Space Battleship Musashi is a Japanese science fiction anime television series, part of the Space Battleship Yamato franchise.


While the Space Battleship Yamato was on its way to Iscandar, another space battleship started construction inside the shipwreck of the battleship Musashi, the original Yamato's sister ship. The Space Battleship Musashi was being built in case the Yamato didn't return in time. The Space Battleship Musashi was completed before the Yamato arrived. A group of space travelers was then assigned to the Musashi for space colonization, starting with the Moon.


Saki Todo, Captain of Musashi

Megumi Kanzaki, First Officer of Musashi

Shou Yamazaki, assistant engineer, later reassigned to Yamato

Kaoru Niimi, science and technology officer

Mikage Kiryu, assistant science and technology officer

Toru Hoshina, security guard

Yuria Misaki, radar operator and Toru's wife


The crew of the Musashi are the same characters as the crew of the Ginga in Yamato 2202. Meaning Ginga is Musashi's 2202 counterpart.

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