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Sonic The Hedgehog Is A Nickelodeon Tv Series Made By Andy Suriano And Ant Ward And Produced By Vladimir Radev Produced By Cartoon Network And Disturbed By Nickelodeon


  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Voiced By Roger Craig Smith) Sonic Is The Main Character Of The Show. The Differences Are That He Wear A Scarf And Nikes.
  • Miles Tails Prowler (Voiced By Colleen O'Shaughnessey) Is Sonic Best Friend He Wears Pilot Googles In The Show.
  • Knuckles (Voiced By Travis Willingham) He Always Protect The Master Emerald

And The Former Rival Of Sonic.

  • Amy Rose (Voiced By Cindy Robinson) She Always Love Sonic That She Chase Him All The Time.
  • Colton The Hedgehog (Voiced By Thomas Middleditch) He Is Sonic Cousin He Has Cyan Eyes,White Pupils,Blue/Cyan Fur And Wears A Shirt And Pants He Sometimes Prank His Cousin And His Friends
  • Milo The Hedgehog (Voiced By Finn Wolfhard) Sonic's 13 Year Old Brother He Has Orange Eyes,A Lightish Blue Hat,Purple Shoes,Yellow Glasses,A Green Necklace,White Gloves,Blue Fur,And Peach Arms,Inner Ears,And Belly He Is Nice Person And Always Helps Out Sonic And His Friends To Stop Doctor Eggman
  • Dr Eggman(Voiced By Johannes Oliver Hamm) He Is The Rival Of Sonic And Want The Chaos Emeralds To Take Over The World
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