Soul Calibur VII is an upcoming fighting video game produced by Namco. It makes it the ninth fighting game of its series. It will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Two and PC on June 16, 2022. PlayStation 5, Xbox Two and PC will contain five guest characters: Luke Skywalker, Rey and Kylo Ren (from Star Wars franchise)

List of Characters

Character Debut Style
Algol Soul Calibur IV Stream of Power
Amy Sorel Soul Calibur II Albion
Astaroth Soul Calibur Kulutues
Cassandra Alexandra Soul Calibur II Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield
Edge Master/Olcadan Soul Calibur The Master
Groh Soul Calibur VI Aerondight Replica
Heihachi Mishima (DLC) Tekken/Soul Calibur II Gauntlets and Karate-style moves
Heshiro Mitsurugi Soul Edge Muichimonji
Hildegard von Krone Soul Calibur IV Fruchtbare Erde & Glänzende Nova
Hong Yun-seong Soul Calibur II White Storm
Hwang Seong-gyeong Soul Edge Dragon Sword
Ivy Valentine Soul Calibur Valentine
Kilik Soul Calibur Kali-Yuga
Leixia Soul Calibur V Ten Feet of Blue
Maxi Soul Calibur Soryuju
Nathaniel William "Rock" Adams (DLC) Soul Edge Giant Mace
Natsu Soul Calibur V Kuzukiri & Awayuuki
Nightmare (Graf Dumas) Soul Edge Soul Edge
Patroklos Alexander Soul Calibur V Soul Calibur & Arcadia Shield
Pyrrha Alexandra (DLC) Soul Calibur V Soul Edge & Elk Shield
Raphael Sorel Soul Calibur II Flambert
Seong Mi-na Soul Edge Scarlet Thunder
Setsuka Soul Calibur III Ugetsu Kageuchi
Siegfried Schtauffen Soul Edge Requiem
Sophitia Alexandra Soul Edge Omega Sword & Elk Shield
Taki Soul Edge Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru
Talim Soul Calibur II Syi Salika & Loka Luha
Tira Soul Calibur III Eiserne Drossel
Viola Soul Calibur V Quattuor Orbis
Voldo Soul Edge Manas & Ayus
Xianghua Soul Calibur II No Name
Xiba Soul Calibur V Three Karmas
Yoshimitsu Tekken/Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu & Fu-Ma Blade
Zasalamel Soul Calibur III Kafziel
Z.W.E.I. (DLC) Soul Calibur V E.I.N.

New Characters

Character Design Style
Akylas Alexandra Cassandra's Son Stigma Sword & Nemea Shield
Bangoo Rock's Son Onslaught
Dark Kilik Kilik's Dark Alter-ego Kali-Yuga (Dark Soul)
Dark Siegfried Siegfried's Dark Alter-ego Requiem (Dark Soul)
Joel Valentine Ivy's Son Daydream Valentine
Mei Yun-seong's Daughter White Storm
Korina Krabbenborg Zasalamel's Niece Paint of Courage
Qiang Luwei Maxi's Cousin (and Interpreter) Nunchaku of the Sky

New Guest Characters

Character Debut Guest Character Styles Similar
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VIII Buster Sword His Attire (worn in the game)
Bayonetta Bayonetta Shuraba Bayonetta 2 Attire (worn in the game)
Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash Sword Equestria Girls: Digital Series Attire (worn in the game)
Sunset Shimmer My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Equestria Girls Shimmering Sunset Equestria Girls: Digital Series Attire (worn in the game)
Connie Maheswaran (DLC) Steven Universe Sword to the Sword Sword Training Attire (worn in the game)


  • Distant Marsh
  • Egyptian Temple
  • Grand Labyrinth
  • Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden
  • Phantom Pavilion
  • Sailor's Rest
  • Astral Chaos: Pathway
  • Astral Chaos
  • Cavern of Light and Darkness
  • Conqueror's Coliseum
  • Conquerer's Coliseum: Underground Fight
  • Free Imperial City
  • Free Imperial City: Old Quarter
  • Luoyang: Grand Festival of Guandi Temple
  • House of Valentine's Prague Residence
  • Mt. Fuji the Holy: Hidden Dragon
  • Last Rites on the Battlefield
  • Shrine of the Snake God Palgaea
  • The Adrian
  • Torture Chamber
  • Sinking Merchant Ship
  • Tranquil Wasteland
  • Unknown Forest
  • Unknown Forest: Dark Night

Character Creation

  • Soul of Akylas
  • Soul of Algol
  • Soul of Amy
  • Soul of Astaroth
  • Soul of Bangoo
  • Soul of Bayonetta
  • Soul of Cassandra
  • Soul of Cloud Strife
  • Soul of Dark Kilik
  • Soul of Dark Siegfried
  • Soul of Edge Master
  • Soul of Heihachi
  • Soul of Hilde
  • Soul of Hwang
  • Soul of Ivy
  • Soul of Joel
  • Soul of Kilik
  • Soul of Korina
  • Soul of Leixia
  • Soul of Maxi
  • Soul of Mei
  • Soul of Mitsurugi
  • Soul of Natsu
  • Soul of Nightmare
  • Soul of Patroklos
  • Soul of Pyrrha
  • Soul of Qiang
  • Soul of Rainbow Dash
  • Soul of Raphael
  • Soul of Rock
  • Soul of Seong Mi-na
  • Soul of Setsuka
  • Soul of Siegfried
  • Soul of Sophitia
  • Soul of Sunset Shimmer
  • Soul of Taki
  • Soul of Talim
  • Soul of Tira
  • Soul of Viola
  • Soul of Voldo
  • Soul of Xianghua
  • Soul of Xiba
  • Soul of Yoshimitsu
  • Soul of Yun-seong
  • Soul of Zasalamel
  • Soul of Z.W.E.I.


  • Cervantes, Inferno and Elysium are absent in the game.
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