Spark of Lycatheria
Spark Chen
Astral Knights Green Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Astral Knights
Colors: Green
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Astral Knights Green Ranger
Spark of Lycatheria (under the alias of Spark Chen) is the Astral Knights Green Ranger of the Astral Knight Rangers.



Spark is a serious sort of boy who is treated as an adult back at home. He has a strong sense of responsibility, but sometimes makes mistakes. When he first arrives on Earth, he has no idea how to speak like a human, but after he starts to bond with Lucas and Maya, Cyrallis grants him the ability to do so.

In episode 3, he is strongly displayed as a stubborn analyst who insists that analysis should be considered before taking action, which causes him to bicker with Lucas. But in the end, he is willing to set his different opinion aside and makes up with Lucas. His stubbornness is once again demonstrated in episode 7, when he claims that he can repair his ship, the Whitefang, singlehandedly, but backfires due to his clumsiness.

The Whitefang's I.F.H. states that he is proficient in operating intricate tasks.

Astral Knights Green Ranger



  • Astral Knight Bracer
  • Astral Knight Pens
    • Green Ranger Pen
    • Leo Deity Pen
    • Gemini Deity Pen


For a list of his quotes, see Spark Chen/Quotes.


  • It is revealed that Spark Chen is an alien disguised as a human.
    • His home planet, Lycatheria, has years that are three-quarters as long as a human year, and since he is 20 Lycatherian years old, he is 15 Terran years old.

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