Spaceballs: The Animated series is a animated series from Cool Orchid Productions


All your favorites Lone Starr Barf Dark Helmet Vespa and Dot are all back with new adventures new characters and more secrets on The Schwartz

Voice Cast

  • Justyn Appleby as Lone Starr
  • Jacob Welavert as Barf
  • Sierra Sykes as Princess Vespa
  • Faith McCubbin as Dot Matrix
  • Austin Martinez as Dark Helmet
  • Dillon Rhodes as Yogurt
  • Joe Ross as Colonel Sanders
  • Colton Ragland as President Skroob
  • Dylan Herrin as Prince Valium
  • Mauricio Escario as King Roland

New Characters

Lyle Carrisso (voiced by Quentin Sharp)- a rookie outlaw who has a bit of a sexy Rico Suave side and flirts with Vespa

Papa John- (voiced by Sebastian Mondragon) Pizza The Hutt's father

The Horrifying Monster (voiced by Nolan Massey) - a rather annoying alien creature who is called Horrifying due to his annoyance levels.

Dan Wasabi-(also voiced by Nolan Massey) trainee to one of the original wise Schwartz masters

Not My Kinn- (also voiced by Colton Ragland) - Dan's Wasabi's master

Pad-Hey Amydala (voiced by Autumn Hudgens) - Dark Helmet's ex who he constantly tries to get back with.

Shop Mall (also voiced by Joe Ross) - a Dark Schwartz user who loves to go shopping.

Count Dracula (also voiced by Dillon Rhodes) - Yep... Dracula uses Dark Schwartz.

Massaga Ya Backix (voiced by Isis Miller) - a female Dark Schwartz user who wants to massage people... for evil purposes obviously.

Whino Ken (voiced by Logan Wasaki) - a Dark schwartz master who cries, a lot.

Seasons and Episodes

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