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This article is rated TV Y7, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for users the age of 7 and under.
Objectionable content includes: Fantasy Violence And Brief Mild Language

Sonic The Hedgehog Is A Nickelodeon Tv Series Made By Andy Suriano And Ant Ward And Produced By Vladimir Radev Produced By Cartoon Network And Disturbed By Nickelodeon


  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Voiced By Roger Craig Smith) Sonic Is The Main Character Of The Show. The Differences Are That He Wear A Scarf And Nikes.
  • Miles Tails Prowler (Voiced By Colleen O'Shaughnessey) Is Sonic Best Friend He Wears Pilot Googles In The Show.
  • Knuckles (Voiced By Travis Willingham) He Always Protect The Master Emerald

And The Former Rival Of Sonic.

  • Amy Rose (Voiced By Cindy Robinson) She Always Love Sonic That She Chase Him All The Time.
  • Colton The Hedgehog (Voiced By Thomas Middleditch) He Is Sonic Cousin He Has Cyan Eyes,White Pupils,Blue/Cyan Fur And Wears A Shirt And Pants He Sometimes Prank His Cousin And His Friends
  • Milo The Hedgehog (Voiced By Colin Hanks) Sonic's 14 Year Old Brother He Has Orange Eyes, A Lightish Blue Hat, Purple Shoes, Yellow Glasses, A Green Necklace, White Gloves, Blue Fur, And Peach Arms,I nner Ears, And Belly He Is A Nice Person And Always Helps Out Sonic And His Friends To Stop Doctor Eggman
  • Dr Eggman(Voiced By Johannes Oliver Hamm) He Is The Rival Of Sonic And Want The Chaos Emeralds To Take Over The World