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Sonic Y is a Japanese adventure-science fiction anime, serving as a sequel to Sonic X, itself based on Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega. It is produced by Sega and TMS Entertainment and it airs on TV Tokyo since November 16th, 2017.

And English dub is produced by Viz Media and it airs on Netflix since March 7th, 2018.


After Dark Oak's defeat, Mobius and Earth are supposedly safe until an experiment by Eggman fuses both of the worlds alongside a mysterious world known as Sol. As a result, Sonic and his friends have once more to face them with the help of new allies.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - an easygoing and heroic hedgehog with superhuman speed who reunites with Chris to deal with newer menaces as he tries to stop Eggman and every possible menace from causing chaos.
    • Sonic the Werehog (voiced by Peter Lurie) - Sonic's werehog form who manifested after he got exposed to Dark Gaia energy, only showing up by night, as he tries to revert this situation by finding a potential cure.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (voiced by Colleen Villard) - an intelligent twin-tailed fox who is Sonic's best friend and, while still heartbroken by Cosmo's sacrifice, still tries to help him to fight against the forces led by Eggman and other menaces by providing useful gadgets to Sonic and his friends.
  • Knuckles the Echidna (voiced by Travis Willingham on Season 1 and Dave B. Mitchell on Season 2 onwards) - a serious echidna who guards the Master Emerald and helps Sonic with his quest to stop evil, even if he has to deal with stuff like Rouge's attempts to seduce him as well.
  • Amy Rose (voiced by Cindy Robinson from Season 1 until Season 3 and Cristina Vee from Season 4 onwards) - a friendly female hedgehog who has a longtime crush on Sonic, although it's unclear if he feels the same for her, and uses a special hammer to fight any type of evil.
  • Christopher "Chris" Thorndyke (voiced by Debi Derryberry as a preteen and Michael Sinterniklaas as a teenager) - a calm but rather energetic human who is friends with Sonic and aids him in what TBD.



  • Cream the Rabbit (voiced by Michelle Ruff) - a kind-hearted long-eared rabbit who is Amy's best friend and helps her to fight any major threat while helping Tails to overcome his fears about Cosmo's death while trying to gain confidence to confess her crush on him.
    • Cheese the Chao (vocal effects by Michelle Ruff) - Cream's pet chao who is very loyal to her.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (voiced by Kirk Thornton) - TBD
  • Silver the Hedgehog (voiced by Quinton Flynn on Season 1 and Bryce Papenbrook on Season 2 onwards) - a TBD but rather paranoid hedgehog with psychokinetic powers who arrives to TBD.
    • Blaze the Cat (voiced by Laura Bailey on Season 1 and Erica Lindbeck on Season 2 onwards) - the TBD ruler of the Sol Dimension where she guards the Sol Emeralds and uses her pyrokinetic powers to TBD.
    • Marine the Raccoon (also voiced by Colleen Villard) - TBD
  • The Chaotix, consisting of:
  • Big the Cat (voiced by Kyle Hebert) - TBD
  • Vanilla the Rabbit (voiced by Ali Hillis) - TBD
  • Shade the Echidna (voiced by Caitlin Glass) - TBD
  • Light Gaia/Chip (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - TBD
  • Princess Elise III (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris) - the princess of Soleanna who is TBD.
  • TBD
  • Cosmo the Seedrian (also voiced by Colleen Villard) - a TBD plant-like alien who sacrificed herself to defeat Dark Oak as she appears though flashbacks and dreams to show Tails that he can move on while showing he can't lose hope about TBD.


  • Charles "Chuck" Thorndyke (also voiced by Kirk Thornton) - Chris' good-humored but rather eccentric grandfather who has a close bond with Tails due to their love of inventions.
  • Ella (voiced by Mike Pollock) - the Thorndykes' overweight maid who TBD.
  • Mister Tanaka (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) - TBD
  • Helen (voiced by Melissa Fahn) - Chris' TBD closest friend who TBD.
  • Danny (voiced by Kimberly Brooks as a preteen and Ogie Banks as a teenager) - TBD
  • Frances (voiced by Tara Platt) - TBD
  • Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke (voiced by Richard Epcar and Veronica Taylor, respectively) - TBD
  • Topaz (also voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris) - a TBD police officer who TBD.
  • Sam Speed (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) - Chris' slightly eccentric uncle who is part of an elite squad that deals with TBD.
  • Scarlet Garcia (also voiced by Karen Strassman) - an ace reporter who often reports about several events around the entire TBD.



