Red Mount Fury,

Spiritheart (スピリットハート): Jaeneth's horse

Tiarnan: Wolf king

Bullcrunch (ブルクランチ):

Talonflight (タロンフライト)

Ripcharge (リップチャージ)




Viarecks (チタニア語, ビアレック)


Humans (人間)

Elves (エルフ)

Timbarens (ティンバレンス)

Yetrus (イエトラス)

Dwarves (ドワーフ)



Trolls (トロール)


Spirits (スピリッツ)

Weredogs (ワードッグ)





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