  1. Worlds Fuse Arc (Season 1, Eps. 1-4) - Sonic learns that there's another dimension co-existing with Mobius when Eggman has formed an alliance with a scientist from that universe who closely resembles him as Sonic works with the princess of the Sol Dimension to stop them while reuniting with his old friends from Earth.
  2. Chaos Emerald Cup Arc (Season 1, Eps. 5-9) - Sonic and friends get invited to a massive racing tournament as things get worse when both Eggman and a group of thugs known as the Babylon Rogues make things more complicated.
  3. Metal Attack Arc (Season 1, Eps. 10-16) - Eggman develops mechanical clones of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles as Sonic and Chris attempt to stop them as soon things get worse when Metal Sonic begins to get a mind of his own.
  4. Werehog Arc (Season 1, Eps. 17-22) - Sonic has suddenly been acting strangely as Chris and Tails investigate and learn of a mystical conspiracy.
  5. Wisps Arc (Season 1, Eps. 23-26) - A few weeks after Dark Gaia's defeat, Eggman seemingly has redeemed himself and has made an amusement park which he invites Sonic and his friends too as soon Sonic learns that the park is a trap and is powered by creatures called Wisps.
  6. Deadly Six Arc (Season 2, Eps. 1-5) - Eggman forms an alliance with six monsters known as the Zeti in order to finally destroy Sonic as Sonic has to outsmart all of them.
  7. Phantom Ruby Arc (Season 2, Eps. 6-12) - After the defeat of the Zetis, Eggman discovers a mystic tool known as the Phantom Ruby and uses it to power five dangerous Egg Pawns as Sonic races to stop them.
  8. The Nocturnus Clan Arc (Season 2, Eps. 13-18) - Knuckles learns that more echidnas are alive as Sonic helps him figure out what the Nocturnus Clan are and what they plan.
  9. The Challenge Arc (Season 2. Eps. 18-22) - TBD
  10. Dawn of Infinite Arc (Season 2, Eps. 23-26) - TBD
  11. In the Cards Arc (Season 3, Eps. 1-4) - TBD
  12. Black Doom Arc (Season 3, Eps. 5-11) - TBD
  13. Pirates of the Sol Dimension Arc (Season 3, Eps. 12-15) - TBD
  14. The Black Knight Arc (Season 3, Eps. 16-21) - TBD
  15. The Secret Rings Arc (Season 3, Eps. 22-26) - TBD
  16. The Ultimate Grand Prix Arc (Season 4, Eps. 1-5) - TBD
  17. [sonic the fighters/sonic battle for a tournament arc] (Season 4, Eps. 6-12) - TBD
  18. Overcoming Arc (Season 4, Eps. 13-16) - As the anniversary of Dark Oak's defeat is near, Tails has decided to take a sabbatical to rekindle with nature and overcome his grief about Cosmo's sacrifice for once as things go haywire when Cream forces herself over into his journey and both later face TBD,
  19. Deep Cover Arc (Season 4, Eps. 18-21) - Rouge and Topaz get a distress call from TBD.
  20. Solaris Arc (Season 4, Eps. 22-26) - Sonic finds out that a nation rather TBD from Mobius is in danger after TBD.


See List of Sonic Y episodes.


  • Eggman's henchbots Decoe and Bocoe are replaced by Orbot and Cubot to keep uniformity within the games and to symbolize a little timeskip as well as it's revealed that they were deactivated to build them.
  • Since 4Kids Entertainment, who dubbed and distributed the original series, went defunct, the English dub of this series features the post-2010 voice cast instead to keep coherence within the games.
    • Despite that, some 4Kids voice actors who now do voice work in Los Angeles reprise their roles.
    • This series is also subject to less edits in the English dub.
  • Note to readers: Cristina Vee isn't the canon new voice for Amy. She's a placeholder for at least this page until an official replacement comes.